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EssayChat.com - A New Board Designed to Help Writers and Clients Connect

is a an easy-going place to discuss the essay writing and research business from the perspective of a freelance writer, company owner, or a student. Classified ads, reviews, live chat with other visitors, and recommendations are allowed!

In the days where everyone does business in the virtual world, some may find that it is often difficult to know who to trust. It is not like you are able to meet and shake hands before embarking on a writing project, and this is the main reason why EssayChat.com was created. If you are a freelance essay writer, then chances are you understand the frustration of trying to choose who to write for. The same goes for people who are seeking to have content written for them. Who do you trust? Who will provide you with the services that they say that they will?

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Many forums exist today and the sad truth is that many of these forums are a place where people just use to harass and air out personal issues. Starting fights and making meaningless accusations is what people would typically find on the already existing chat boards. So after much time and research a group of former students who have a passion for writing decided to create this new social platform. EssayChat.com hopes to be able to provide a central location where writers and clients can come together.

EssayChat.com is a free service and the only agenda you will find there is a straightforward one. The agenda is to provide a quick and easy place where people can post honest reviews about academic writing services from the professional freelance writer to one of the larger essay writing companies. The platform is open to everyone and one will not even need to register. A place where you can try and answer the million dollar question at hand. That question of course is, who to hire and who deserves your hard earned dollar to complete your research and writing. If you are a writer or a person seeking the services of a professional writer, you will find this discussion board to be a breath of fresh air.

Students can also significantly benefit from this service. Think about being able to communicate with and gain valuable criticism on all your written assignments. Students can seek the advice of writers from all over the world and learn how to better create their essay. The remarkable thing about EssayChat.com is that it is free and will always remain free. Take advantage of having a group of experienced writers at your disposal.

Writers will be able to see the actual reviews from other writers about specific companies and people looking to hire writers. It is always a gamble when you choose to do freelance writing work as you never do know if the client will actually pay. This is sad but true fact that all writers have to deal with, but with the creation of this website perhaps the guess work will be taken out.

The same goes for businesses choosing to hire a writer for their writing needs. By choosing to use this discussion board, a business will be able to determine if the writer meets the qualifications that they are seeking. Business will be able to read reviews about the particular person or company and gain all the information that they need in order to make an educated decision before choosing to hire this person.

Of course, EssayChat.com can never guarantee that everyone will behave on the forums, but they are attempting to provide a reliable platform that gives nothing but honest reviews and opinions. Before you embark on your next writing adventure, check out EssayChat.com!


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