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Why some "American" companies hide their corporate address? Shady operations??

stu4 24 | 893 ☆☆   Observer
Apr 30, 2009 | #1
What could be the reasons why some established (as they want to be perceived) "American companies" DO NOT post their corporate addresses on their website?

- What could be the reason they hide their address?

- What are they afraid of?

- Is it normal or even legal in the legitimate business world?

- Why would a student risk buying a paper from a company that HIDES their corporate address from the public? Such company could be located in Russia or India or don't even exist after all.

- Do you know any LEGITIMATE and serious American company (not related to a writing business) that for whatever reasons does not list their corporate address?

If some forum members could visit some well-established "American companies" and mention those that DO NOT LIST their postal address, I would appreciate it. We should help each other and warn students from operations of fraudulent businesses.

I also count on WB's help in that matter.
gini 1 | 24  
Apr 30, 2009 | #2
usually these companies are located in ukraine and pakistan....nt india or russia...
why dont you tell us which are legit companies who give their corporate address ....most of them are stating fake addresses...
OP stu4 24 | 893 ☆☆   Observer
Apr 30, 2009 | #3
In general I meant that they are not based in the US, even though they may claim to be "proud and American".

I think not posting a business address is the first and the most important RED FLAG of possible fraudulent activities. Fake address could be verified and challenged, but no address at all leaves no proof and is usually a strong indication of shady or illegitimate operations.
OxbridgeResearchers 6 | 740 ☆☆  
May 23, 2009 | #4
No legitimate company, American or otherwise, hides its address. Similarly, no legitimate company "invents" an American address to propagate the belief that they are American when they are actually Eastern European. No problem in being Ukranian, etc as long as there is transparency and the deliberate attempt to mislead (changing names to Anglo-sounding ones, inventing addresses, etc.) is absent.

Stu4 - simply posting a business address is not enough as most of the scammers do that ...
Smiley73 3 | 353 ☆☆  
Nov 10, 2017 | #5
One cannot even be sure that the company being dealt with online is truly a company based in the United States. We have to remember that English is the de-facto internet language so almost all of the online companies use English as their form of language communication with others. Their website is in English because it gives them a sense of importance and a type of gloss to the company name and services. There is nothing in the rules that says the company must give their actual, physical location on their website. People just automatically assume that these companies are in the US. Then some more tech savvy users do a reverse IP look-up and discover the truth. That these companies are not really based in the US. Technically, they never said they were in the US, just that they used US and UK writers. The addresses in the US is purchased in order to make their charges via Paypal seem legitimate as Paypal requires a physical business address. So I don't think that the "American" companies intentionally hide their corporate addresses. It just isn't necessary for them to reveal their actual location as their business doesn't require them to disclose that information to the client.

Forum / Essay Services / Why some "American" companies hide their corporate address? Shady operations??

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