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Anybody has experience with Essay Plan?

superconcerned 2 | 6  
Jul 24, 2007 | #1
I'm thinking of trying out with Essay plan. Does anybody have experience with them?
Major 39 | 1,379 ☆☆☆☆  
Jul 24, 2007 | #2
Do you mean essayplan? They seem to be cheap (not sure if it's good or not).
OP superconcerned 2 | 6  
Jul 24, 2007 | #3
Yes but I'm worried about handing money to them?
Major 39 | 1,379 ☆☆☆☆  
Jul 24, 2007 | #4
Well, I couldn't find the information where they are based so you may want to do further research.
OP superconcerned 2 | 6  
Jul 24, 2007 | #5
Uh oh. And one of their workers has been advertising everywhere with press releases.

His name is Walter Wild.

I don't know, I actually don't think I want to trust them now.

2Checkout is the service they use.
Jul 24, 2007 | #6
Essay plan is not an American company. I can tell by the word use (and lackthereof). They are so amateur that they have an Angelfire version of their site. They have fake testimonials that were obviously written by the same person.
Jul 30, 2007 | #7
Low prices do not necessarily mean poor quality. My German friends repeatedly wonder why in New York the same cars (japanese or german) cost less than in Europe. It is possible that Essay plan has low overhead or employs "market penetration" strategy. After all, nobody doubts the quality of Toyota even if it costs less than Bentley, Rolls-Royce or Ferrari.

After doing a brief research i found out that Essay Truck, the pride of custom writing has an amateur version of their site. I was so surprised to find out that this is a Russian website!! Does it mean that Essaytruck is based in Russia? why is it located on a russian server? Are there any links between Essay truck and Russian writers?

Also i found that Essayscam.com also had an amateur version of the site.

In any case it is possible that someone has created the 'amateur copy' of the website (be it essay plan or essay truck) to mar the image of these two companies. What do you think? I personally believe that one cannot blame the two unless one tries their services!

My dissenting vote is that you should write your own paper. Period! Ordering papers is cheating!!
Major 39 | 1,379 ☆☆☆☆  
Jul 30, 2007 | #8
jackanderson, I wonder how you would define an "amateur copy." It seems you confuse proxy copy with "amateur copy."
Jul 30, 2007 | #9
Any low-life can steal another site's html. The Ukrainian frauds try anything to discredit their superior competition.
essayslueth - | 14  
Jul 31, 2007 | #10
Do you have any proof?
Jul 31, 2007 | #11
The proof is in the pudding! Look at the hijacked html:

essay truck/index.htm

What else do you want?
Aug 01, 2007 | #12
Yes, I am not good at identifying "proxy copies" or "amateur copies". I am saying that in your statement "They are so amateur that they have an Angelfire version of their site..." you rushed into premature judgmental conclusion.

1. I do not see why "The Ukrainian frauds [who] try anything to discredit their superior competition" such as Essay truck, cannot do the same to other superior competitors (Essay plan). Why do you hint that angelfire version of website is bad, EssayTruck's russian website is still good (assuming frauds did it)?

2. Can it be that rogues who discredit Essay truck, also attempt to discredit Essay plan because they can't stem the competition caused by Essayplan's quality writing services? Perhaps, Essay Truck and Essay Plan should unite in their struggle against other "unfair" competitors.

3. Finally, was it what you call "proxy copy" of Essay Truck? But why is it on a Russian website? Does it imply that the Russkies own Essay Truck and write essays for American students?
Aug 01, 2007 | #13
This is not rocket science, jaqckanderson. Someone stole the essay truck html, and pasted into a web page on their own, RUSSIAN server. Have you never heard of html hijacking before?
Aug 03, 2007 | #14
As a chemistry major, I've never heard of html hijacking. I believe that both Essay Plan and Essay Truck should get together and work on the ways to discourage fraudulent companies from hijacking their html.
Major 39 | 1,379 ☆☆☆☆  
Aug 03, 2007 | #15
You can visit any page (including the one you're currently reading), and in your web browser menu go to "View" and "Page Source." What you'll see is HTML code you can then copy and paste to an HTML editor and publish online as many times as you want.
Aug 03, 2007 | #16
I don't think legitimate sites need any help from Essay Plan, a foreign site that is also dishonest about its foreign location. Plus, by charging only $10.95 per page, Essayplan cannot possibly afford to hire professional, American writers with master or doctoral degrees. Such writers demand a bare minimum of $12.00 per page, which is $1.05 MORE that what Essay Plan charges its clients!

Essay Plan may be able to fool the average customer, but not me.
Aug 04, 2007 | #17
hm...I wonder why you repeatedly strive to convince the "average customer" that they have to pay more for something which costs less. Would you pay more to Blockbuster to rent "Die Hard 4" if you could pay less at Netflix or Movie Gallery Inc.?

Indeed, if you hire a professor on a part-time basis, she/he will charge you $15.00/page. But if you hire professors full-time, provide them with the right conditions and pay them salary, rather than $15/page, you can certainly keep the costs low. Dont' you think that now the "average customer" has to ask the following two questions:

1. Why do professors refuse to work full-time for Essay Truck and choose Essay Plan? Otherwise, Essay Truck could also afford to keep the prices low.

2. Does EssayTruck hire professors full-time but intentionally charges customers more than other companies to look exclusive? It resembles "Haute couture" designers who charge you only for the "brand name". In custom writing, students need quality, reliability and affordability, not the brand name of Essay Truck for which they have to pay extra. I am thinking correctly?

Again, I can judge based only on my experience. It is cheaper for companies to hire chemists or engineers full-time than part-time. Still, the employees usually choose the best-paying company with a pleasant corporate culture. The companies which cannot afford quality full-time employees, have to pay them more, and hire part time. Those companies then complain and try to persuade "the average customer" that they are good only because they charge more. Others are bad because they charge customers less.

Ford Motor company used exactly your rationale, when it was losing share to Toyota (its cars cost less, and were of top quality). It appears that Toyota could use resources more wisely than Ford and thus attracted more customers.

Again, how can you judge the company which charges less, if you did not try their services?

After all, it seems that Essay Truck already hires in Russia. Just look at their hiring page.

I doubt that the company would attract American professors by placing its job ads on a russian server. Will you say it again that it is not Essay Truck but someone else hires in russia?

Well, i am sure that an "average customer" will probably think twice before paying a fortune to Essay Truck which placed job ads to hire russian writers.
Kiev_City 1 | 21  
Aug 04, 2007 | #18
Hehe, funny stuff... :) Essay Truck's HR department kicks a.s.s.!! :)
Aug 04, 2007 | #19
Wow, that fake job ad is really funny, jackanderson. Were you BORN such a loser, or did you have to work hard?

When I forward that URL to EssayTruck's attorney, you can kiss Essay Plan goodbye! This only proves my point further--the Ukrainian essay mill owners are fraudulent imposters who specialize in fake identities and lie to customers about their location and qualifications.

Nice try with the whole Ford/Toyota gimmick. You charge CUSTOMERS $10.95 per page. So, tell me, how much do your native English-speaking, American writers with Master and PhD degrees from American universities get per page? Your $10.95 charge to customers would allow you to pay the writers no more than $5-$6! Sorry, but such writers would LAUGH at that compensation! You are a sad, sad liar.

You really should keep up-to-date on American labor laws if you're going to masquerade as an American company, you FRAUD! You do know that the MINIMUM WAGE in the United States is $5.85, don't you? Do you know who makes $5.85? Fast food employees! You expect people to believe that native English-speaking, American writers with Master and PhD degrees from American universities work at your ESSAY MILL for $5-$6 page? THAT, my friend, is hilarious!

You're a joke, and so is your fraudulent site.
Major 39 | 1,379 ☆☆☆☆  
Aug 04, 2007 | #20
It's an interesting "approach" - a competitor posts a fake information on an international website and then claims it was the original company that posted it. Hmm - sounds fishy..
Kiev_City 1 | 21  
Aug 05, 2007 | #21
When I forward that URL to Essay Truck's attorney, you can kiss Essay Plan goodbye!

Just wondering what is the connection here? What about the presumption of innocence? ;)

WritersBeware, do you know an e-mail address of EssayTruck's attorney?? How come? ;) You're on Essay Truck's payroll?

By the way, if those guys do have an attorney, then it becomes quite clear why they have to charge so much for the essays. I bet they also have a janitor, a cook, a DJ, and a talking parrot to keep the staff entertained. Yep, the fixed cost of running business in such way must skyrocket! :)
Aug 05, 2007 | #22
1. Wow! How dare you say bad words, WritersBeware! Or should I call you Natasha or Anna? I've heard that russian girls are very emotional and whimsical, but I also heard they are stoic in public. Please, do not disappoint me here with badmouthing me, your superior competitors or other visitors! It's not very nice, you know! :)

2. Again, did i ever endorse Essay Plan? Didn't I say in my first post that you better write your own paper since using custom writing services is always about cheating? You openly admitted indirect advertising of Essay Truck which clearly shows the "average customer" that they should doubt you because you have vested interest! Please tell me why when you claim to remain impartial, you accuse me of something. Are you that kind of person who kills the messenger because he brought you a bad news? I'm sorry here, i did not know that it is a taboo topic here that EssayTruck hires writers in Russia! My humble opinion is that you chose to be a loser because you work for the industry which promulgates cheating! Period!

3. Again, you can forward the URL to Mr. Gorbachev (or whatever president you have now) and finally stop fulling the 'average customer' that the only advantage they get from EssayTruck is papers written by russian writers and wrapped in propaganda.

4. My Russian girl, I really admire your propaganda work and what Essay Truck does. It is really amazing. From my history classes I remember that Russians have always been good at propaganda. In the eyes of an "Average customer" you certainly look credible, but when they find out about Essay Truck hiring in Russia, and that you blame the messenger for brining bad news they will certainly stop.

As for the prices, you better ask the management of Essay Plan. What i said in my past message is that "they probably hire full time and pay a salary, not a wages of $15/page". Do simple math. How much does a full-time university professor receive if we divide his/her salary by days and then by hours he spends at work? Please keep in mind that she/he teaches the whole class so if we divide it again by the number of students in class you will get a rather modest figure!

Let's ask ourselves a question, why professors refuse to work full-time for Essay Truck so that it has to attract customer only by badmouthing other companies? Will you trust that company?

Again, you are either toeing the party line or cannot understand that prices are never carved in stone! In my humble opinion, you resemble those managers of the 1970s and early 1980s who said that a personal computer cannot cost less than $10,000 or so, because indeed at that time they could not figure out how to cut costs. When a novel approach to management, and production came to existence, the prices fell greatly. Do you realize that at present computers cost much less than they did in the past?

By the same token, I can only assume, some companies like Essay Plan have made better arrangements with professors and writers than Essay Truck so that they can charge customers less! Again, tell me honestly, do you order PIzza from Pizza Hut and pay less or do you order from Domino's their "dip dish" just because it costs you more to pay for the pan pizza? Guess what, i am sure, that just like Domino's finds sound arguments why their pizza costs more, so Essay Truck does everything possible to make the cheating students pay more than they should! I am thinking correctly?

I will repeat myself: do your own research and write your own paper!

to Kiev_City
Thanks pal! I believe, it could take years for Writers Beware to adjust to the democratic realities and learn the "presumption of innocence". Instead of developing solid work ethics and embracing logic, i suppose, she chooses to adhere to demagogy and blames the messenger for the bad news regarding Essay Truck's practices.

I am sure if EssayTruck's competitors discover more about the Essay Truck's practices in Russia, India or Pakistan, and present supporting hyperlinks, she'll blame everyone but not EssayTruck. :)) lol.
Aug 05, 2007 | #23
USAToday.com - House Approves Minimum Wage Increase to $7.25

Yes, jackanderson, I will "do single math" (whatever that means in your broken, Ukrainian-English).

According to the crooked liar, jackanderson, PhD-level professors in the United States only make $5-$6 per hour, considering their average, monthly salary. All American professors can now laugh at jackanderson's fraudulent claims in unison! LMAO! If PhD-level professors were paid only $5-$6 per hour, every college in the United States would go out of business (and every person in the US would be as stupid as jackanderson) because no one would choose to be a professor in return for such completely unrealistic, pathetic compensation.

Median Hourly Pay Rates for Professors


Kiev, you know better, so please don't belittle yourself further by actually giving credence to jackanderson's garbage. I mean, the moron claims to have "evidence" that Essay Truck is Russian. He considers "evidence" the hijacked html that he probably stole himself and placed on a Russian server. Geez, isn't that clever?

He claims that I "support" Essay Truck. Well, if communicating FACTS happens to protect the site and other legitimate companies against his ridiculous claims, then so be it! All I do is state facts. I he were legit, he'd have no problem with FACTS, because facts would support HIS legitamacy! Remember, jackanderson, FACTS are the honest businessman's FRIEND!

American writers with PhD degrees from American universities do NOT work for the chump change that Essayplan pays, whether hourly or on a full-time basis. He'd be lucky to hire an American with a HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA for what he can afford to pay. Again, this if fact, not opinion. He charges $10.95 per page to customers. Therefore, he can afford to pay the writers only $5-$6 and still make his efforts worthwhile. Kiev_City, you know that I am correct, and it only makes you appear as dishonest and ignorant as him if you support him. (As for ing EssayTruck's attorney, all one has to do is Essay truck with pertinent information, and they forward the matter to their attorney. It's the same procedure with any other online business, but you already know that.)

I am amazed as to why so many ignorant primates, like jackanderson, continue to libel Essaytruck. It's obvious that Essay Truck is causing problems for good ol' jack's business. Jealousy is a very ugly thing, jackie. It's also quite sad that you came HERE with a partnership offer for Essaytruck instead of just ing essay truck. It's my opinion that Essay Truck would never have anything to do with your fraudulent operation, so you start attacking Essay Truck, making false accusations about their location/writers, stealing their html, and posting fake job ads on Russain servers. All of these things are perfect examples as to precisely why you will NEVER conduct legitimate business, and you will NEVER have a legitimate partner.

As if I haven't burried jack"azz" enough already, here is more proof (as of 2005, so it's actually higher today) that many PhD-level professors make $160,000 USD per year:


Hmmm, just as I suspected, but didn't openly state because I hadn't yet acquired the PROOF: Essay Plan is a Ukrainian scam. Unlike jack"azz", who has no valid evidence to support his outrageous accusations, here is Essay Plan's Ukrainian Whois record:

Essay Plan Whois Record

Not only does Alex, from Kiev, lie about his fraudulent site's location and qualifications, he has done so in the name of "Montana State University" since 2003! LMAO! I can't wait to find out what MSU's attorneys think of his misrepresentation. I have already emailed the evidence to the university's legal department. I have suggested that the school's attorneys should (and can) seize the domain, since Mr. Alex fraudulently registered the site to "Montana State University."

jack"azz", would you like to continue challenging me to publicize your fraud? I'm sure that I can do much better!
Aug 05, 2007 | #24
Natasha (a.k.a WritersBeware) from Essay Truck, there has never been "single math" in the messages above or below. You have probably confused something. I bet it is hard to comprehend those "American capitalists" speaking english. :)) I'm sure you'll adjust to our liberal society sooner or later.

Well, I'm happy that one of the cheating companies is going down. I'll personally make sure that other companies which claims to be American, but hire in russia (like Essay truck) also get exposed in full.

I still cannot believe that you Russian-American, Writers Beware, still support the essay writing industry. You are a woman with some American values and beliefs. How can you personally support cheating which certainly destroys the American educational system? Tell me, why do you believe that money you get from Essay truck which promotes stupidity and ignorance will help you in life?

I believe that just like George Bush Jr. launched a crusade against terrorists, i'll personally launch a crusade again russian companies (like Essay Truck) which claim that cheating will help Americans succeed in life! I will make it my personal responsibility to expose you! Albeit, i am a regular American student, i do not really like you accusations, and you will have to apologize for linking me to Essayplan. You will see what it is like to be an American getting yourRussian Essay Truck's ***kicked! :)

By the way, Essayplan and Essaytruck are the two companies operating in the two different market segments. They do not really threaten each other as they target different markets. i wonder why Essay Plan is silent about what's going on here. I'll personally them!
Aug 05, 2007 | #25
Hey jackazz, the math is clear to everyone except you, scammer! If American professors are making $30+ per hour, how can EssayPlan afford to pay them if they charge CUSTOMERS only $10.95, leaving the writers with only a fraction of that amount as payment? They hire cheap, unqualified writers from India and Pakistan, that's how!

Uncovering Jackazz's Complete Lack of Legitimate Proof

Where is your proof that my name is "Natasha"? (LMAO!)

Where is your proof that I am "Russian"? (LMAO!)

Where is your proof that Essay Truck is "Russian"? (LMAO!)

Where is your proof that Essay Truck "hires in Russia"? (LMAO!)

Where is your proof that I "get money from Essay Truck"? (LMAO!)

Where is your evidence that Essaytruck condones cheating? (I can show you multiple pages of their site that clearly state the exact opposite.)

How do you know the markets in which EssayPlan does and does not do business if you do not have close, personal knowledge of their advertising plan and budget?

Do you really expect anyone to believe that you are just "a regular American student"? (LMAO!)

Why did you come here asking Essay Truck to accept Essay Plan as a partner (and then illegally libel Essay Truck and violate their copyrights in creating your fake "evidence" after I suggested that EssayTruck would never do so) if you do not have close, personal ties to Essay Plan?


Jackazz, I have proven wrong some true morons in this forum, but you may just warrant the coveted "Moron of the Year" award!

By the way, Americans never state "Jr." when referring to the current President Bush. Neither do Americans use the phrase "crusade against terrorists." Even Americans who are against the war in Iraq don't make such statements. Please don't insult people's intelligence by claiming to be American. Geez, you can barely type a decent sentence in English!

I look forward to EssayPlant's appearance here! (Hurry, change your username or get a new one!)

FYI, many FULL-TIME professors make $160,000+ per year. A "year" for professors constitutes only 9 months.

$160,000 - 9 months (≈39 weeks) - 40 hours per week = $102.56 per hour

$102.56 per hour

No site that charges CUSTOMERS less than $17 per page could possibly afford such qualified writers. That is a fact, jackazz!

Take your fraudulent act elsewhere, before I decide to REALLY damage your crooked enterprise in Ukraine.
Major 39 | 1,379 ☆☆☆☆  
Aug 05, 2007 | #26
Many times I asked American freelance writers about their rates for writing an article (simple). If it's not a rush project, the least experienced ones charge $10-$12 per page (netto). If you add Paypal transaction fees, the actual charge is $11-$13 per page. The "professors" or experts in their fields - $20 per page to start.
Aug 05, 2007 | #27
I laugh out loud when reading the claims from certain sites that they hire ONLY Harvard or Oxford professors/graduates. If that were true, they'd have to charge at least $30 per page for their SLOWEST package.
Major 39 | 1,379 ☆☆☆☆  
Aug 05, 2007 | #28
I agree. And I'm not sure why some essay sites still use this slogan ("we hire only PhD's" etc.
Aug 05, 2007 | #29
A very small number of companies actually do have such requirements for writers. The problem is that 99% of other sites are LYING about having the same employment standards in a fraudulent attempt to appear just as credible to customers. This hurts customers, legitimate companies, and the research industry in general.
Kiev_City 1 | 21  
Aug 06, 2007 | #30
Writers Beware, all I'm saying is that there is actually no evidence that Jackanderson has any connections with Essay Plan. Do you have any proof that could stand up in court?

Second, if Essay Truck DOES have an attorney, and I presume this assumption is correct, then this tells us a simple truth - they have to overprice students to cover up the costs that are absolutely unnecessary, and such that might have been skipped (such as hiring an attorney, etc.)

I have no knowledge of whether or not Essay Truck is russian, and I don't think you would be able come up with any solid proof that could clarify the situation.

Such as: the names of the owners, the number and the names of employees, the physical location, etc.

Also, it's pretty hypocritical to say that Essay Truck does not promote cheating. They can say whatever they want on their websites, but nobody will ever convince me that 95 percent of the students won't hand in the work as their own, you have to admit that.

I got two words for their disclaimers - hypocrisy and bulls.h.i.t!
Other websites at least try to be honest.

Other websites at least try to be honest.

That, of course, does not apply to misrepresentation of workforce quality.
Aug 06, 2007 | #31
Writers Beware, please do not shows us your querulous nature and lack of manners. You appear to be the one who spills dirt on people here and there. Now would a baboon take a break from dislodging and hurling her own feces to see the truth?

You've been shown Essay Truck's russian job ads-that's enough to think twice before ordering paper from that company. Now you claim that many professors get paid $102.56 per hour. So, will you attempt to convince the "average customers" that Essaytruck hires professors ? Don't make me laugh!

If you ever do your own research you will understand that each research paper takes hours ( to do the research+type the paper) even for professors! Charging customers $30/page would not really provide professors (who get paid $100/hour) with enough motivation to even look at Essay Truck. They cannot hire professors who are paid $100/hour.

Again, i stay true to my belief that students should write their own papers. Please do not deny your involvement in cheating! Just like Tobacco companies directly or indirectly propagate smoking, so you propagate cheating by supporting Essaytruck! Otherwise, you would not single out "good" and "bad" companies from the cheating industry. What do you say to this?

BTW, it is a nice marketing scheme to pour dirt on competitors of Essay Truck. I wonder how many customers believe a hysterical female who swears like a Trooper in most of her messages? lol. Are you paid for being the funniest clown on this forum? :-)
Kiev_City 1 | 21  
Aug 06, 2007 | #32
Hmm, there's an interesting article I've found about poor quality of services rendered by Essay Truck

The info on them is there on the second page of the message. I think this should open eyes to many who remain in oblivion thinking that Essay Truck is a professional American company.
Aug 06, 2007 | #33
Jack and Kiev, please post ONE piece of legitimate evidence, like I do EVERY TIME. You're both morons.

Kiev, it seems that you have a COMPREHENSION problem. The article does not mention a SINGLE WORD about the QUALITY of Essay Truck. All the article states is that Essay Truck HONESTLY REFUNDED THE PAYMENT because no writer was willing to take that PARTICULAR order, at that PARTICULAR time, on such short notice out of concern that quality could possibly suffer due to lack of adequate research time. Your crooked buddies at Essay Plan and Essay Writers.net, HOWEVER, would have no such reservations about taking the money and delivering GARBAGE! They do it every day!
Kiev_City 1 | 21  
Aug 06, 2007 | #34
Jack and Kiev, please post ONE piece of legitimate evidence, like I do EVERY TIME.

Liar, liar... WHERE is your evidence? I haven't heard any real names of the Essaytruck's owners, neither was I given the name of their physical locationwhere I could drop by next time when I'll be visiting the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.

I also haven't gotten any proof that JackAnderson has any connections to Essay Plan. So shut up and stop blabbering!

You're both morons.

Yo Jackanderson, this last post of our beloved lady makes me believe that you hit the bull's eye with your assumption about "hysterical...whimsical" female. I kind of figured that I was communicating with an intelligent person, now I see how wrong I was.

Poor customers of Essay Truck! I truly hope that Writers Beware does not have to deal with answering their e-mails and her on-job duties are limited to online propaganda. :)

Anyways, here goes more recent proof of Essay Truck's hi-tech integration with Essay Fraud:)

Hehe...Stop being ridiculous...The article tells a lot about Essay Truck's peculiar relationship with their clients and their great attitude. :)

"Essaytrucks's answer in response to the first-year economics question set by Deakin lecturer Mary Graham did not even arrive...
...The US-based site initially sent an email saying they had received the order and would confirm the credit card details before starting work.

The confirmation email never came; apparently the order was lost.

A re-order was lodged and verified.

But a handful of phone messages asking how the essay was going were never returned, and on the day the essay was due to arrive there was instead an apology, saying they could not find a writer to answer the four short questions about Australian unemployment figures. "

"...By comparison, both Master paper and Deveraux and Deloitte have a veneer of professionalism and accountability, with phone assistance readily available[/b]

Your crooked buddies at Essay Plant and Essay Writers.net, HOWEVER, would have no such reservations about taking the money and delivering GARBAGE! They do it every day!

You're paranoid! I have no buddies at Essay Plan or Essay Writers! Kiev is a large city and you cannot know every single citizen. That's how it differs from your friendly village community in Alaska.

Also, stop lying to people about "taking money and selling garbage". If you're signed up with 2checkout.com and try selling crap to people, any customer can easily get a refund within minutes, while your account will be shut down permanently after series of complaints and chargebacks.

On the other hand, if you buy something through PayPal (the payment processor used by Essay Truck), it will be quite difficult for you to get a refund in case of poor service. However, the people from propaganda department in EssayTruck try to convince customers that it is dangerous to use sites who sell through 2checkout, and it is safe to buy from their company because they use Paypal.

Another portion of bulls.h.i.t.!

Start being real and stop deceiving innocent customers, - God is watching, and your shameful past and present will eventually catch up with you. :)
Although being a representative of an atheistic soviet nation, you probably could care less... :)
Aug 06, 2007 | #35
More proof of your complete idiocy. You call that "hi-tech"? Again, you're a moron. That's a simple FRAME. I could do that in about 5 minutes!

By the way, idiot, almost 60,000 other Web pages link to Essay fraud in various ways. Such sites include:


You are almost as corrupt as your country (Ukraine) in general. Your Russian buddies are no different.

I'm 100% American, and proud of it!

You DO understand what a smear article is, don't you, dum bas?

You are a complete idiot. It's a SMEAR article from a completely incompetent, so-called "higher education reporter" who doesn't even know the 3rd-grade difference between "$1500 word" and "1,500-word," in MULTIPLE places in the article!

Funny, you seem to have missed these quotes:

"The essays provided by two sites - Master paper and Deveraux and Deloitte - were flawed . . . ."

"A five-day order was placed with master paper . . . . It was an average essay, enough to earn a pass or maybe a credit. It had a mix of good and bad references, some factual errors and too many words eaten up explaining background before arriving at its unsophisticated conclusion . . . ."

"After a delay in finding a writer, a three-day, $1500 word order was lodged with deverauxdeloitte, costing nearly $800. The resulting essay would have earned the student a fail and a 'please explain' from the head of the history department."

Now, THOSE are true concerns! The work received from master paper was of POOR QUALITY! The incompetent journalist was just pissed at Essay Truck because he couldn't get the real "dirt" that he was seeking for his pathetic article (filled with grammatical and spelling mistakes). Essay Truck refunded his order because responsible companies do not undertake work that they do not have time to complete properly! You and your crooked buddies wouldn't know anything about that, you shady fraudster!
Kiev_City 1 | 21  
Aug 06, 2007 | #36
You're just way too dumb... There is such thing as sarcasm, ever heard of it? ;)

You are almost as corrupt as your country (Ukraine) in general. Your Russian buddies are no different.

My oh my, just look at the level of your school education and compare it to Ukraine. Any Ukrainian fifth-grader knows the locations of different countries and cities across the globe, while it is a complete mystery to most adult Americans. Believe me, I know what I'm talking about...;)

Your country offers endless opportunities for people with brains to make thousands and millions of bucks. Apparently, you do not belong to that category. All you can do is bark at different forums on behalf of essay truck - a cheat - promoting company. What a miserable accomplishment!

You're a pathetic loser, and I truly feel sorry for you. Not only do my "buddies" take advantage of money-making opportunities here in Ukraine, they've also managed to go further - they learnt a foreign language to a point when they could freely compete on the market with native speakers. You're mad, cause you're feeling your own inadequacy. Could you possibly learn Ukrainian or Russian, Chinese and come to those market to compete? Naw, you're just way too dumb...

Essay Truck refunded his order because responsible companies do not undertake work that they do not have time to complete properly!

Yep, that's why they did not return phone calls and e-mails and informed the client that they couldn't do it right at the deadline. Very responsible!

Keep going, I hope you're at least having fun in your self-deluded position of snobbism and complete idiocy. I wish you to take Essay Truck to even greater heights of prosperity, so that your offspring would be pround of their ancestor who fulfilled the family dream - to become literate in their native language and switch from flipping burgers at McDonalds to selling essays to students!

Way to go! :) :)
Aug 06, 2007 | #37
Now she is showing some profound intellect by commenting on the corruption problems in Ukraine. Gee, It would take me like 10 minutes to find that country on the map! Only a russian woman like Writers Beware could so well know what's going on on the territory of the former Soviet Union. Again i may be wrong, she could as well be from Ukraine. The snake is devouring her own tail. Tell me honesty, are you denying your links to the former Soviet Union because I called you "Russian" and not "ukrainian"? Do you think that could make your words sound more persuasive?

Every "average customer" knows that Essay Truck not only hires Russian writers, but also keeps a Russian girl on this forum to entertain the visitors with cheesy banter.

Do you trust Essay Truck's Russian writers? Why does it hire in Russia?
Aug 06, 2007 | #38
Hey Jackazz and Kiev, I know you are the same person. You prepared both previous responses together and then posted them at the same time: 03:36PM. Quite pathetic, but I'm not at all surprised. That's common practice for you Ukranian/Russain essay crooks.

As I have stated before, I have nothing to do with Essay truck. I refute false statements whenever I see them. You just happen to make false statements about Essay Truck in every post. Don't blame me for YOUR crooked agenda, con-artist!

Do you trust Essay Truck's Russian writers? Why does it hire in Russia?

What an blabbering moron! Is your "evidence" that fake job posting that is quite obviously a JOKE? Damn, go to school, you freaking dolt! LMAO!
Aug 06, 2007 | #39
To tell the truth, I cannot understand why Writers Beware chooses to act like a clown. Does she honestly believe she can get enough attention from working males by using vulgar language? Did Borat teach you those words? I don't think she is going to attract rich American men this way. Come on, Natasha (or what's your real name) be like your Russian girlfriends, be glamorous!

The "average customer" now understands what horrible Russian writers will write their papers if using Essay Truck. They had selected WritersBeware, the 'cream of the crop' of the company, to communicate with the public. What we have is a rude and grouchy woman, with boorish attitude and disrespectful manners. Can you only imagine what the rest of Essay Truck's foreign team looks like?
Aug 06, 2007 | #40
Since you continue to falsely claim that both I and Essay Truck are Russain, please post your legitimate, verifiable, unfabricated evidence immediately. If you do not, I will the moderator and request that the thread be deleted because every one of your posts contains complete nonsense.

Can you only imagine what the rest of Essay Truck's foreign team looks like?

No, but I can imagine what your cave-dwelling, goat-eating, sheep-humping relatives look like!

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