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How many companies are there in the student research industry?

donkeykong 1 | -  
Apr 01, 2010 | #1
Hi there,

I am doing some research in to this industry and the deeper I delve, the more confused I become. There seems to be a network of similar companies apparantly all owned by a small number of people. Many sites I find look the same as others and are heavily linked to each other, indicating that they are not competing. The only reason I can see is that as soon as a company receives a bad repuation, usually on forums such as this, they start a new one to compensate?

Also, the language use on many of these sites indicates that the vast majority are not even based in the UK despite what they say on their websites.

Any help would be greatly welcomed

american_writer 10 | 92  
Apr 01, 2010 | #2
This is Crazy! I think you are really on to something here with your research. Perhaps we need to make a website where writers and customers can be informed about the ownership and locations of some of these writing services? Are you saying that some of these sites may not even be located in the US or UK? These are big claims my friend and I hope you have a shred of evidence to prove your radical theory? I only wish that there was a website or something that posted the connections between some of these "Essay Writing Networks". If you find anywhere that has this information be sure and let me know.

AshVanguard 1 | 1  
Apr 01, 2010 | #3
hahaha very good
Smiley73 4 | 382 ☆☆  
Nov 26, 2017 | #4
While there does seem to be a proliferation of online writing companies, you are right that they tend to be owned by the same people under an umbrella organization, but the owners themselves refuse to admit that. So you will find it difficult to prove such accusations. However, the people at ES have put on their Sherlock caps and called these companies on their illegal practice of using various company names to con the students. The new name is not usually because of a bad review online. Rather, they tend to gobble up their weaker competition, which leads to the "subsidiary" set up. Whether the "companies" operate independently or by the same people is what creates the question about the legitimacy of each. We already know that these types of companies use bad English copy and yet students continue to hire their services. Actually, your whole post just repeats what has already been said here over and over again. However, having you say it again does show that people are waking up to the scam and as such, are becoming wiser when dealing with online, virtual academic writing services.

Forum / Essay Services / How many companies are there in the student research industry?

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