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customwritings.com - FRAUD SITE!!

joneszr 13 | 41  
Sep 13, 2008 | #1
I placed an order to get a research paper done. They make B.S claims on their site. They went past the deadline and make nice excuses. I paid about $200 and am waiting for a refund as they DID NOT deliver my paper. Have eaten up my $200 bucks!!!

This is the super B.S response I got from this site. Any way to get to them and get my money back?

[You'll get your refund, and we're not fraud. The person responsible in
issuing the refund is not here at the moment when she gets back she will
resolve it in your interest.

Kind regards,

Support team]

Nice B.S response isn't it?
Sep 14, 2008 | #2
I paid about $200

Excuse me; that is for how many words essay?
OP joneszr 13 | 41  
Sep 15, 2008 | #3
For a 7 page paper where I already gave them 3 pages including the full algorithm to those motherf***** anmol.
bign1485 - | 1  
Nov 18, 2008 | #4
Merged topic:

i never used an essay site in my life and thought id try one time. I ised customwritings.com and they did give me a paper back. Im not saying the information in the paper is bad or anything but the grammar was HORRIBLE. I dont think it was worth what i spent for a 10 page paper. Custom writing.com is definately not a professional site. anyone else tried to get a paper from them?
Nov 18, 2008 | #5
customwritings.com = Ukrainian fraud
z1987 - | 1   Student
Jan 10, 2012 | #6
Customwritings.com An absolut disgrace.

I'm from Denmark.
We have a college-alike education called "HF". It is somewhere between High school and College in terms of academic level.
I choose to write the most important exam in english. Since it was the most important exam, and it would get reviewed and graded by 2 teachers, and because I had a sick family I needed to attend to, I choose Customwrittings.

I ordered a college exam paper. "College" level is harder than what I'm doing here.
Now, you can get 6 grades here in Denmark. That's 0,3-2-4-7-10-12, and that rule goes all the way through university as well.

I used 350 dollars on this, and let me tell you, when the teachers have a hard time explaining just how bad it is, then it's really bad.

I was told, that even though there were no spelling mistakes, it was a disgrace.
There was not one single thing about the paper that was correct. Every statement, sources, argumentation, analysis - everything was so poorly done, that it was an automatic failure and lowest score possible ( 0,3 ).

I was told, that I had just played against Manchester united, and I had lost 0-8.
Now, I'm in good standing with my teacher, and he was going to fight for me, but he just couldn't defend it, since they rarely had seen a paper that was so poorly written.

This exam cannot be redone until next year, and I will have to live with this exam.

I talked to customwritings.com, and they just said, that they don't guarantee any grades, and I should be the one to tell them, if something needed to be corrected.

The paper looked really awesome, a lot of fine words and what seemed like a good analysis, even had me fooled.
So, there you go. A "College" academic level paper from customwritings.com, couldn't even pass an exam on an education that is below college.
Ray - | 12  
Jan 14, 2012 | #7
if you didn't spot anything wrong with it before submitting, then you should be able to defend it. Let me guess, you didn't understand but submitted like that right?

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