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Ever heard of academiccomposition.com?

TexasLanee 2 | -   Student
Jun 15, 2012 | #1
I haven't seen anything on here about them, so wasn't sure if anyone has had any experience with them or not...or if they're a scam?
jasonmark616 - | 14   Freelance Writer
Jun 20, 2012 | #2
Try them out and do let us know what happened?
MarkR - | 16   Freelance Writer
Jun 21, 2012 | #3
Jason... What a stupid advice!
neongoose - | 1   Student
Apr 10, 2013 | #4
I just received an great paper from this guy. I'm very surprised and pleased with the results. His rates are really fair, around 13-17 dollars per page. He specializes in philosophy so if you need him to write a paper in this subject or other subjects in the humanities, he can probably do a good job. But be aware that it is possible that your paper may be late, especially if you have a short deadline, since he is an individual writer and takes on way too many projects at the same time.
CrispyLips - | 1   Student
Dec 07, 2015 | #5
Has anyone used academic composition

Anyone ever use academic composition? Thoughts?
Kyleharris123 - | 45  
Dec 24, 2015 | #6
I ordered several papers form Academic Composition this semester. I got them all on time and did pretty well on them. They always followed my instructions and were pretty flexible about my revision requests.

Though do be careful about that, they are pretty strict about their revision policies. Each time I wanted something changed, I had to explain how my request is based on the instructions.

The prices were good too. With other services, I've paid over $20 per page, but they never charged me more than $15.
beachlover2016 - | 2   Student
Mar 23, 2016 | #7
Academic Composition- Is It Legit

At first, I was very skeptical about utilizing a site for the purpose of assisting with my academic submissions. However, as a busy professional, it became a necessity. After 2 months of research, I decided to e-mail Aleksey Bashtavenko ; owner of Academic Composition. As I would assume most students know, almost all academic institutions utilize some type of plagiarism tool to compare past work with work submitted by current students. Academic Composition guarantees authentic work and I have never been disappointed. My initial intent was to utilize the service solely for essays, special projects and final assessments. However, after I received a few exceptional papers from the company, I requested smaller forum posts for my weekly initial class participation. Of course, responses to other students are required and that must fall consistent with your initial post. I have often requested that Mr. Bashtavenko write a particular paper or essay post based on my opinion of the subject at hand. He has always complied, therefore making it easy to converse with other students sharing my opinion.

As of now, I have received roughly 23 papers ranging from 12-25 pages and approximately 73 (weekly forum posts) essays. Recently, I had one particular professor who did not accurately depict his requirements within the assignment instructions and therefore, graded my paper rather harshly. After I wrote an e-mail to him, the professor agreed to let me make revisions and re-grade my paper. Having been a long time customer that always pays in a prompt manner, they revised my paper with no additional cost. If you are a busy individual that truly cares about your GPA, I would highly recommend this company.

Below, I have added the company info. Do your own research- but mine was thorough and these guys are the best.

Aleksey Bashtavenko
Academic Composition
Owner & Principal Writer
Major 39 | 1,367 ☆☆☆☆  
Mar 23, 2016 | #8
It it a real company? I couldn't find a business address (could be a PO box) on the site. I'm not sure but aren't registered companies required to post a business address on their site? Also, it's confusing what 'weekly forum posts / essays' could be..
beachlover2016 - | 2   Student
Mar 24, 2016 | #9
It is online- so of course they don't have a P.O. Box address. I am not really sure what you mean. I respect that you may be new to this. Like I suggested- do your own research, and if you find some company better- let me know. My opinion is simply that- my opinion. They have been great to me. Most online schools require a weekly post. That company has been great for that. If you don't understand what I am speaking of- clearly you aren't taking online classes. Even so- look at them for extensive papers. Best of luck!!!

And please just use google- I gave the info on my initial post.
editor75 15 | 2,008  
Mar 24, 2016 | #10
@beachlover: Hi; your SN notes that you're an American student, but your English is so poor and awkward that I have trouble believing that you grew up in the US (or are a very good judge of academic merit in its educational system). Do you mind my asking where you're from?
Major 39 | 1,367 ☆☆☆☆  
Mar 24, 2016 | #11
So they don't have a business address / business registration - that usually means they are not really located in the US..
Kyleharris123 - | 45  
Mar 24, 2016 | #12
Hey guys, I used their service several times a few months ago and posted a review.

The quality was pretty good, so I assumed they were either in the U.S or the U.K. However, Major's last post made me wonder about where they were located.

I did a little bit of research and found a review for them on scamadviser.


According to this, they are located in the U.S and the owner's address in Virginia is published here too.
editor75 15 | 2,008  
Mar 25, 2016 | #13
Hey, Kyle. What was your paper on? Did they give you a writer name or ID? Specifics like those will make your posts look less like spam. Oops, sorry; your post, singular. PS-- Your phony, BS link doesn't work.
Kyleharris123 - | 45  
Mar 25, 2016 | #14
The link I had in my last post is a bit inaccurate. When I plugged it into my browser, I was just taken to a general Google page with various links to scam-adviser. However, the second option on that page took me to the site I was looking for.

The link below should take you directly there.


If it still doesn't work, just Google "Scam adviser, Academic Composition". You'll find it.

I found Academic Composition through Craigslist. The first time I replied to an ad, Alek got back to me and sent me a link to his site. There, I filled out an order form with my instructions for a sociology paper on conflict theory.

If I recall correctly, I was supposed to pick a social problem and analyze it from the conflict theoretic perspective.

Alek sent me back an email confirming that he got my order form, then we discussed prices and deadlines. We reached an agreement fairly quickly and I've made a $20 down-payment.

Although I asked for my paper to be done within a week, he sent me an email a few days later saying the assignment was done. There, I received bits and pieces from my final draft along with the invoice for the remaining balance.

I've made the final payment and he released the final draft. Then, I asked him a couple of questions about the assignment to make sure it was done properly and he got back to me the same day.

Everything turned out well, so I came back about a month later for a much bigger sociology paper. I believe that was a ten-pager where I had to analyze the problem of unemployment from various perspectives in theoretical sociology. I didn't really pay much attention to the topic, but I believe the professor wanted to see a contrast between how functionalists and conflict theorists would view the issue.

After that, I also hired them for my final paper where I had to pick a classical sociological theorist and critique a modern social issue from their perspective. We did that one on class exploitation and its role in the problem of unemployment.

I never really got to talk to the writer directly, so I am guessing Alek was writing my papers. Though, I do recall him saying that he had subcontractors. I didn't really care to ask as I was getting good papers on time.

They must be a really small company as their site is very basic and don't have any kind of sophisticated features. Some other companies had a forum where I could chat with the writers directly and pay on the site with the credit card.

It was a bit of a pain in the ass, actually. Answering all those emails and responding to PayPal invoices was pretty tedious. But hey, it wasn't too bad: I got decent work for fairly comparatively low prices.

P.S-- When you go to the scam adviser review for Academic Composition, there is a link that says something like "see detailed review here". When you click on it, you get taken to a different page. There it says, "96% chance that the site is based in the U.S" and then, the owner's residential address is published below.

I tried to post a link directly to that page, but it didn't work.


This is the URL I had in my browser when I was viewing that page. Since that just takes you to Google with a bunch of links to scam-adviser, just follow the other link I sent you and click the "detailed review" link they have there.
Major 39 | 1,367 ☆☆☆☆  
Mar 25, 2016 | #15
'Scam adviser' is a scam: complaintsboard.com/complaints/scamadvisercom-a-next-big-scam-on-the-web-is-damaging-other-legit-online-businesses-c631201.html

They must be a really small company..

So far I couldn't find any evidence such a company exists; for a company to formally exist and do business in a legal way, they must be registered with the state..
Kyleharris123 - | 45  
Mar 25, 2016 | #16
Is it illegal for somebody to run an online business without first registering it with the state?

So, if I want to start selling electronics on the internet, I'd be breaking the law unless I register my business with the state?
Ajones14 - | 2  
Mar 26, 2016 | #17
I'm located in the US and the company is also located in the US. I've used Academic Composition for 4+ years for my all my undergrad work. They have always provided me excellent service and 100% authentic work. I'm so thankful for their services.
editor75 15 | 2,008  
Mar 26, 2016 | #18
SPAMALANCHE! Where are the mods?

@kylefakename and his wack sock puppets-- Nice try setting up a business in a language you don't speak. Every legit company in the industry suffers from fools like you muddying the waters. Aren't you ashamed of yourself?

PS-- If you are still in doubt about the lying spam above, check out this choice bit of crap English from academic composition's moronic front page: "If we do not fulfill all of the requirements on your official document of instructions, we will provide the full revisions free of charge."

"I'd buy that for a dollar!" lol. Where the hell are the mods?
Major 39 | 1,367 ☆☆☆☆  
Mar 26, 2016 | #19
Is it illegal for somebody to run an online business without first registering it with the state?

Yes. You register to pay taxes and have a legal business status. Thousands of foreign-owned 'companies' (just like academiccomposition.com) wrongly assume they can obtain a temporary US-based area code phone and a fax number and call themselves a 'US-based' company; fortunately, more and more students have learned that it's not worth trusting such 'companies' because they are not bound by the laws of the US / UK / Australia and can steal their credentials and misuse any other information with no legal protections.
Chrispaper - | 2   Student
Mar 26, 2016 | #20
I have used them regularly for the past couple of years. His work has always been excellent, no matter the topic. Academiccomposition.com is valid and a great resource!
Major 39 | 1,367 ☆☆☆☆  
Mar 26, 2016 | #21
Ok, let's establish some important facts:

1. academiccomposition.com is not a company and it's not based in the US.

2. A few spammers working together pretend to be happy students who used the service.

The first point should be the starting point of evaluating the legitimacy of the the service. For now, we haven't seen a proof this company exists and is in fact based in the US. Maybe one of these 'students' have more information about where the 'company' is located?
Kyleharris123 - | 45  
Mar 26, 2016 | #22
I have friends who run multiple businesses on the side and they pay taxes as independent contractors. Just because they haven't registered official companies with the state, it doesn't mean they are doing anything illegal.

They just don't think their ventures are big enough to be called official companies.

There is nothing illegal about anybody selling things and then paying taxes as an independent contractor. A lot of people do that and I've never heard of anybody getting in trouble for that.

@editor75, I am an electrical engineering major. Writing is not my forte, otherwise I wouldn't be looking for help with my papers.

However, English my native language and I scored a 32 on my ACT test a few years ago. That can leave you guessing as to what result I achieved on the English section of the test.

As far as I can tell the sentence you've quoted does not have a single grammatical mistake.

To your credit, I am not seeing many such errors in your post. However, you don't understand the concept of redundancy. I suppose I shouldn't blame you for that because it's a rather subtle element of style.

" PS-- Your phony, BS link doesn't work."

The terms "phony" and "BS" are synonymous. There is no reason to use both of them in the same sentence.

Yet, given what I know about your attention span, I have no hope that you will ever grasp this notion. When I sent you a link to various scam-adviser sites, all you had to do was look at the second link on that page. Had you clicked it, you would have found the page you were looking for.

If you lack even the most rudimentary cognitive abilities to achieve this simple objective, you've reached the limit of your potential as a writer.

You've learned how to avoid egregious grammatical errors in your own writing, that's quite the accomplishment. Yet, avoiding redundancies seems to be too sophisticated of a skill for you.

As for pointing out actual errors in somebody else's work instead of calling them "moronic", that may require an iota of critical thinking on your part. I cannot fathom that you have the intelligence or self-discipline to even begin learning how to do that. If you don't understand why ad hominem is a fallacy, only a fool would hire you to write their analytical essay.

I definitely wouldn't hire someone who doesn't know the difference between a real argument and an elementary fallacy. I might forgive your little redundancy and inability to do basic research, but I have no use for a writer whose reasoning skills are as deficient as yours.
Ajones14 - | 2  
Mar 26, 2016 | #23
Academic Compositions is a legit company and must be based out of the Virgina (540) area. I have spoken with the owner on several occasions on some assignments. I am 35 years old with a young child so it's always been hard for me to write papers and they have always provided me great work with fast response time. The 540 Number is published on the web-site, so anyone is welcome to call it.
Kyleharris123 - | 45  
Mar 26, 2016 | #24
@Editor, since you have such a hard time finding real grammatical errors in other people's prose, I am going to help you out here.

In one of my sentences, I missed the word "is".

However, English is* my native language and I scored a 32 on my ACT test a few years ago.

I should have proof-read more carefully. By all means, prove to me that English is not my native language. What else is wrong with my post?
editor75 15 | 2,008  
Mar 26, 2016 | #25
**** off, spammer. Go pester people on Essaychat where you belong.
Kyleharris123 - | 45  
Mar 26, 2016 | #26
You are the spammer here. I am the only one posting coherent content. I hope that "editor" is just your screen-name and no-one was foolish enough to have you editing anything.

I am an electrical engineering major and I haven't even written a half a dozen papers in my entire life. Yet, even I can point out basic mistakes in your posts, both in terms of content and style.

That is just pitiful, there is no other way of looking at it.
editor75 15 | 2,008  
Mar 26, 2016 | #27
Calm down; don't get your feathers ruffled. English is tough-- it takes about a dozen years' study and constant exposure to its changing idiom, and even then, you're not done. You've done great so far, whatever your name is, considering that you're most likely from an ex-Iron Curtain POS on the map. And look at you now-- a big, proud scumbag spamming a message board. The tragedy is that you're just not set up linguistically (or in terms of basic reason/discretion, if you ask me) to open a legitimate business in English-speaking academia (or even its underbelly) without exposing yourself as a fraud. If you really want to break into the industry and keep any clients, you should come to the US or UK and get a job as a cab driver or street performer. Immerse yourself for a decade or so. You'll learn much more about the living language, and probably sleep better at night, too. You'd be surprised what an honest day's work can do for your worldview and general outlook. Good luck!
Kyleharris123 - | 45  
Mar 26, 2016 | #28
I am not running any business and I don't need to. Unlike you, I've majored in something worthwhile and will have a real job once I graduate.

"Calm down; don't get your feathers ruffled. English is tough-- it takes about a dozen years' study and constant exposure to its changing idiom, and even then, you're not done. "

A semicolon is used when you intend to describe two different ideas that are of equal importance.

For example, most essay-scammers prefer to fly under the radar; others advertise on websites or forums.

In your case, there was no reason to use a semi-colon because you only introduced one idea after "calm down".
editor75 15 | 2,008  
Mar 26, 2016 | #29
Sorry, Ivan; no time to chat about the intricacies of prescriptive vs. descriptive punctuation with you. I just got an order request; my gf has also been calling. My advice is there for you to take or ignore, before this entire thread is moved where it belongs, in the "random chat" file reserved for spammers like yourself. I will leave you with this common Biblical aphorism: "Pride comes before a fall." Keep it in mind on your travels.
Kyleharris123 - | 45  
Mar 26, 2016 | #30
Thank you for that unsolicited advice. I am not much of a reader, but I do trust that you understand the Biblical aphorism you've quoted.

Whether the thread gets moved anywhere isn't my concern. I've made my statements and have clarified my position each time you've asked me to do so.

I have nothing else to say about the original topic.

You act as if you know how to write academic papers and that seems rather frightening. I can only imagine what would have happened if I hired you when I needed help.
editor75 15 | 2,008  
Mar 26, 2016 | #31
Your disgruntled former customers are the ones who hire me, "Kevin," to fix your bungling. That is, if they haven't been traumatized enough to turn their backs on the entire industry-- a phenomenon for which I blame you personally.
Kyleharris123 - | 45  
Mar 26, 2016 | #32
My customers? I've never written papers for anybody.

Yet, I am still two long years away from graduation. If someone like you can make money in this industry, maybe this will be a good gig for me.

However, I am a bit skeptical. I wouldn't even hire you and I barely know how to write. Even to me, it is obvious that you shouldn't be writing any paper.

Then again, who knows. Maybe a lot of people are gullible enough to fall for your little ruse. If that's the case, you've got nothing to worry about me turning people away from this industry.

If it is really true that you can make money with your kind of writing, there is no reason why I can't. I am more of a math guy and that's much harder than writing, but I just may give this a shot.

Thanks for the suggestion!
editor75 15 | 2,008  
Mar 26, 2016 | #33
You're all over the place, "math guy." Good luck cheating on your sociology papers. I mean, math. I mean, electrical engineering. I'm glad I'm an inspiration to you. I mean, a disappointment.

See, that's the problem with living a life of lies and BS, Ivan-- the more pressure someone puts on you, the more it gets so you can't keep it all straight anymore.
Kyleharris123 - | 45  
Mar 26, 2016 | #34
It's all perfectly straight. I am an electrical engineering major and I took a sociology class to fulfill my general education requirements.

Again, this goes back to my point regarding your inability to analyze other people's arguments or even find stylistic errors in their writing. You can't even follow somebody's narrative.

If you cannot even interpret what I am telling you about myself in an informal conversation, how can you possibly comprehend a challenging text that may be assigned as part of an assignment for another one of my gen-ed classes?

It's not like I was asking you to follow a chain of reasoning in a mathematical proof. All I said is that I got help with a sociology class and I am an electrical engineering major. I presume the connection between that and math is not obvious to you. Amazing, somehow you managed to make a mess out of such a very simple narrative.

As for your confusion between inspiration and disappointment, I guess I shouldn't be surprised. If you don't even understand a concept of redundancy, how on earth can I expect you to know when I am being sarcastic or genuine?

I appreciate your tenacious efforts to win me over, but it just isn't working. The more I read your posts, the more I am astonished by how a person of your intellectual caliber is able to pass himself off as an academic writer.
editor75 15 | 2,008  
Mar 26, 2016 | #35
You're as crooked as they come, right down to your fake-ass SN. Go stink up Essaychat.
Kyleharris123 - | 45  
Mar 26, 2016 | #36
That's cute. Do you win over a lot of clients this way? That is, by hassling people who have good things to say about your competitors?

At first, I found your petulance to be a bit endearing as you reminded me of my little brother. Yet, now you're just becoming downright annoying.

If you really do run a business of your own, learn a little class. Nobody who reads this thread is going to be drawn to your services. They may forgive your intellectual shortcomings, but they'll never take you seriously when you act this way.
editor75 15 | 2,008  
Mar 26, 2016 | #37
I don't come here to advertise; I come here to bust scams like yours, jerk.
Kyleharris123 - | 45  
Mar 26, 2016 | #38
That's clever. I suppose anyone who praises someone other than you is involved in a scam of some kind.

I take it that you got very far in life with this mentality.
editor75 15 | 2,008  
Mar 26, 2016 | #39
Praise whomever you want, save yourself. As to my affairs, they are none of your business. Enjoy the rest of your brief time on this forum.
Kyleharris123 - | 45  
Mar 26, 2016 | #40
Your affairs are very much of my business and that of anyone who wishes to keep this forum clean.

It's clear that you are just a troll looking to libel anyone else who gets positive publicity.

You accuse me of being affiliated with some kind of a scam, yet you have no evidence of any of that.

Fortunately for you, I have a very generic name and you aren't harming my reputation. You'll get what you deserve, I see lots of libel lawsuits in your near future.

What do you think would have happened to you if I had a unique name and I really was that "Ex-Iron Curtain POS" you're talking about? Do you think any of your allegations would have held up in a libel law-suit?

Given what I know about the quality of your writing, I am sure you've defrauded countless other clients. What do you think they'll do with you once they graduate?

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