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No legitimate writing services or writers?

git345 3 | 1  
Jul 24, 2009 | #1
After viewing several discussions from this website, I now believe that there are no legitimate essay writing services. I recently purchased an essay for the sake of curiosity and slight desperation. I will never do that again! I am a single parent of 3 and I work two jobs. I fell a little behind in my work. I don't think this site is very helpful to newcomers because there is no listing of good and bad sites or writers.

I could use some advise.
undertow2 4 | 100  
Jul 25, 2009 | #2
Where did you buy the essay?
Jul 25, 2009 | #3
Yes you are right git345 - this site is useless.

Ther are many idiot here who just accuse site of being scamm site - and anyone can say anything here. There is no evidence. Just B*******.

Many poster here are from website - like idiot from OxbridgeReseachers or one from ********* - and they try and make their competitor seem bad (they desperate people!)

But for to try essay write site - make sure site are in UK or perhaps in US (but most scammer is American or Pakistan or China people). Make sure site is Limikted Company and show company number too. And make sure you pay a good high price for essay because all low charge price site are scam or use bad writer. You must pay about £200 for 2000 word 2.1 essay. Less is use unqualified student writer - probly in Asia. Cheap price = cheap quality, like from Oxbridgewriters or from ********* etc etc etc. So many cheap site ! AVOID.

I am write business and math and IT for UK Limited company site and all these are OK and you can trust. If company is not Limited company with company number then DO NOT TRUST. Ignore all lie from usual suspect here - they are full of ****. This site is NOT an independent advice site - and who own this site? *********?

This site sucks. Never believ lie written by liar here.

Good luck - but try write essay yourself before trying essay site. Then get essay site to edit and improcve it maybe - but NEVER use cheap site. These are all scam like Oxbridgewriter who is own by African woman who was sack by essay site so she start her own! What a loser!
rustyironchains 12 | 729 ☆☆  
Jul 25, 2009 | #4
asif, where are you from?
stu4 24 | 893 ☆☆   Observer
Jul 25, 2009 | #5
I agree, a legitimate company should always post their business address on their site.
undertow2 4 | 100  
Jul 25, 2009 | #6
I agree too. In fact, I think it's the law, at least in England (where I am). If there's no address and they're a registered company (or are claiming to be), you can cause them no end of trouble by reporting them for not having their address prominently displayed.

If they're not a registered company and aren't claiming to be, there's no requirement to have the address on the site, although I certainly would be wary about any site that wasn't forward with that kind of info.

I can't be bothered to go and look, but I'd bet a lot of essay writing sites are flouting the law in this area...
Jul 26, 2009 | #7

EFL writers can be good - especially with business/IT/heathcare.

I am Indian man - but I write top quality math and IT and finanicial business essay - and typical score is 68-72% according to UKessays.

They all good - despite of people what say lies here. They all pay good - but some have fine system, and this is not good.

But al site of quality is expensive. Of coarse. Shiiiiiit site like Oxbridgewriter and ********* is cheap foreign CRAPPPPPPPP!

The good company do proofe read and are top quality UK Ltd and do not make writer pay fine. No problem. Good company.

What country you from rustyironchains? Scamland? Scamlamabad?

Please realise this site is SH%$%%$%$%T


Asif, UK
EW_writer 23 | 2,055 ☆☆☆  
Jul 26, 2009 | #8
Hi asif! Have you tried essaybay before? May I know what username you used there if you did? Thanks.
rustyironchains 12 | 729 ☆☆  
Jul 26, 2009 | #9

I respect your right to your own opinion, but I disagree that America (where I'm from), Pakistan, and China somehow have the lock on scams.

a lot of the scam sites don't really seem to have a home country, because they are scams. they have to move around a lot, incorporating, dissolving, and re-incorporating, often in totally different countries, and not as a reflection on nationality in any of them.

in other words, there are scammers in every nation. this includes India, especially with the recent nature of the post1991 capitalist explosion there, and the relatively short time of deregulation, or quasi-deregulation.

to me, the very fact that you are on the site actively sort of precludes any kind of proactivity about its being useless, but I understand your frustration with personal agendas, etc. however, I think you are blaming Pakistan for its history with India, America because it's popular to blame America, and China... maybe because China is growing faster than India, and has a better educational system.

that said, again, I do agree with you about the utter disregard some essay mills have, regardless of nationality, of their writers, by daring to fine them, after already reaping over 50% profit from their labor.

the spell of crazy nationalism is so strong. let's hear from WB on this subject-- where have they been, recently?
Smiley73 3 | 353 ☆☆  
Nov 09, 2017 | #10
You are technically correct. There are no legitimate writing services because the academic writing business exists in a gray area. An underground economy that is not acknowledged by educational authorities and disavowed by students when asked pointedly by educators. However, that is not to say that you cannot deal with academic writers on a professional level. There are US and UK based academic outsourcing companies, that, although not totally legal in the business sense, deals with their clients on a professional basis. You must have ended up dealing with one of those Ukrainian or Asian services that portray themselves as professional but are nowhere near being an amateur company with even partially competent writers. I really find it offensive that you have grouped all "legitimate" writing services with the bad apples in the basket. There are actually a number of red flags that possibly got past you in your rush to hire a writing service. The red flags are usually staring you in the face as you read the blurbs on these websites and also, when dealing with the client services of the company. The first clue, is the horrible English used to create the advertising on the website. The next one, is the fact that you won't be able to talk to these client representatives anywhere other than a chatroom. The list goes on and on. I am sad that you had this bad experience but you have to understand that not everyone in the business is a "scam" and not all the companies are "illegitimate".

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