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Oxbridge Essays Avoid

meridian 1 | 1  
Nov 02, 2012 | #1
AVOID AVOID AVOID. Just a caution for anyone considering using Oxbridge Essay oxbridgeessays.com or torg.co.uk same company. I paid over £1000 for their services but they did not deliver. I kept on getting various excuses from their director Stratos Malamatinas and finally the work had not even been done almost 2 months into the request. He then attempted to offer future discounts which I refused and asked for my refund. 3 weeks later am still awaiting for a refund and unable to use chargeback as paid via cash in bank. Anticipate commencing legal proceedings so watch this space and I think they might be struggling financially and would discourage anyone to use them. Has anyone else had any similar problems ???
mellifluous 1 | 3   Observer
Nov 22, 2012 | #2
Go their offices in London. That'll do the trick.
OP meridian 1 | 1  
Nov 22, 2012 | #3
The company finally paid outstanding amount in Full after nil submission and poor communication.
naima12345678 - | 1   Student
Dec 05, 2012 | #4
Yes, I know the company you mean. I am having wranglings with their sister company, UK Essays. What a joke! I asked for some help in my research, as I was having to do a taught module on my MA in an area that was out of my comfort zone & needed to see what stance another researcher would take. So, I pay and receive below par work, which I complain about & accept that the researcher will fix this.....hardly, it was still awful, in terms of technical analysis and useless grammar etc. Anyhow, my tutor kindly marked it, as I explained what had happened; she was shocked and gave it a minimum pass, not the merit I had paid £400 for. After 20 phone calls and numerous messages, I am being ignored. The last I had, was to ask me for my work. I explained that the issue was with theirs and what I had bought was not as described, therefore having no correlation to anything that I had written. As I said to them, they are quick to take my money, yet not so quick on the up-take to fix it! Please avoid these bunch of pretenders and their off-shoots. I am unlikely to see either my money, amendments, or any other form of 'good will gesture.' In actual fact I write for people myself and do a far better job, asking for 50% up front on order and 50% after a satisfactory result. Anyhow, I am not done with them quite yet.....watch this space! Small claims court, Office of Fair Trading, if needs be!
HabibShrukry - | 2   Student
Jan 17, 2017 | #5
I've recently used them, I got what I deserved, useless overpriced work. They really are dodgy and the work was barely in English, I asked for amendments three times and it was clear that they couldn't do the work they accepted money for. DO NOT EVER USE THEM!!!! It's not worth it, they don't have experts, they don't do refunds and they don't deliver to a good standard
prs48 - | 1   Observer
Jan 27, 2017 | #6
Hi HabibShrukry, I'm making a radio documentary about Oxbridge Essays and would be interested in hearing your story, under anonymity. Please can you email me at [email protected]? Thanks, Paul
jt26992 - | 3   Student
Jan 31, 2017 | #7
It's weird that there aren't any recent posts about OBE, do they all get taken down or is most of their stuff positive? Anyway I used them and can safely say that they are garbage. Should never use them ever, they are dodgy scum bags that provide tenth rate material
MThompsom - | 3   Student
Mar 18, 2017 | #8
You tried to me as well a while back, know you work for OBE, not fooling anyone mate.
marko78 - | 3   Student
Apr 11, 2017 | #9
Used Oxbridge essays myself a few years back, the end result was mediocre despite at least 300£ that I´d spent.
ProfessorVerb    35 | 837 ☆☆☆   Freelance Writer
Apr 11, 2017 | #10
I've been to Sweden -- high taxes and pretty women. I can live with that combination.

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