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Questionable - possible issue with these writing companies

nursingstudent78 3 | 24  
Nov 13, 2009 | #1

I have a general question about these "essay writing companies":

I never had to use a service like this before yesterday. But, due to an unforeseen situation, I had to check into getting some sort of template for a philosophical research paper I have been working on for the past month; due to the complexity of the material, coupled with my emergency, my mind is "off track". Now please keep in mind I ALWAYS write my own papers; I love to write. Anyway, I've gone off in another direction! Back to my synopsis:

I found a website that appears reputable, but, it has been 18 hours since I placed my order and I've only received an e-mail from the Admin saying the writer is in progress (about 1 hour after the order was paid for). I have sent three messages today and uploaded some files, but still no response from the Writer himself. Oh and I called twice as well, but nothing worth mentioning was said.

1) So, with a Sunday deadline (for them, not me), and it being Friday evening, shouldn't I have heard SOMETHING from the writer? Or am I just being impatient?

2) Shouldn't he have some questions for me? Or is this a common practice amongst these services?

I searched high and low for some third-party reviews for this company (good or bad), but came up with naught! This seems like the best place to address this and hopefully come up with some insight.

Thank you!
Nov 13, 2009 | #2
it has been 18 hours since I placed my order

There is nothing to tell you. You can't even report a "missing person" until after 48 hours.
OP nursingstudent78 3 | 24  
Nov 13, 2009 | #3
True (haha).

I will take your best educated guess, though.
Nov 13, 2009 | #4
Speaking form personal experience on the other end of things, you might not hear from anyone until close to your deadline. The good writers keep very busy during this season, and might not even start on you paper until it is almost due (there being a large amount of work due ahead of your order).

This is only my personal experience, and cannot be generalized to companies or other writers.
FreelanceWriter    5 | 1,297 ☆☆☆☆   Freelance Writer
Nov 13, 2009 | #5
Ordinarily, you're not going to hear from us until your paper arrives unless there's some specific problem, question, or issues with the order. Most of the time, we have all of our pending papers listed in order of due date/time on our accounts and we just write them and send them in shortly before they're due.

If there's some problem with the sources or something is unclear in the order, I'll use the system function to the customer; same goes if I anticipate any delay that might cause an essay to be a few hours late. I that case, I may ask whether the customer can afford the few hours on his end; if not, I'll do whatever it takes (i.e. stay up all night) to get it done for a firm deadline on the customer's end. When they give me extra time, I usually give them a little extra writing to reciprocate.

Sometimes I'll have a paper due in several days and the customer will me to ask "how is it coming along?" as though it takes us a week to write a term paper. They don't realize that when you do this for a living, you routinely bang out a good 10-page essay in a single sitting and that we may write 4 or 5 (or more) essays of various lengths every single day.

If the service provides a way to the writer, he/she should respond at least to let you know there's no problem, but if you're ing the administration, they're pretty busy and they're not in regular with writers. I would imagine they don't have time for e-mails that just ask "how is my paper coming along?" several days before it's due.
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OP nursingstudent78 3 | 24  
Nov 13, 2009 | #6
Well, what concerns me is the paper may be too complex and I do not want to run the risk of them pushing out my deadline. (If that is even possible).

Plus, I FINALLY found something about this company posted on this forum and it wasn't good.

I'm writing my paper anyways just to be safe, seeing as how I've done most of the work anyway. But it is going to be substandard if this template does not jog my brain. :(

Yes, the service I'm using has a posting board to Writer and/or Admin.

Oh! I didn't realize that it was possible to write a ten page thesis in one day! Okay, I will lay off and just wait for the results.

Thank you VERY much for your insight.
Smiley73 3 | 353 ☆☆  
Nov 01, 2017 | #7
Normally, the assignment process takes longer than one hour, depending on the complexity of the paper. The academic company places the order in a list of available jobs and the writers "bid" on the assignment. The company will then study the qualifications of the writer applicants and assign the one with the closest capabilities to the paper. This could go on for an hour or more. Some papers, in my experience, get assigned and reassigned multiple times before it finally lands in the lap of one writer who actually has the chops to handle the requirements of the paper. After he confirms acceptance, the company will then email the client to inform of the writer assignment. At that point, the writer is also required to make first with the client and begin the collaborative writing process until the paper is finally completed and submitted. In this instance, I would not worry so much just yet. It sounds like the paper is just in "assignment limbo" at the moment.

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