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Never trust the writer who ask for payment first

nightstar 2 | 26   Student
Aug 12, 2013 | #1
on the 25th Jun, I posted here on my experience that scammed by an agency site, which auto approved my paper without my approval, my money gone, and i get nothing. As a student, that really my hard earn money. Seems like academy site cannot be trust, and a writer offer his service to me here, with a reasonable price. Our agreement is, the payment will pay upon his completed his work.

Well, fair enough...

unfortunately, the rewriting of literature review, already took him 40 days, yet, his works still sucks, always late, never on time, i need to keep chasing for deadline, and now, even blacklist by my supervisor, said I am not a good team player... bla bla bla... complaint about me... :(

Money sent him, but he have no reply on my amendment, which he always promise will send "today", but i get nothing... and his reply on "today"... almost 2 weeks.. gone...

http://zurnal24.info/forum/es/scam-writing-agency-filing-dispu te-4417/

I am thinking, what if I share his email here... to get advise? or, if I share his email here, then I am bad people to bad mouth him?? I just want a fair deal, either he refund to me, or, he faster complete the work make it perfect!

Anyway, I already post my new order, as this is my second time in bad experience.... i really don't know who should I trust...

I know this is sin, i should do it myself, but i really can't complete it, my English is poor, and I have failed for a paper waiting for resit, so this dissertation cannot fail again.

I am in struggle...

if pay first, they may not amend for you whatever promises they given; payment make after complete the work, will have the same result too - NO AMENDMENT~

lesson: if customer too demanding, then should blame the low quality writer, and scammer. (forgive my poor english)

Here the printscreen on my payment to the writer (I am not scammer or spammer... I am student really look for genuine and responsible writer, i really made payment... although my pocket dry but once commit, i will pay)

First payment, the moment we agreed then I made some upfront for him to do the rewriting part of my critical literature review

ThePensters.com - First Payment

Second payment, for amendment; in fact, before my supervisor check the paper, he already sent me payment request..

ThePensters.com - Second Payment

This time in different company as per his request.

ThePensters.com - Refund Message

Oh ya, I assumed you have many email or account ID here, and I believe you are watching... I am not that type of bad girl never give chance. So, I hope you found guilty... either complete it, or refund.
OP nightstar 2 | 26   Student
Aug 12, 2013 | #2
I seriously hope that I am a bad girl, have the gust to disclose his name. I hate threaten by the writer who can't do his job, yet he blame me on posting his complain here.

I never ask for full refund, I just ask for second payment which he late again so I absent didn't attend the meeting with my lecturer, and the questionnaires that he can't deliver to me.

I would like to know, what if he post online? So the turnitin & Plagiarism Check will caused me failed? Pls advise.

Payment and correspondence
Writer_456 5 | 58   Freelance Writer
Aug 12, 2013 | #3
How did you even find this company?
OP nightstar 2 | 26   Student
Aug 12, 2013 | #4
He found me while I posted my first bad experience here; I feel he is very sincere, and even warned me don't simply to trust people, so i decided to use him.

But anyway, I am waiting for admin to remove my second post which I don't know how to delete it. I hope we will have a better agreement to solve this.
writers2beware 41 | 2,024 ☆☆☆☆  
Aug 12, 2013 | #5
Kenyan garbage

OP nightstar 2 | 26   Student
Aug 16, 2013 | #6
Cannot see the URL.

writers2beware 41 | 2,024 ☆☆☆☆  
Aug 16, 2013 | #7
Cannot see the URL.

That's because the scumbag deleted his LinkedIn page.

No problem. See the cached screenshot.

Kevinson - | 5   Company Representative
Dec 08, 2013 | #8
Hi NightStar,

Sorry about your experience. Dealing with an individual writer can be a bit tricky. I advise that you search online for those writing companies that offer high quality services. This is because these companies scrutinize and vet their writers before hiring them, and even if one of their writers doesn't do a quality job, they'll ask him to revise and if the writer can't deliver, they'll simply reassign the task to another capable writer.

As a client, you may not easily vet a writer before sending them a task. In brief, deal with writing companies, not individual writers because there's so many imposters out there!


Sindraalan - | 40  
Dec 09, 2013 | #9
As a client, you may not easily vet a writer before sending them a task. In brief, deal with writing companies, not individual writers because there's so many imposters out there!

Duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.......... Many writing Companies are Fraud too :)
Smiley73 3 | 353 ☆☆  
Sep 16, 2017 | #10
@Sindraalan I will admit that there are a number of writing companies that engage in fraudulent businesses. However, it is possible to screen the companies and pick one that will surely accomplish the task for the student. The difference between hiring a private writer, as opposed to a company based writer is that the student has options when it comes to the revisions of the paper. There is quality assurance department (for all that is worth) that investigates the presented paper based upon the original instructions and then demands that the writer revise the paper based on a specific set of guidelines. If the writer realizes that he is not capable of completing the paper as per the revision request, the writer can have the paper reassigned, with a penalty attached to his salary for the month. The company does not automatically reassign the paper. The original writer needs to file a reassignment request first. Whether the new writer assigned is more capable of completing the paper is a totally different discussion.

That is why I believe that there are certain situations when, provided the company is not a fraud, it is better to sign up with an academic writing company than a private writer. That is not to say that the private writers are bad. Just that there are some private writers who blindly accept jobs, which result in the situation that the OP experienced.
ProfessorVerb    35 | 834 ☆☆☆   Freelance Writer
Sep 16, 2017 | #11
To paraphrase wordsies, nothing happens before payment, and not a goddamn thing happens before coffee.
writer4life - | 30   Freelance Writer
Sep 17, 2017 | #12
Sorry you had such a negative experience. In agreement with ProfessorVerb, payment must come before the work begins. Writers get burned, too. In the future, you could opt to split the order into stages. Perhaps, pay for half and then pay the second half when the first is complete--or whatever works for you. Personally, unless the project is very large, I won't split more than half. It's just too time-consuming to go back and forth. Of course, this opens the door for requests for changes to the first part before the second is even complete so this could be a two-edged sword if the terms aren't made clear upfront!
wordsies    5 | 250 ☆☆   Freelance Writer
Sep 17, 2017 | #13
Personally, unless the project is very large, I won't split more than half.

I only split payment for orders over 15-20 pgs. Anything that can be done in one sitting should be done in one sitting. That's why I always tell my first timers to order a small part - page or two - first.
saimon22 - | 2   Student
Sep 26, 2017 | #14
If to order for a writer I agree with you, and if at a company for example cheapcustompapers that it is possible and at once to pay work.
writers2beware 41 | 2,024 ☆☆☆☆  
Sep 26, 2017 | #15
saimon22 = Ukrainian scammer (cheapcustompapers.com = spamming, untrustworthy, ESL garbage).
FreelanceWriter    5 | 1,297 ☆☆☆☆   Freelance Writer
Oct 04, 2017 | #16
If you limit yourself to writers who are willing to work on a project before being paid, you're automatically limiting yourself to the least experienced writers out there who are totally desperate for work. I don't know any good successful writer who would ever agree to start working on a project before payment. That doesn't mean you have to pay a writer you don't know for a 20-pg project all at once; it just means that you should limit your risk by ordering a very short project or a short introductory section of a longer project before you trust someone with a large up-front payment.

Busy established writers are already busy enough writing all of the projects that have already been paid for and handling our constant emails about projects. The last thing we have time for is actually writing something that hasn't been paid for and then chasing after those payments. If you want a good experienced writer to consider your project, you should be prepared to prepay for anything you order; just start out with a short order and long deadline to limit your risk.
Extremely experienced, honest, versatile American writer in NYC with a Law Degree from NYLS: Visit NYCFreelanceWriter "dot" com
ProfessorVerb    35 | 834 ☆☆☆   Freelance Writer
Oct 05, 2017 | #17
@the clueless: You should listen to FreelanceWriter, the voice of long years' of experience. Most mornings, I just cringe when I look at my email and see the requests for my immediate services. I actually want to help all of them, but day-um, I'm just one man with a staff of zero (except for my remaining but faithful and loyal writing dog, Peanut).* The more advance notice you can provide, the likelier the chances are you can secure the services of top-notch writers such as FreelanceWriter.


* Promoted from auxiliary writing dog following the passing of my main writing dog, JoJo (RIP) -- she was a Good Late Night Writing Dog and I loved her.
Boik    - | 5   Freelance Writer
Oct 08, 2017 | #18
While agreeing to work on a specific project, writers should bear the responsibility for their actions. They should provide a well-reliable paper for the payment being received. I am quite sorry for your experience. As a writer, I always demand to send me instructions before agreeing to start writing anything. Yet, once I feel that I can complete the paper, I do my best to make it reliable. You should find one writer who would do all your work, whom you can trust, rather than switch from one writer to another.
ProfessorVerb    35 | 834 ☆☆☆   Freelance Writer
Nov 05, 2017 | #19
Come on, Bolk. Where are you REALLY from? Come on -- you can tell us. Who says "well-reliable" or "demand." Otherwise, your advice is on point, but damn ...
writers2beware 41 | 2,024 ☆☆☆☆  
Nov 13, 2017 | #20
Where are you REALLY from?


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