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Scam websites aren't listed on Google?

Sanchez 1 | 4  
Nov 08, 2009 | #1
If a website is scam, they won't be listed by Google, right? They don't list scam websites.
Nov 08, 2009 | #2
I hope that you're not serious.
OP Sanchez 1 | 4  
Nov 08, 2009 | #3
I also meant illegal sites. If sites are illegal then GOogle removes them.
Nov 08, 2009 | #4
Aside from sites involving egregiously illegal things like ch pooon and narcotics, Google does not remove sites without a court order.
OP Sanchez 1 | 4  
Nov 08, 2009 | #5
So when I find a site on Google, it's safe? Cause it has no legal action (if it was illegal it would not be listed).
Nov 08, 2009 | #6
Aside from sites involving egregiously illegal things like ch pooon and narcotics, Google does not remove sites without a court order.

The message is clear.
OP Sanchez 1 | 4  
Nov 08, 2009 | #7
Nov 08, 2009 | #8

If you are in college, you need to get smarter, fast. Don't try going through any website; try doing your homework and learning something. You'd be surprised how much easier it gets as you go along.
Smiley73 3 | 353 ☆☆  
Nov 01, 2017 | #9

Et Tu Google? Writing Services Still Listed

I just googled essay writing sites and came up with 10 pages of various essay writing websites. Looking through them, the companies all reek of a scam to me. Which is why I am wondering why Google even has paid ads coming from these sites highlighted on their search pages. Considering that they previously announced that they would be removing all these academic sites from their system, I was surprised to see that the whole presentation on the part of Google was just a sham. It was meant to make the academic world believe that they don't promote academic fraud and yet, the evidence is still there. It exists to prove that Google just paid lip service to the academicians. There is even an advertisement for "Legit Writing Websites" that is supposed to direct you to legal sites, which I really doubt. Just to make sure that I wasn't seeing things, I typed in "Academic writing sites" in the search box and got another 10 pages worth of search returns. So I guess the lure of the paid advertisements and Adword considerations coming out of these companies were more valuable to Google than moral integrity?
RandomRandom    4 | 40   Freelance Writer
Nov 01, 2017 | #10
I think Google is lying and will never really stop promoting these websites. On top of that, I don't think Google is under any obligation to stop promoting them. Google's incentives are mainly financial and not moral. In my opinion, the only way Google could stop promoting these sites is if it was more beneficial to Google, financially, to discourage Academic fraud compared to encouraging it.
Major 39 | 1,367 ☆☆☆☆  
Nov 02, 2017 | #11
As far as I know, Google's announcement about 'essay mills' was only related to paid advertising (Adwords), not to 'organic results.' Technically and morally that makes sense because otherwise, if they were to stop listing all 'essay-writing-services / reviews' websites altogether, it would be censorship. However, I agree that the organic results are pretty much gamed by shady (mostly Ukrainian) SEO services because, depending on search keywords, about 70-80% of the results are foreign scam writing services that have hacked other sites and redirected links to them (that's why Google thinks they are legitimate). The hope is that sooner than later Google will figure out that the hackers and fraudsters who prey on stealing students identity and banking information are the ones who benefit from it.
writers2beware 41 | 2,024 ☆☆☆☆  
Nov 13, 2017 | #12
Google has the ability to defeat those hackers overnight. That's a fact. Google just needs to receive detailed reports. The days of me doing it all by myself are over. Others need to step up.

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