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Should I be worried by the godaddy banner on an essay site?

dbryant 4 | 11  
Oct 12, 2010 | #1
Saw a site advertised and when I went to it there was a godaddy banner at the top of the first page. i know that just means the site is hosted by them but is this anything to be worried about? Should I assume something will go wrong if I order from a site like that?
bam bam - | 16   Company Representative
Oct 12, 2010 | #2
This has been said time and again but I don't mind regurgitating it for you. whether its a freelancer or a company, order a small bit and see whether you like the job. If you do, stick with that service, its unlikely to get better and even if it does, the betterment may not be worth the hassle. Looking for straight answers in the forum may be an exercise in futility but then again, I don't how much time you have in your hands.
Oct 12, 2010 | #3
A GoDaddy banner at the top of the page means that the owner is using FREE hosting services from GoDaddy. That's pathetic. Where in the world are you finding these two-bit sites?
OP dbryant 4 | 11  
Oct 12, 2010 | #4
Obviously I kind of share your viewpoint or i wouldn't have asked my question to start with, but I'm not sure if calling it pathetic is fair. The site looked pretty good over all, except for the banner at the top of the homepage. To me free hosting is smart and I want a smart writer, all the companies that people on here say rip people off don't have godaddy ads, so whether or not one is there can't mean too much, can it?
Oct 12, 2010 | #5
Free hosting is unprofessional and completely unbecoming of a legitimate business. If you hand your money to a site that's probably been around for 10 minutes and the owner of which can't afford to pay $3.95/month for ad-free hosting, that's certainly your choice. However, please don't expect sympathy if you get ripped off. Just sayin' . . . .
OP dbryant 4 | 11  
Oct 12, 2010 | #6
don't get me wrong, i see what you're saying. I just think there could be some good honest writers out there working free lance. But since I'd have to go through them one at a time, i guess anything that seems unprofessional or any other warning sign can help me narrow it down. Guess what I'm saying is they might be great for all we know, but you have a point because i have to look for warning signs to narrow down my options and take less of a chance.

Thanks again to everyone who is replying.
Smiley73 4 | 382 ☆☆  
Nov 20, 2017 | #7
If a site has a godaddy banner splashed across the screen, then you should be worried about the validity of the site, the quality of the writers, and the type of papers they produce. You should, not only be worried, but not even consider this particular company at all. No decent company will use a free website. Neither will it allow free hosting of its content. If you ask me, the set up of the website is fishy and doesn't offer much in terms of confidence in doing business with them. I don't see how you could even be asking this question. I mean, it's a free website for a company that is charging for services rendered or to be rendered. There is just something that tells me the site is not worth the time it took for you to read their information and the time it took for you to post this question here. It is definitely not a company that can be trusted and a person looking for reliable service should never consider hiring the services of such a company.

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