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Writing services sales are down, any positive prospects?

Lewis 4 | 5  
Aug 17, 2009 | #1
We are in the economic recession (or "depression" which is more appropriate term). How is your essay business doing (both from the company owners' and essay writers' perspective)?

I'm pretty sure sales are down as they are down everywhere. How much less do you make compared to the previous year/month? Do you see any signs of improvement in the near future? Maybe you think of changing your career path?

No comments....?
FreelanceWriter    5 | 1,297 ☆☆☆☆   Freelance Writer
Aug 18, 2009 | #2
Nope. One of the things people tend to do when things are bad economically and unemployment looms is return to school. Many of them haven't done any formal writing in a very long time and dread writing academic papers now even more than when they were in school fulltime. No complaints here.
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EW_writer 23 | 2,055 ☆☆☆  
Aug 19, 2009 | #3
While the number of orders available is still quite low, I think the phenomenon can be better attributed to the fact that it is still the slow season rather than to America's economic problems. The orders that I still get to work on quite regularly despite it being the slow season are resume/CV writing orders. However, I only get like two to three of them a day. Overall, I'm happy to be able to take it slow during these times and concentrate more on my day job.
rustyironchains 12 | 729 ☆☆  
Aug 19, 2009 | #4
none of your business!
Aug 30, 2009 | #5
Recession makes people less likely to take risks. Would you hand in a CV written by some anonymous person who might not even hold qualifications beyond GCSE level or would you write it yourself?
Smiley73 3 | 353 ☆☆  
Nov 08, 2017 | #6
According to my friends, the business is starting to pick up these days, but it is still slower than they are used to and they are earning less on a year to year comparison. One thing that they are attributing it to is that students are becoming more research savvy these days owing to far easier access to electronic and physical research materials. Added to that is that the professors are also becoming more and more technically proficient so they are starting to spot the plagiarized papers and "paid" papers being submitted to them. Since they are facing some financial difficulties because of these scenarios, they have already diversified to some related fields such as editing and ghost writing. None of them are willing to be retrained for a new skill since they are far more comfortable doing writing related jobs. So their only option, due to the changing student landscape, is to try to catch a student for the semester at the very start and then hope that the student keeps coming back. In the meantime, blogging, editing, and other non-academic related jobs keep their finances as balanced as they possibly can keep it.

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