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APN Professional Business Plan

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Advanced Nurse Practitioners - BUSINESS PLAN

Although business concepts as well as business development are not a routine part of the nursing education, it is critical to have a business plan if an APN business is to have any chance of success. Advanced nurse practitioners (APNs) have many talents that can be transferred to the development of business plans (Yee et al.). This business plan would include the assessment and identification, and diagnosis of an existing problem. Additionally, according to Jones, the development of viable interventions, the implementation of solutions and the evaluation of the activities to the clinical practice are core in the development of the plan. This plan addresses how the APNs can deploy their talents to develop a business plan that is financial viable and can be implemented. The plan would encompass the purpose of the plan, the proposed business profile that would include the vision and mission statement, the staffing, marketing plan, and economic viability of the plan as well as the organizational chart.



APN Business PlanThe proposed name of the business is Chamberlain Quality Healthcare (CQH), which will be a limited liability company (LLC) intended to offer community health education to persons together with primary healthcare to the residents of St. Louis. In this case, the healthcare facility would seize the business opportunity due to lack of facilities that can offer health information to these people, which makes them to live unhealthily by eating unbalanced diets and failing to exercise.


The elderly, women, and children are the ones who are susceptible to more health comp-locations. As such, they need to be helped to understand their health conditions and, therefore, seek medical treatment. There is an expectation of an increasing need for healthcare considering that the baby boomers are continuing to grow (Jones). As such, information will be offered while primary care would also be provided to expectant women, the elderly and mothers on how they can remain healthy.


Healthcare management of pregnant mothers would require their education, and resources that would be designed to meet the needs of the mothers and the elderly. There is a need to give information to the vulnerable groups so that they can know how to live healthily and avoid heath complications. Additionally, when they have simple health problems, it is critical that they are attended to avoid them aggravating into complicated ones.


The emergency departments in most hospitals are always crowded. As a result, it becomes very hard fo.r the elderly and expectant women to queue waiting to see the medical practitioners (Boore & Porter). This proposed business plan will provide a solution by attending the elderly and women at their homes in St. Louis. This is due to the difficulties that they have in accessing the healthcare facilities.


The Chamberlain Quality Healthcare (CQH) would be started as quick as possible and upon approval of this business proposal. The facility would provide healthcare services for 24 hours a day as healthcare is very critical. The education to the elderly and expectant women on health issues would be done any time from 8AM to 9PM depending on the local arrangements that will be made.


There has been a gap that is left by the existing healthcare facilities where they only require the patients to visit their facilities. Additionally, in the opinion of Hamric et al., even when they visit, they are forced to wait for long hours to be attended. This business would rectify that by going to attend to those who need care at the comfort of their homes. Additionally, it will offer education, which will be critical for their health, which is something that the existing facilities do not do.

2. Proposed APN Business Profile


The healthcare facility would seek to provide quality primary healthcare and health education with a particular focus on the elderly and expectant mothers. Services will be tailored to be in tandem with the lifestyles of the individuals.


In collaboration with the client, CQH provides quality healthcare, which is informative, educational, personalized, and affordable and designed to reduce health complications, which result from the lack of information and knowledge by the people of St. Louis. CQH provides primary healthcare including annual exams, the management and treatment of simple health conditions, and health education as well as health maintenance programs.


The Chamberlain Quality Healthcare (CQH) would provide primary healthcare to the elderly and expectant women in St. Louis. Specifically, the primary healthcare will be offered at the healthcare facilities or in the homes of the patients. Depending on the level of the services required, an appointment would take approximately 30 minutes. Appointments would be kept on time with intervals of 10-20 minutes. There will be annual physicals, immunizations, women's healthcare, and screening for various diseases for the elderly. All these services will be done at the healthcare facility or at home where need be. The education provided would be offered in a public place where every member can be able to access it conveniently. Those who are able to access the healthcare facility will be required to do so for any primary care. If implemented the services will be first offered in the healthcare facilities before the education programs are started.


There are several legal requirements that the business would need before it starts. In this regard, a Central Contractor Registration will be acquired first through registering in the system for award management. Then a Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendment will be acquired by calling upon the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to inspect and certify the lab. The Commercial and Government Entity would be got through applying to the Department of Defense's Defense Logistics Agency (DLA). The other mandatory registration is the Small Business Administration, which will be applied through the US SBA. Other registration requirements would be applied through the various agencies that are tasked with registration after the presentation of the relevant documents.

3. Proposed APN Service Delivery

The delivery of the services for the healthcare facility would require the deployment of competent staff and the equipping of the facility with the medical equipment that are necessary. The following are the core factors that will help in service delivery.


The proposed healthcare business will have the APRN provider who would serve as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). This provider will have over 30 years of experience in adult heath care, health promotion programs, experience in quality control, and experience in health promotion education programs. A Certified Nurse Assistant CAN who also form part of the staff who will be initially hired for the billing and intake of clients. The legal and certified public accountants will be contracted for the startup and ongoing support. Depending on demand, there will also be 1-2 people. These will include the front staff, licensed practical nurse/registered nurse for the sake of ensuring client flow.

Besides all those staff members, contractual arrangements will be made with regard to the laboratory services. Two community health workers would also be recruited for the education. The wages of those staff will be determined based on certification and the level of experience. Indeed, bonuses will be determined by the client flow.


The focus of the CQH would be on the expectant women, children and the elderly. Due to this small and specific target group, the marketing will be very specific. In the first stages of the business, the print media will be used, as it is not that expensive. Additionally, the social media, which is commonly used, will be used as the advertising strategy. The newspapers will also contain adverts for the healthcare facility and services. Other activities such as sponsoring local events and offering free blood pressure screening in churches and other public gathering places would be the core marketing strategies.

The plan is very feasible as the costs structure will be semi structured. There will be three major pricing structures with a comprehensive visit costing $100. Intermediate and new problem visits would be priced at $ 75 while follow up visits will be $60. The fees for APNS are more economical for having equitable services compared to the family practice of physicians. CQH will be expecting 20-40 clients a week, which translates to more than 1000 billable clients' visits a year. This would be viable considering the rates of other competitors.

Funding will come from a loan in the first year. Specifically, a line of credit for $80,000 for the working capital and which will be repaid at the current rates will be used for operation in the first 3-6 months. The startup funds will be from personal funds as well as the owner equity. The funding will be repaid by the end of the second year of operation.


The management team of the organization will consist of the APN, MN, MS, and FNP-C who will directly provide care and act as the CEO. Below him/her, will the assistant who will be a Certified Nurse Assistant. Thereafter, will be the legal and certified public accountants. In the same line will also be the registered nurse and the front office operator. The following is the management chart;


There has been various needs for healthcare services among the expectant women, and the elderly who are vulnerable to different ailments in St. Louis. The existing healthcare facilities do not provide the required services to those patients. It, therefore, presents a business opportunity by starting a healthcare center that would offer education and primary healthcare to such group of people. This would be through the healthcare facility and home visits on demand by the clients. Therefore starting a healthcare facility known as Chamberlain Quality Healthcare (CQH) and that would operate 24 hours a day would help solve the problem of health complication for expectant women, children and the elderly. The education would be done at various places such as churches and public gatherings. The facility would have the APN as the CEO. Other employees would include the nurse practitioners, the CPA, and the front office staff. Charging lower than the competitors will aid in ensuring the healthcare of the clients and the profitability of CQH.


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