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'I finally call him father' - my UC personal statement prompt 1

kaitong 2 | -   Student
Jun 07, 2014 | #1

UC Personal Statement Paper on my Father

"Dad." Finally, i call him father. It is the first time I have accepted him in four years.

UC statement about fatherSince i was born, I have never seem my biological father.Mother would not say anything about him.Whenever thought of my father's left, I was felt that I would never obtain the love from him.But the appearance of my stepfather have cleaned up all the doubt and worries that stucked in my heart.He is a man who deserves I respect.

When I graduated from junior high school,I came to America with my mother.My stepfather helped me to find the senior high school,settle down our life.But since then, there is very few time with stepfather gathered together.He seldom got home for dinner.At that time, I often lean on the windowsill and look out of window.I looked forward stepfather came back.However,until i sleep many time, he still not came back.

One late night,stepfather came home late.He dumped into sofa the moment after he stepped into house.I covered a quilt on him to prevent him from getting cold.Suddenly, I found out that there was some blood on his shirt, it made me distressed. After a closer look, I saw some scars on his hand.Tear were flowing down from my eyes.At that moment, I couldn't hold back sadness.My stepfather has been working had for family,I really felt it.He loves for me is selfless.I should be more concerned about stepfather in caring him.

I'm lucky because I have a selfless stepfather.He seem to become my biological father.I gradually truly felt he give me many sincere love. I will cherish the moment for study, get into a better university and never give up my dream.I want to use my life repay for parents in the future,especially is my stepfather.I know, the man who loves me most is my father in the world.

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