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Researching Unemployment - A Narrative

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Oct 25, 2017 | #1
Unemployment is a problem that many people face across the world. It is not only a problem to the third world countries, but also affects people of the first world or developed economies. I have personally experienced unemployment problem in my life. It has impacted negatively on my life because it reduced my income and the income of our family. My experience of being unemployed began at an early age, and it has taught me a lot of lessons. I now understand that unemployment is an issue that needs to be addressed so that everyone is able to earn enough income to support their lives and those of their families.

Just at an early age of 16, my father's company faced financial problems and was closed down as a result. I had no option but to look for a job so that I could meet the expenses of our family and pay for my school fees. The only job I could secure was being a waitress in a fast food Chinese restaurant. It was a difficult experience for me, and I came to understand how the problem of unemployment for someone who has a lot of people who depend on him is detrimental. At the moment, my father has reopened a company again. The living standards of our family have now improved. I am optimistic of getting a job as soon as I graduate this fall, I am optimistic that I will earn a good job because I will also have completed internship at Morgan Stanley and Tax Calculation.

Student UnemploymentUnemployment is a major issue of concern because it causes reduced economic growth. It makes people who are able and willing to work to remain idle. While they are idle, they often don't stop consuming but they never get to save anything because they don't earn any income for them to save. This leads to reduced savings and increased spending. For instance, when I was unemployed I couldn't earn any income and I couldn't support or help anyone who was seeking for a job. If I had secured a job, I could possibly hire some of the members of the society to do jobs such as domestic chores. This could reduce the impact of unemployment. During the period within which I remained unemployed, it was even hard to interact with friends at home or even at school because I felt that I could not fit into their peer groups due to my financial problems caused by the unemployment issue.

From my personal experience, I realized that unemployment causes poverty. Most of the people who do not have a job are supported by family members, relatives, friends or relief organizations including government programs; just as I had to depend on my relatives to meet my basic needs. Even my parents could not meet all my needs, especially my education fees because they had just lost financial resources when their business collapsed. The help I got from relatives could not be enough for me to meet all my needs. Therefore, I had to plan well for the little I got from relatives and purchase only the most basic needs. Unemployment therefore causes poor living standards among the unemployed. It also leads to emergence of slums where people live under poor conditions, unhealthy and unsustainable environment. From my own experience of the past, lack of employment causes emotional and psychological problems. Unemployed people lose hope, get discouraged, disillusioned, stressed and depressed. They fail to trust themselves, and sometimes tend to lack trust in themselves; believing that they are not able to secure jobs because they have an inner disability. In this regard, it is important to find ways of providing employment opportunities to everyone in the society so that everyone can be able to contribute to the needs of the society and enhance self-confidence among those who secure jobs.

The issue of rising unemployment rates can be resolved by various sectors and players in the economy coming together to address some of the fundamental challenges of the economy that cause unemployment. One of the best ways of solving unemployment problems is by increasing education among members of the society. Institutions of higher learning should be well reformed and structured to meet information, knowledge and skills needs for the economy to improve its investment and employment opportunities. Every individual should be given an opportunity to discover their potential through education.

Instructors should develop learners who are focused on increased employment opportunities while learners should use the knowledge they acquire in a positive so as to strengthen the economy and create opportunities for employment. The government should also support businesses and individuals to invest well and create opportunities for employment through subsidies and reduced taxes for small businesses and low income earners.

In conclusion, unemployment is an issue that has caused many negative impacts on the society, including me. It is caused by general lack of education and illiteracy. It is also caused by poor policies and policy implementation. It causes depression and poverty among the unemployed. With good reforms in both the public and private sector, coupled with good education systems; the society may finally recover from the problems caused by unemployment. Therefore, students and lecturers should address the issue in a more proactive and integrative manner so that every member of the society can participate in and benefit from unemployment and poverty eradication in the economy.

Reflective Memo

This writing project is the same to some extent to the writing projects that I have done in the past. It also differs from past projects in some aspects. Like the past projects, this project requires referencing and citations. Another similarity with other projects I've done in the past is that they both require good planning and organization. Unlike past projects, the current project involves narratives, which I hadn't done before. The outlet I targeted is a narrative online article. This has led me to focus in originality of the narrative and use of simple language that can be understood by all online readers. Peer review impacted on my revision process because it enabled me to identify some of the wrong narrative writing styles, wrong spellings and poor structures. This helped to format my narrative appropriately in order to meet the needs of my audience. This essay has strengths right now: it forms basis for future essays and explains the issue of unemployment rate effectively in order to enable relevant stakeholders to address the issue successfully. I still need develop a few things in order to have a portfolio-ready draft. I need to add more writing skills to my skill-set in order to write a good essay in the final draft that will pass information cohesively and clearly such that it can be understood easily. I also need to do more research so that I can be able to develop good essay writing skills and gather information about the issue at hand. The instructor should mainly focus on the weight impact of the issue on various audience mentioned in the draft.

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