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How to become an essay affiliate, is it worth it?

Marvin 1 | -  
Jan 28, 2010 | #1
What are the best essay affiliates I could hook my site with? I have educational site and I don't like Adsense. How much can I earn as an affiliate? Ie. when I send a visitor from my site and he purchases an essay, how much can I expect, is it a % of the total purchase?

Anyone has good/bad experience with essay writing affiliates? Do they scam their agents or not?

Do bestessays.com[DND*] or ********* have affiliate programs? Or custompapers.com? Do they allow custom forms or I'll have to redirect my visitors to their pages (not good:").
Carly 1 | 152   Company Representative
Jan 29, 2010 | #2
Hiya Marvin, I don't want to directly promote our affiliate programme here, but if you send me a direct message I can send you some information that'll help you make a decision. Cheers, Carly. AA
goodstudent - | 6  
Feb 24, 2010 | #3
if you can find your own clients, then i suggest that you create your website or services rather than do an affiliate. just a piece of though.
StudentsBeware - | 48  
Feb 24, 2010 | #4
WritersBeware - libel and lies about specific sites and individuals are also forbidden, and yet you indulge in this day on day out. Hypocrisy, non? Pots and kettles, pots and kettles...

Not worth being an affiliate though Marvin, and you'll make a pittance for linking your company with one that some think may well be promoting cheating - how will that make your 'educational site' look eh?
rogerb 4 | 18  
Jun 26, 2010 | #5
So far the best essay affiliates I found pay 30%. But still I don't think that's a very good commission? I do all the job to bring clients.

What is the highest paid commission in this industry, can I get 40-50%??
WRT 16 | 1,714 ☆☆   Company Representative
Jun 26, 2010 | #6
What is the highest paid commission in this industry, can I get 40-50%??

I doubt it. The company has to pay the writers, mind you.
99Essays 4 | 258   Freelance Writer
May 07, 2013 | #7
Are there any legitimate affiliate programs?
Smiley73 3 | 353 ☆☆  
Sep 19, 2017 | #8
The affiliate programs are mostly run by scam companies that plan on paying the lowest possible rates to affiliates. It would be in your best interest to not hook up with a writing company if you wish to actually earn from the hard work that you previously did. The affiliate program only works well for the students who are already clients for the writing companies because they get rewards in the form of cashback, discounts, or payment for every paper successfully resold. That is not the kind of earning that an honest and hard working independent writer would be happy with. Since Google has shied away from cooperating with the writing companies, it doesn't look like you will have much of a chance to make money off advertising and clicks. Try to network with other writers instead and see how both your interests can be served by an affiliate agreement that is specific or tailor made to both your needs. In order to have a lucrative affiliation, you should have master level negotiation skills though. Best of luck finding an affiliate program that will work well for you.
Major 39 | 1,367 ☆☆☆☆  
Sep 19, 2017 | #9
The affiliate programs are mostly run by scam companies

That sums it up nicely. If you notice, most public discussions about 'essay service affiliate programs' are on Ukrainian / Indian / Kenyan platforms, written in a non-English language. Plus the possible 'penalties' (yes, they have penalties in a form of not counting valid referral clicks or mysteriously dropping referral cookies) makes it even more interesting (not).
Smiley73 3 | 353 ☆☆  
Sep 20, 2017 | #10
@Major from my experience, I have come to understand that the scam companies do not just penalize the participants in their referral program, they also participate in the reselling of the papers themselves. Taking a page out of Academon and similar services, they ask the writers of the original paper to revise the content, based on their specific instructions for changing the slant and references in the paper, so that they can resell the paper themselves. This is a situation that I found myself in a few times as a writer at AR. This is, in addition to the fact that the student referring the paper can already make revision request throughout the semester so that the paper can be resold numerous times as part of the affiliate deal. It is a nightmare scenario for most honest company associated academic writers to this very day. It seems that the students don't tend to complain much about the penalties among other things because they figure that it is free money anyway so they don't lose anything if they don't get the referral fee. They just stop referring students to the service eventually.
Major 39 | 1,367 ☆☆☆☆  
Sep 20, 2017 | #11
they also participate in the reselling of the papers themselves

Right... you know a lot about this business :) I didn't know these foreign services would first steal the copyrighted content and then ask writers to paraphrase the original papers and sell them as new? That's against their own 'terms' and it's yet another way for them to scam students (their customers) who think they receive 100%, never-published content.

Forum / General Talk / How to become an essay affiliate, is it worth it?

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