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Can a person have different writing (essay) styles

wenkwank 6 | 19  
Jan 02, 2007 | #1

i am curious i know the person who writing style are with very big vocabulary but he can change it to a very non big vocabulary i just wanted to know if there is anyone like that and also he got suspected for plagarism because of the way he writes
Major 39 | 1,379 ☆☆☆☆  
Jan 02, 2007 | #2
He was suspected and what? If a person is a very good writer, s/he can change a writing style without problems...
OP wenkwank 6 | 19  
Jan 03, 2007 | #3

it is like everytime he write teachers always suspects and stuff
buxy - | 11  
Jan 03, 2007 | #4
Seems that person got a rank of 'student above his teacher', huh?
I see no other reasons to be suspected for plagiarism.
OP wenkwank 6 | 19  
Jan 03, 2007 | #5
i'm sorry i didn't get the reply are you saying that he is winding his teacher up ? or his sortoff smater than the average students or the word he used?
Smiley73 4 | 382 ☆☆  
Nov 16, 2017 | #6
A truly experienced academic writer can change his writing style, vocabulary usage, and anything else that the client requires, at the drop of a hat. It is one of the reasons why an academic writer is also known as writing chameleon. He can be a PhD level writer whenever required to do so. He can also be the worst kind of ESL writer if the client demands it. The writing styles can be varied depending upon the client demand. There is nothing that the writer cannot do if he has the experience to do it. Need a writer who can sound like a second grader? No problem, he'll know how to adjust to that need. As the client, you just need to know what kind of paper you need, how it should sound, and what the final product should sound like. If you want to be extra sure that the writer can deliver, it would be best if you submit a writing sample to the writer for reference.That will eliminate the guessing game as to how the paper should "feel" in the end.

Forum / General Talk / Can a person have different writing (essay) styles


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