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Personal details disclosure by selfish essay services and writers

Jan 13, 2009 | #1
In view of the above new trend of disclosing personal details of a student writer that could be emulated by other companies, I feel that we students could be exposed to great danger. Our group is pursuing this matter through student email clusters of various universities here and abroad. I would like to know the opinion of student members here. I am talking about the students who buy the essays, and not about student writers. My points are as below:

1, To avoid vulnerability and blackmail in the hands of selfish company owners, we should avoid buying the essays and try to write on our own.

2, If it becomes necessary to buy, we should completely avoid giving even the tiniest personal detail to any company. If the company needs it, we should avoid such companies.

I want to know the opinion of students.
alice 2 | 62  
Jan 13, 2009 | #2

I personally think that it is not possible to hide all information if you are paying by card. You can only do it if you pay by e-gold (although I've never seen Essay Company offering this) or to the bank account (UK companies generally offer this, don't know about others).

On the other side - what is the point for companies to disclose this information if the transaction has not been fraudulent? We obviously know everyone should avoid Write Essay, but I do not think we can generalize that for all companies
peter legitimate - | 10  
Jan 13, 2009 | #3
Personal Student WriterDreamer - in view of your seemingly obsession with our business, I feel I have to respond to counter your lies and libel.

We - Write Essay - are a small, high-quality essay writing and editing site. We are based in the UK, a Limited company, with no connection to any other essay site in the UK or abroad. We have very many satisfied customers, who come to us again and again for quality, original, unplagiarised model essays, and also many writers, many who have had bad experiences with other companies, who are very happy to benefit from the top rates we pay and the reasonable and fair way in which we treat them. We do not threaten writers with fines but reserve the right to refuse payment if essay writing is low quality, plagiarized or unreliable, and we ask such writers to leave. We are a small site and have no intention of becoming a huge essay site with thousands of writers - we offer a top quality personalized service and can only do this when we know all of our writers personally.

We never sell essays online, and we never reveal the personal details of writers or customers EXCEPT in the following situations: when a customer has attempted to defraud us, in which case we inform the police and appoint debt collectors; when a writer threatens us, steals our copyrighted essays and sells them online, or starts a libelous, dishonest hate campaign against us (as is the case here). We do not otherwise reveal anyone's details, but certainly will if writers think they can steal our copyrighted work and libel us. That is not blackmail, by the way.

That is our opinion and we believe we are being fair and reasonable. After all, did we start a libelous campaign against anyone? No. Did we threaten or abusive emails to anyone? No. Did we steal anyone else's copyright? No. Did we refuse to pay a writer for good, unplagiarised work? No. Are we a scam site? No, definitely not - and we fully support anyone wishing to expose these sites (but the people here who accuse all sites of being scam sites are really helping no-one at all by crying wolf and being abusive to everyone).

We are proud of the service we offer which we believe is the best any customer can buy. If you wish to libel us on student forums then that is your choice (and we suspect you represent a scam essay site yourself Dreamer like lots of posters here), but it would be better if you concentrated on scam essay sites rather than legitimate sites such as ours which have very many satisfied writers and customers.

I think there are very many people on here who just want to criticize all essay sites and, after this message, we shall not be engaging in childish debate with anyone here as many are from scam essay sites and others are students with a chip on their shoulder.

We welcome good quality, qualified, educate graduates who can write well and pay top rates to our writers. We are not a scam site (really, can anyone believe anything some disturbed student writes here) and these sites are fairly easy to spot anyway.

Some advice: if a student wants to buy a custom essay from a UK site make sure the business is a Limited company with a UK company number, a UK landline phone number, and ask for details of the qualifications of any writer allocated to your essay. Avoid companies that threaten writers with fines. Avoid all foreign sites. Make sure you are paying a lot for your essay because good, experienced, qualified graduate writers expect decent payment and deserve it - you get what you pay for.

Absolutely nothing is achieved by your childish hate campaign Dreamer, and you do not know the full facts in this case - so are speaking from a position of ignorance too. You are just believing lies told by silly people here and believing that that is fact and assume they are telling the truth (that shows you are seemingly unable to assess information in an objective way actually - an essential academic skill).

We welcome all quality graduate writers - candidates should please send a full CV and a writing sample to our email address and we'll get back to you in a couple of weeks. If you cannot write well or think you can scam us, please go elsewhere.

All the best to reasonable students. Avoid essay scam sites and order from us - we'll write you a great unplagiarised essay, on time, and will reveal your details to no-one (unless you try to defraud us).


The Write Essay team


We shall not be posting here any more.
Jan 13, 2009 | #4
That, my friends, is called "propaganda."

after this message, we shall not be engaging in childish debate with anyone here

We've read that about 10 times previously.

Avoid companies that threaten writers with fines.

That is Petee's effort to discredit ukessays, his main competition. Instead, he wants you to write for his site so that he may threaten you with blackmail, as clearly evidence by his posts here. I've never witnessed such unethical and tasteless actions buy an employer.

Mod, can you PLEASE delete Petee's post? It's a blatant advertisement. I think we're all getting tired of Petee's FREE ADS.
OP dreamer  
Jan 13, 2009 | #5
your seemingly obsession with our business

No, I am not even remotely interested.

nothing is achieved by your childish hate campaign Dreamer

You don't believe it, do you? If you had, you wouldn't have come after me.

will reveal your details to no-one (unless you try to defraud us).

Here we go again.
Does it mean that you would reveal personal info if the student complains against you? Man, you are evil.

Let us forget this person and concentrate on our problem. I hope you all will come up with suggestions on how not to reveal student identities while ordering for an essay. I am aware that other companies do not indulge in such unfortunate activities. But there might be one or two unscrupulous groups that might follow Peter's example. So, let us continue our effort to find out ways and means.

Also let us remember, for our own safety, that this man has started the trend of complaining to the Universities, a trend that could be emulated by other companies. No, I am not referred to the established companies; but to the suspicious non-entities who are here for a fast profit.

No, I am not referred to the established companies

Please read as: "No, I am not referring to the established companies"
Asif - | 3  
Jan 14, 2009 | #6
i get good essay with write essay - it not scam site and good service and quality. it fair for website to give criminal customer and fraud writer detail to universities. this just business. if man rob you so you keep him detail private? writer steal so name is tell to university. is fair. it not evil. some student here crazy. no me. i use write essay again for essay. it not cheap site but it good. no plagiarise and quality good. many establish company they scam sites.
OP dreamer  
Jan 14, 2009 | #7
Asif, if you are a student, I cannot understand which university could have honored you with an admission. I know who you are and you feel threatened, don't you? Understand that we are talking about something else.

it fair for website to give criminal customer and fraud writer detail to universities.

This is our problem.

many establish company they scam sites.

Which one, for example? If you name those companies, they can send your details to your university and publish it here.
alice 2 | 62  
Jan 14, 2009 | #8
And what about Data Protection Act 1998?
Jan 14, 2009 | #9
Asif = P

Moderator, can you please post the truth about "Asif"?

Thank you
lena - | 8  
Jan 14, 2009 | #10
Dear all,
please help or advise me,
this is an e-mail I did receive from the company after I did place an order.

Due to the large amount of this order (we are required by the credit card companies to request additional information, to insure that you are the customer placing this order.

Please email or fax us back the following information.
1. A copy of a drivers license, military identification, or passport.
2. A copy front and back of the credit card used to place this order.

I do not know what do do....
this is essay company and I do trust them, but provide them such as personal details, is it not to much?
please advise
Jan 14, 2009 | #11
2. A copy front and back of the credit card used to place this order.

That's a reasonable request. It protects both you and the company.
stu4 24 | 893 ☆☆   Observer
Jan 14, 2009 | #12
but what if the company are crooks from Russia or Ukraine? Then say good bye to your money -- welcome identity theft. :-)
Jan 14, 2009 | #13
Well, lena asked about a verification procedure by a specific company that I know is American and NOT located in Russia or Ukraine. I would certainly not advocate providing such information to fledgling (fly-by-night) and/or law-ignoring "companies" from Ukraine (like EssayWriters.net, SuperiorPapers.com, BestEssays.com, etc.) that are not bound by American law.
Jan 15, 2009 | #14
welcome identity theft.

After the write essay event, providing complete identity looks dangerous to me. I know nothing about Essay. Not commenting on them. Always better to be careful and send essay requests through a trustworthy third party. At least students have an alternative; writers don't.
OP dreamer  
Jan 16, 2009 | #15
At least students have an alternative; writers don't.

Here, we are trying to discuss student problems only, because we feel that students are in greater danger of being exposed. We have to be more careful.
OP dreamer  
Jan 26, 2009 | #16
We are still not closer to any solution. Some companies are adament that personal details should be submitted with proof, like credit cards or driving licence, passport copy etc. Not as easy as we previously thought.
Jan 26, 2009 | #17
Some companies are adament that personal details should be submitted with proof, like credit cards or driving licence, passport copy etc.

Um, that is a basic requirement of ALL online companies in every industry. Unless you pay with cash or money order, you must provide "ID."
alice 2 | 62  
Jan 26, 2009 | #18
I agree with WB completely! Nowadays with the high level of credit card fraud many companies (even the ones which deliver to physical addresses) ask for proofs of ID
bambi 2 | 52  
Jan 26, 2009 | #19
Dear dreamer,

I've heard of the group you mentioned throughout UK. Well, I tend to be a student who has started buying the essays. I wrote them before on my own, however, I've become reluctant to write the essays by myself, since the workload with studying, some sport activities on the side and other commitments (of which the most I can avoid but somehow do not want to avoid) have made me to delegate that part of the workload. Actually, it's not that I should be doing such things, it's just that I became lazy and don't see much point in bothering with something that usually brings only 25% of the whole mark (assignment paper), where the remaining 75% is something that can be achieved by learning for the exam itself, therefore I am redirecting my efforts towards it, and delegating the smaller fraction towards writing companies. One of the taughts considered when decided for such a step was, that I could benefit of the written essays or custom research when the topic tends to be to complicated for me and I don't have a clue how to tackle it. That was the reason why I bought two essays by one us based writing company so far. In response to your question, it's not that I feel or felt intimidated by the writing company at all, it just that at one instance even after rewriting I was neither satisfied with the delivered paper nor it had brought me the desired outcome. Nevertheless, the company I used, was and is genuine, and I assume that intimidation starts then when you miscalculate yourself and order a research work from a scam website. Usualy, the genuine ones - under such term I understand those that have established themselves in the market for longer period and there is a proven track behind of them (e.g. few negative scam related comments in the forums like these) do tend to guarantee confidentiality and treat you in a professional manner. Therefore, I would disagree with the statement you brought up.

2, If it becomes necessary to buy, we should completely avoid giving even the tiniest personal detail to any company. If the company needs it, we should avoid such companies.

Well, this is certainly something that I would desire when dealing with such a company. However, I am not sure that they would be able to verify the credit card in such a instance. The company I used for my two essays, hasn't required much, usually they ask you for the name on the credit card, the number and security code and some e-mail which, well, has to be an institution e-mail such as your university e-mail account (here I do see a problem with disclosing that kind of information). It seems they don't prefer free e-mail accounts to much. I agree, that some companies should be avoided when asking for a bit to much of details which go beyond data necessary to verify payment through credit card, however that they should be avoided even for the tinies detail..... well, not sure that would work.
exwriter 4 | 251  
Jan 26, 2009 | #20
Everyone has huge workloads, and very little time in which to complete tasks, assignments etc, this is no excuse to get someone else to do your work for you. The essays bought from essay writing sites are supposed to be for guidance only, and you only have yourself to blame if the essay you submit does not meet the required grade.

To use the argument that you are lazy is pathetic, when you get into the real world of work you won't be able to DELEGATE as you put it. At the end of the day you are only fooling yourself. YOur final degree grade will not be as a result of your hard work and study, but as a result of someone you have paid to do this for you. DO you intend to pay a work colleague to complete your work tasks when you start working for a living - if so you aren't going to be earning much are you?
FreelanceWriter    5 | 1,297 ☆☆☆☆   Freelance Writer
Jan 30, 2009 | #21
Bambi, I write for Essay as well as independently. Last year I had several pending papers removed from my Essay account by the company before I wrote them because they had been purchased with stolen credit cards. That's probably why they are more careful about it now.

If it's that much of a concern, you can always just have a non-student friend place your order (from any site you choose to use) using their card and personal info and just pay your friend in cash up front. That way, you can satisfy any payment verification ID requests legitimately and still keep all your personal ID and school info totally private.

Also, I doubt they require a school e-mail because I've written plenty of professional papers, correspondence, and other non-academic papers for them that were clearly ordered by non-students.
Extremely experienced, honest, versatile American writer in NYC with a Law Degree from NYLS: Visit NYCFreelanceWriter "dot" com
OP dreamer  
Feb 01, 2009 | #22
) do tend to guarantee confidentiality and treat you in a professional manner.

Yes, we too thought so; but now things have changed. The question still remains, how, we, the students, can avoid being blackmailed or getting into trouble with the universities.
OP dreamer  
Feb 04, 2009 | #23
After much discussion, we have tried to evolve a method of approaching the companies for essays without divulging our personal details. We have tried it out and it has worked many times. If students are interested in finding out more about it, please me. I don't want essay companies to me. Our desire is to help the students; not even the writers. They are not in trouble.
mbastudent 2 | 8  
Apr 22, 2009 | #24
I agree with you and other students. I unfortunately can't find the time to write an essay or should I say not confident with the pen and paper. I woudn't use others work if I genuinely had the time myself. I would like to get in touch with you dreamer.. throught the forums is good.
OP dreamer  
Apr 22, 2009 | #25
I unfortunately can't find the time t

Same here. We do not submit the essay as it is, but take all the research done therein and use our own words. It is always better this way, because the writer would not know how we are taught in the university. We need the researcdh and as you said, it also provides confidence. Now we are many in the group and have found out some reliable company or other depending on the needed topic. We still caution students against providing personal details.

Therefore, I would disagree with the statement you brought up.

Bambi, I am uninterested in crossing swords with you. We know of instances where students got rusticated. Our worry is only for the students who might be unaware of such predicament. Your agreeing or not agreeing does not matter to any of us.
bambi 2 | 52  
Apr 22, 2009 | #26
Why are you bringing up the post of mine from January which you already replied on the February 1st?!
Smiley73 3 | 353 ☆☆  
Nov 10, 2017 | #27
A trustworthy academic outsourcing company will not ask you to disclose any personal information when you place your order. The company will even assign a client number to the student in order to help mask the identity of the student. Any company that asks for any personal information during the sign up process is getting ready to eventually scam the student. As such, the student should stay away from any company that asks for more information other than the email address for your Paypal or other payment form account. If, for any reason during the drafting process. the writer or the company asks for additional information, you, as the student should definitely cancel the order as soon as possible. There is never any call for the personal information of a student. While you can attempt to write the paper yourself, and I will applaud any student for doing so, there may truly come a time when you will need the extra help so just be careful about what sort of information you divulge to the writing services. Better yet, a freelance writer directly on this forum because they know how to protect their clients from scams and do not ask for personal information at all. Again, I am not a practicing academic writer anymore, I am just making this helpful suggestion for the benefit of the students.

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