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Quick question on the 'clients' of research papers...

Chambo 1 | 1  
Dec 09, 2008 | #1
Hi everyone,

I am new to this forum - well I have been silently reading for a while and I have finally decided to create a post for feedback...

Are the resipients of these research papers (whom we get paid from) - i.e. - the clients who are sweating on these undergarduate/ postgraduate pieces of work, are actually students themselves who are too lazy, but have enough money, to get someone else to write their papers for them?!

If that is the case, then I find the issue with ensuring there is no plagiarism on submissions from writers like us ,from these web-sites, to be quite hypocritical on numerous fronts..

Looking forward to some sound feedback and advice here - thanx in advance.

Kind Regards,
Fishman - | 7  
Dec 12, 2008 | #2
Some people get sick and just want the assignment out of the way and off their mind. I'm hardly rich at all and that's the case for me and why I am trying to contract an 'assignment helper.'
Dec 12, 2008 | #3
to contract an 'assignment helper.

We are doing a group thing on this and now got many names, real authentic ones and on many subjects. You cannot depend upon this forum. I have seen that 2 american sites are approved, because major contributors write for them or own then, whatever. if you look around outside this forum, you will find many genuine sites, as we have done.
Smiley73 4 | 382 ☆☆  
Nov 30, 2017 | #4
No. Not all of the students who hire the services of independent writers are of the lazy variety. Most of the clients that I worked with during my time as an active academic writer were either working students or with families that they had to take care of. While I will grant that some of them are actually just trying to get out of doing the work themselves, there are more who really require the extra help for more qualified reasons. That is why I always made sure that the essays I used had similar speech / writing patterns to their own and that the sources I provided were the most current possible. Just in case they did not have the time to rework the essay and needed to submit what I wrote for them for a grade. I did this regardless of the reason the student had for hiring my services. I felt that the reason the student decided to hire me was none of my business. My bottom line was really simple, "you hire me to write your paper, I do it perfectly, you pay me for the paper. It was nice doing business with you. "

Forum / General Talk / Quick question on the 'clients' of research papers...

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