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Research ownership - can I submit academic research under my name?

Ranee 1 | -  
May 04, 2007 | #1
Can i submit the research as my own?

Also, here is my example essay about academic research.

The Most Difficult Part of Academic Writing Is Research

The most difficult part of academic writing is research. The quality of writing is dependent, to a large degree, on the quality of research. Research work should be such that it can be done within the constraints of limited resources at disposal. Unlike industrial or institutional research, there is severe limitation of resources in academic research.

Academic assignments need to be delivered within deadlines. Therefore, while striving for extensiveness of research, the time constraint should be kept in mind by the writer. Research can be primary or secondary. Primary research involves collecting data from first hand resources through tools like interviews, surveys etc.

Secondary research involves collecting data and information from secondary sources like journals, newspapers, books, industry publications and internet. Primary research can be expensive and resource-consuming. Secondary research is cheaper to conduct. An academic writer needs to identify the needs of a particular assignment - will secondary research suffice or should it be complemented with primary research?

ResearchAnother issue in research for academic writing is that research should be valid. A valid research is one that can generate data and information that meets the objectives of the assignment.

The internet has made the task of research for academic writing easier. Just by the click of the mouse the researcher can get access to endless reams of information. Care should be taken that outdated information is not used in writing. Only that information which is relevant, contextually and timely, should be used in an assignment.

The conclusions and recommendations of an assignment should be based on the information generated in research. Often research results get colored by the subjective biases of the writer. This should be avoided. The assignment writer should be completely objective while interpreting the results of the research.

It is important that the sources of information that have been used during the research are compiled and reported in the bibliography or referencing section of an assignment. Where the works of other writers are used in the assignment it should be referenced in-text. Sometimes academic writers use the works of other scholars without referencing them. This results in plagiarism. Plagiarism is anathema for academic assignments. The research process should take into account the ethical considerations associated with an academic assignment.

It won't be an exaggeration to say that the process of academic writing is 60% about research, 30% about putting the results of the research in a coherent form and analyzing them, and 10% about styling (page formatting, references etc.).

Research is the most important critical factor of success in academic writing. Many writers fail to realize the importance of research in academic writing. Such writers tend to focus more on styling. Styling is just a supplement, and not a substitute, of quality research.

Evaluators award maximum marks to the criterion of quality of research that is reflected in the academic assignment. Some assignments call for more extensive and comprehensive research than others; such assignments require more time, resources and energy to complete.

Academic writing should be underpinned on relevant and valid research. A good quality academic writing can be defined as one that contains information generated from good quality research, written in a language that is clear and simple in its expression, and is free from grammatical errors, and is appropriate in its referencing and formatting, and is completely free from plagiarism. The most difficult of these characteristics of good quality academic writing is definitely research.
May 04, 2007 | #2
I think you already know the answer. No.
Smiley73 4 | 382 ☆☆  
Nov 16, 2017 | #3
Can you submit an academic research under your own name? My response, based upon my previous work experience is that yes, you can do that based upon certain considerations. You can submit the essay as your own provided the terms of service that the company has with you transfer full rights to you as the owner of the paper. Also, you have to make sure that the company did not use a commercial plagiarism checker when they tested the essay before submitting it to you. That will ensure that the paper will not turn up after you submit it on any commercial plagiarism reference sites. With those 2 critical points checked off the list, you can go ahead and safely submit the essay for a grade. Now, there are instances when you cannot submit the essay or research paper for a grade. That is usually what happens when the TOS specifically indicates that you are only being given a model paper and that it cannot be submitted for a grade. That means that you can use the references within the essay, but you will have to rewrite everything else. That means needing to reframe the presentation of the whole paper while keeping the essence of the writer's original work. That is difficult and time consuming to accomplish. So just pick the essay company or writer that allows you to receive and maintain the rights to the paper once you receive it. That way, you can submit the research under your own name.
writers2beware 41 | 2,025 ☆☆  
Nov 16, 2017 | #4
Can you submit an academic research under your own name?

One does not submit "an academic research." Once either submits "academic research" or "an academic research paper/assignment/document/file."

So just pick the essay company or writer that allows you to receive and maintain the rights to the paper once you receive it. That way, you can submit the research under your own name.

That's ILLEGAL, idiot!
Major 39 | 1,379 ☆☆☆☆  
Nov 16, 2017 | #5
So we can safely assume US / UK services engage in illegal activities.. oh well )

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