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Why do students buy papers from essay writing companies whereas they are well-aware of the risks??

theParalegal 1 | 1  
Oct 22, 2012 | #1
Why do students result to buying essays from essay writing services knowing very well that these companies rely on ESL writers? These companies rarely deliver your paper on time and are there to 'eat away' into your scant resources. Students love shortcuts which in turn tend to become 'longcuts' and later on keep complaining about how they were ripped. Avoid these companies at all costs for they can: deliver a paper that leads to a fail on submission, blatantly refuse to write your paper/refund your money, submit your IP to major search engines whereby you end up being blocked (they collect info on your location and bank details) and finally can cause a host of problems once they see that you are bent on identifying and shaming them.

Remember that there is no law that stipulates that they are illegal. As far as they can prove that the paper provided is to be used for reference only, they will always manage to evade the law. Additionally, they hold your personal details as soon as you make a purchase. Therefore, they can make your life a nightmare if they 'somehow' managed to report you to your institution. Remember that they have a host of intelligent hackers and spammers who they can use to their advantage.

Just write your papers and get whatever grade you deserve!
srandrews 12 | 143   Observer
Oct 22, 2012 | #2
Several points:

-Not all companies use ESL writers. And in case anyone thinks I am biased, no, I do not work for any academic essay company, in any capacity. I do believe that some companies consistently turn out native-standard papers.

-I agree that many companies are producing absolute dreck that should get a 0 percent if it were submitted at any university. I've seen some of this stuff. In many cases it's ESL, but sometimes native writers write trash, too.

-The students don't necessarily know the workings of the industry and do not understand the type of product they're likely to receive. The expect to get a good paper.

-Some students don't mind that non-native writers work on their papers, as long as the research, structure, and ideas are strong, because the students are ESL themselves. A native-quality paper is not in their best interests.
JohnsMom - | 296  
Oct 22, 2012 | #3
Why come here to post this rant in the first place?
ProfessorVerb    35 | 837 ☆☆   Freelance Writer
Oct 22, 2012 | #4
These companies rarely deliver your paper on time

I work with a reputable company and my projects are almost always on time. If there is a delay, I advise the client and the company well in advance. You are painting with a very broad brush.
qtn2x - | 3   Student
Mar 05, 2013 | #5
i guess because students are desperate, they might have a lot of other things to do. Some students jsut don't write well and need help so they gotta gamble.
ProfessorVerb    35 | 837 ☆☆   Freelance Writer
Mar 06, 2013 | #6
Some students jsut don't write well and need help


students result to buying essays

proofread - | 5   Company Representative
Mar 06, 2013 | #7
They just think about exams not for career. Many times those papers are fake but still students get from them.
King Heebs - | 14  
Oct 24, 2014 | #8
What exactly is a "fake paper"?
ProfessorVerb    35 | 837 ☆☆   Freelance Writer
Sep 09, 2017 | #9
In general, a "fake paper" is a written piece of work created by someone other than the individual taking credit for doing so. This does not mean, of course, that the written work is "fake" (it's really there after all and it's 'paper' if you print it out). It does mean, however, that something fishy is going on (is this still really a question?) which demands a label. Call it what you will -- we've heard it all. Fortunately, many of us have skins to match the thickness of our wallets and a sincere willingness to help people in need.

But it ain't fake ...
Smiley73 4 | 382 ☆☆  
Dec 06, 2017 | #10
Students are constantly under pressure to perform academically. Their workload is such that it could actually put a professional working in a set career to shame. Just like anybody who is expected to constantly deliver at a certain level, they too tire out and need to rest. They are of no use to anybody if they are mentally, physically, and emotionally spent due to the constant barrage of research work, individual and group projects, and the desire to still have a life that allows them to explore non-academic pursuits. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that they actually look for help when it comes to writing their papers. While there are some ESL writers out there who can actually do the job and sound like an ENL doing it, not all of these writers pass that criteria. Mostly because the students do not choose the right company to work with. Rather than telling the students to work on the paper themselves, knowing very well that they have valid reasons for not being able to do so all the time, you should instead, be advising the students as to how to find reputable companies that use ENL writers or, you should be encouraging them to the independent writers who participate in this forum and are registered with the affiliates like EssayChat and EssayDirectory for reliable services. Not the other way around. If that is how you feel, then you should not be participating in this forum at all.

Forum / General Talk / Why do students buy papers from essay writing companies whereas they are well-aware of the risks??

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