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why are students too lazy to do their own work?

Jan 31, 2007 | #1
Not to lash out on anyone or anything, but I'm tired of lazy students who use essay companies to do their work.

1. you are the reasons the educational system sucks.
2. you will be the ones to mess up the economy.
3. you will be another George W. Bush running for president

Such a shame...and it's quite pathetic. You are the same students who receive re-distributed papers from upset writers. You deserve everything that happens to your academic career because of your laziness.
Jan 31, 2007 | #2
Keep your ignorant political opinions to yourself.
OP essaywriterwriter 2 | 7  
Jan 31, 2007 | #3
Amy, you really need to get a life.

I noticed how you jumped around all of the posts on this forum.

Maybe they should pay you for this instead of talking smack about other companies? I'm not the one to get into a 'forum brawl'...I have better things to do.

And...my post was correct. Only ignorant people claim a post political..I'm sure you're one of the few students who got a foot in the a*^ by those essay companies.

yes? I'm right once again. You're just a victim of lost hope.

Jan 31, 2007 | #4
"you will be another George W. Bush running for president"

Case closed.
OP essaywriterwriter 2 | 7  
Feb 01, 2007 | #5
You really need to get a life.
uniboy - | 2  
Feb 01, 2007 | #6
I have a life.
Major 39 | 1,379 ☆☆☆☆  
Feb 04, 2007 | #7
essaywriterwriter, so you work as a writer but don't like writing.. Hmm..
OP essaywriterwriter 2 | 7  
Feb 08, 2007 | #8
Um..I'm a copywriter..I like copywriting because the returns are beautiful. I played around with the essay aspects for a minute, but it's not interesting anymore.

So...maybe the vagueness could be cleared.
jass - | 4  
Feb 08, 2007 | #9
Some students don't have time, but some have too much money and prefer to by an essay. Some student parents' are too ambitious and want their children to get education even though they are too lazy or stupid to get a diploma.
Unprez - | 5  
Mar 07, 2008 | #10
maybe its cuz the essays dont reflect wht they want to do in life but in order to do wht they want to do in life they need that degree
usmc1 1 | 1  
Mar 08, 2008 | #11
I think someone who comes to this board for reasons other than to get information on essay writing services needs to get a life.
ShadowVlican - | 3  
Mar 19, 2008 | #12
maybe its cuz the essays dont reflect wht they want to do in life but in order to do wht they want to do in life they need that degree

that sums it up
ndungu 1 | 18  
Sep 06, 2008 | #13
Some other students are corrupt too, the read your essay and either copy it or save it somewhere just to request for endless revisions, papers are eventually canceled and refunds are requested, summing up, the writer is messed.
1d0ntkn0w 1 | 8  
Sep 08, 2008 | #14

Are you an essay writer?! You're name seems to indicate you are - or do you mean you write your own work?
Fishman - | 7  
Dec 12, 2008 | #15
Well there are a number of reasons why someone might need the assignment written for them, but indeed unless its a special case you really are then just buying a false label that you never earn t yourself.
mbm 1 | 1  
Dec 13, 2008 | #16
I am very new to this site and joined as i had a disappointing experience.

My reasons for using an essay writing service is one of pure desperation.

I have been out of education for a number of years and returned as a distance learner whilst working full time and with 2 children under the age of 4. Also a in the area that i am employed heavy redundancies are currently underway. My motives for using a service was to show me how a very technical essay should be written so that i could achieve the best mark i possibly could. I have carried out research and been to the local libraries to borrow books however when it came to writing about my findings I was lost in structure and APA referencing (many different types!)

Well, today i have been very let down as the company i used, without warning, said that my order was on hold.

All I can say is that it was an expensive lesson and that I will attempt to struture this - who knows i may even be good at it!

I do agree with some of the postings in that it could be seen that it is the lazy way out for some however my opinion is that I want guidance on the best way to set out an assignment / essay. Back to the drawing board!
tarajess - | 15  
Apr 28, 2009 | #17
I just have to much on my plate (my fault) and need help with a paper.
Stacey 1 | 12  
Jun 12, 2009 | #18
Tara, that is my case too, I work a fulltime job and am just trying to decipher and find a reputable writing company. I do about 2/3 of my own writing but sometimes I just need a helping hand. We are not ignorant just busy!!! I take all my own tests and hold an A avg. score, so If I was ignorant I wouldn't be holding such a high grade.
Jun 12, 2009 | #19
I work a fulltime job and am just trying to decipher

I don't agree that the cause is being lazy alone. Some are single parents, or working full time, or having ill-health, going through hospitalization, pregnancy, touring jobs. Or they might be first-time international students who are yet to comprehend the system. Or they could be attending a family emergency, illhealth, death - anything could be the cause. Easy to be judgemental.

I used essay help many times before I did my research. Now I am a full-time writer. I still remember those desparate days of essay-hunting and the anxiety, getting money ready and not knowing which writer to trust. Not easy.
kermitthefrog - | 7  
Aug 05, 2009 | #20
This might be a bit rash, but here goes.

When the bolier breaks down I employ a certified Plumber. I'm not lazy, Plumbers are bl**dy expensive even if you can get them to turn up and do the work (sound familliar?). Am I lazy that I have not yet qualified to do this task for myself?

When I have a tumour in my head I engage a Brain Surgeon. I don't do it myself 'cos that would just be plain stupid. Again, does this make me lazy?

I could write endlessy with examples where I engage other persons with skills I don't (yet) have, but there is too much dilutative waffle on this and other forums already.

If my Plumber shows me where the problem was and I use that skill, which I paid for, to rectify the same problem in the future..... can you see where I am going with this arguement. Enough said.
vixen4u - | 2  
Sep 01, 2009 | #21
I simply use it as another resource to my writing a paper. I ordered one got ripped off however wrote my own paper. I never ever hand in someone else work as my own. This is just a resource just like if I was reading it from a book. I am a online student so every little bit I can get to help me better understand what I am working on it fantastic. I check all citations and read all the websites that are quoted I am not a lazy student just using something that is out there for help only that is exactly what it is for help not doing my work for me. I cite all my references even if it is from someone else. Even if it was from my best friend it is a reference it get cited but never ever copy someones work I would be thrown out of school for that.

I dont think though i will be using them as a reference anymore since I have already been ripped off once and they actually did not help me at all but got a A on my paper without them :)
undertow2 4 | 100  
Sep 02, 2009 | #22
How do you go about referencing an essay you've bought from an essay site, then?

In the bibliography, I mean. What do you put?
Thelost 1 | 12  
Sep 12, 2009 | #23
I write most of my own stuff but had I have had 2 papers written due to time constraints.
nickyxop - | 5  
Sep 17, 2009 | #24
Now you must ask yourself that question again, but pose it differently..are students too lazy to do their own work..a thousand reasons come into play, but drawing a conclusion such as yours was based on what?

What have you done to assist these lazy students?
Why do you do it?
Why the contempt?

Life Is Good-Helping is good.
EW_writer 23 | 2,055 ☆☆☆  
Sep 18, 2009 | #25
In the bibliography, I mean. What do you put?

Writer 5231. (2009). OMG this is so friggin' crazy. Essay Mill.
Sep 18, 2009 | #26
How do you go about referencing an essay you've bought from an essay site, then? In the bibliography, I mean. What do you put?

A popular essay site provides a citation example for every paper that it publishes:

How to Cite this Paper

MLA Citation:

"Learning Styles and Strategies." [domain]. 18 Sep 2009
EW_writer 23 | 2,055 ☆☆☆  
Sep 18, 2009 | #27
Prof: Can you explain where you got this article that you cited in your paper?
Student: Oh, I got it from an essay mill.
Prof: I see. So you had them do the exact same assignment that I had you do and then you cited some of the work they did?

Student: Yeah.
Prof: You used the same sources it did?
Student: Yup, I added one or two more though... for good measure.
Prof: Nice.. nice... and you quoted the same stuff it quoted from the sources?
Student: Not all of them, I paraphrased the others.
Prof: Oh, good. Can I see the source?
Student: Here you go.
Prof: The work you submitted seems to be just an entirely paraphrased version of this source.
Student: Well, yeah... it's a model.
Prof: Oh, ok. *stamps F on student's paper* Nice model.

FreelanceWriter    5 | 1,315 ☆☆☆☆   Freelance Writer
Sep 18, 2009 | #28
Posting seen recently on "CosmeticSurgeryScams.net"

Curious Patient: "Hi forum. Any suggestions for a good surgeon?"

Satisfied Patient: "Hi. I recommend Dr. Smith"

Foreign-Trained Doctor: "Yes! Use me! I'm as qualified as any American-trained surgeon!"

Patients Beware: "Welcome CP. Recommendations are not allowed."

Curious Patient: "Sorry PB. Anybody know which doctors to avoid?"

Unsatisfied Patient: "Whatever you do, don't use Dr. Jones"

Forum Retard: "Hey, nobody should ever use cosmetic procedures at all. Be happy with what God gave you. Cosmetic surgeons are perpetuating all the ills of modern society by offering their services and all of you patients deserve to experience medical malpractice. I'm an expert on this because I used to be a cosmetic surgeon. I stopped practicing because I wasn't good enough at it to make a living...err...I mean for moral reasons...and now I've dedicated my 'life' to trolling this forum to chastise every cosmetic surgeon and every one of their patients."

Freelance Surgeon: "FR, could I just ask you why you've selected this one particular social issue to dedicate you life to and ask you what other moral issues in this world you're equally involved in as an advocate for your personal ethical beliefs?"

Forum Retard: "Hey, I'm entitled to freedom of speech and I don't have to answer that question. I have decided to patrol this forum 24/7/365 to protect the world from this particular issue instead of involving myself in rectifying any of the thousands of much more important issues in the world because I can. I refuse to divulge what other issues I'm involved in because there really are none and I'm just a frustrated surgeon and a bona fide card-carrying retard."
Extremely experienced, honest, versatile American writer in NYC with a Law Degree from NYLS: Visit NYCFreelanceWriter "dot" com
Sep 18, 2009 | #29
I lost my card....

They won't let me into the clubhouse any more.
carol_taki - | 14  
Sep 02, 2010 | #30
i think it's more like a "we have too much on our plates" to complete certain assignments sometimes. That is why we would look for essay writers on our last resort.
Sep 20, 2010 | #31
i think you right, sometimes i feel like the times fly like f16 in mach two.
rustyironchains 12 | 729 ☆☆  
Sep 20, 2010 | #32
on our last resort.

sometimes i feel like the times fly like f16 in mach two.

these are charming answers, and they also illustrate another reason: people may know the material, but can't get the English idiom quite right. writing papers is also something that does not really carry across cultures sometimes-- many Asians have trouble with Western citation styles, for example, because their whole academic quotation system is much different.

as a pro term paper hack, I understand that there are different gray areas, each with attendant excuses.
Sep 20, 2010 | #33
i agree with you, i know the area but is hard to carry across cultures... our culture is different, it is like free writer from esl country trying to get a decent job on essay company.
rustyironchains 12 | 729 ☆☆  
Sep 20, 2010 | #34
whatever, you either have the juice, or you don't. you can't blame it on culture. English is a global language.

my least favorite type of customer is the know-it-all who is "too busy," and demands oversight over every last paragraph of the essay, with the attitude that they could have done it tons better, if only they weren't so busy...

to this type of sweat hog customer, if you happen to be reading, I'd like to ask: you what the hell are you using a writing service for, if you already think you know everything? you know what I know? your university pass-code!
Smiley73 4 | 382 ☆☆  
Nov 24, 2017 | #35
What gives you the right to judge the students who use writing services in such a harsh manner? You don't know what they are going through at the time that they an independent writer or an academic writing service. Your assumptions show how ignorant you are of the various desperate, and valid scenarios that a student comes up against which pushes the person to hire help. While not everyone will do this during their academic career, there will be a number of them who, due to circumstances beyond their control, will hire the extra hand just so they can keep up with the demands of their classes. Not all of these students, both past and present represent the demise of the international educational system, I won't limit it to American education because the writers work with students from all over the world. Rather, they are trailblazers leading the way towards a modern educational system. Since colleges and universities are more keen on making money rather than educating the student in a proper manner, the fact that these students seek outside help show that there is a new normal in terms of college education. You can't complete it without a ghost writer. The academic rigors the jobs the students need to keep in order to stay financially afloat and stay in school, means that they will get help with their students in any way they can. That includes hiring an academic writer to help them with their papers.

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