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Students will submit the work as their own? TOS and restrictions of term paper providers.

Eaaa 1 | 3  
Jun 11, 2007 | #1
Hello Everyone,
Some of the essay/dissertation companies states on their term and conditions that the work the provide is only for research or reference purposes and the student are not allowed to turn it as their own work but they don't say this directly on the websites.

The question is how this will work if the most of the students will submit the work as their own and get markes for it. How the company or the university will find out if the student has exclusive copyrights over the paper.

Major 39 | 1,379 ☆☆☆☆  
Jun 12, 2007 | #2
I guess all companies should agree submitting a paper by a student who hasn't written it is blatant plagiarism. What students do with the papers - I'm not sure. Nobody but the students really know.
OP Eaaa 1 | 3  
Jun 12, 2007 | #3
The students provide outlines (approved by their professors) and references so what else they can do themselves if the topic has been completely covered.

But the question is: Who is going to find out and how?

questions for you Alish and other writers,

Do you guys keep copies of the papers you write in order to sell them latter ( e.g for other companies or students)? What action can you take when a student submit what have u written as his or her own work?

Major 39 | 1,379 ☆☆☆☆  
Jun 12, 2007 | #4
I don't think it's easy to sell a pre-written paper. If a paper is published online, it's of no use as search engines will find it.

What action can you take when a student submit what have u written as his or her own work?

If the student paid for the paper, I would assume the writer would have no interest to take any action. Unless the paper was not paid for. On the other hand, some writers may report such student if they realize they submitted the paper as their own and didn't provide appropriate notes about the authorship of the paper.

Why do you ask?
OP Eaaa 1 | 3  
Jun 12, 2007 | #5
That's logical and I think the writer has the right to do so. I am just trying find out how this business works for both sides.

Lest assume the paper resold online was gone already through trunitin software?? It would be risky for the new buyer :0)
Major 39 | 1,379 ☆☆☆☆  
Jun 12, 2007 | #6
If the writer is paid and treated well, s/he won't risk re-selling the paper to third parties (I don't think any serious company would allow that). I think you're right about anti-plagiarism software.
prad - | 4  
Jun 15, 2007 | #7

which company do you work for?
OP Eaaa 1 | 3  
Jun 15, 2007 | #8
Prad ,
you made me laugh,,, Non Really,,,,what do u think aboutr the issue here..
prad - | 4  
Jun 15, 2007 | #9
Well since you asked a question regarding the students submitting the work done by the writer as their own, I thought you might be a writer for some company

Anyways chill
Jun 15, 2007 | #10
Hey all,

Consider this question:

When a student gets caught plagiarizing Heart of Darkness, does the student's professor blame Joseph Conrad?
prad - | 4  
Jun 15, 2007 | #11
Jun 15, 2007 | #12
Is my question humorous?

A professor's hypocrisy becomes obvious when one considers the professor's support of a freelance writer's right to sell his or her own work and not be villainized because a nincompoop student decides to plagiarize it, and Joseph Conrad's (or any other author's) right to the same.
EW_writer 23 | 2,055 ☆☆☆  
Aug 13, 2008 | #13
Restriction clauses by essay services: Who takes them seriously? :p

So we all know that some term paper mills have clauses on their sites saying that you cannot submit the papers that you buy from them for academic credit. The issue is, do these companies actually do anything to prevent you from doing so? I mean, they can always feed your paper to turnitin.com but do they? If they did, would you as a customer still be willing to buy anything from them?
1d0ntkn0w 1 | 8  
Sep 08, 2008 | #14
I found out about turnitin - I here they keep the paper, so if someone decides to plagiarize it, it will be found - almost like it's google, it keeps everything!!! Is this right?

Maybe I'm from a different generation, but isn't it possible to scan your paper in at an angle where the school cannot "detect" the words? Is this possible? Or do they now require everything typed (this I would assume so)?
Smiley73 4 | 382 ☆☆  
Nov 15, 2017 | #15
The terms of service of other companies do not say that the model paper is not supposed to be submitted for a grade. Mainly because they know that saying such things are as effective as saying "The sky is falling!" and the student will just laugh off such terms in the agreement. That is why a majority of these companies have decided to just have the writers turn over all rights to the paper to the student for his use. He can now use the paper in any manner he deems fit based on the updated Terms of Service of most companies. In all honesty, the company has no way of knowing whether or not the student will be submitting the model essay for a grade. The university will also not have any idea as to whether or not the essay came from a writing service unless the paper is so bad that it is a dead giveaway. Rest assured that the writer is not going to chase after you for submitting the paper for a grade. He doesn't even know who you are aside from your being a client number at the company. So the rights to the paper all safely belong to you.
FreelanceWriter    5 | 1,315 ☆☆☆☆   Freelance Writer
Nov 16, 2017 | #16
The last time I checked, the TOS of the essay company for which I provided more projects than any other specifically prohibited customers from submitting their product for academic credit. Unless they've since changed their TOS, they actually do require customers to include a citation referencing the essay company as a source of any information incorporated into the customer's submitted work. You may draw your own conclusions about why they do this and about whether or not they really believe that any of their customers actually include (XYZ Custom Essays, Inc.* 2017) as citations within the projects they submit for academic credit.

*[Not the real company name]
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Smiley73 4 | 382 ☆☆  
Nov 16, 2017 | #17
True, there are some that actually ask that the company be cited as the source of certain information within model paper. We have to admit though that certain companies are already known either as a scam company or a popular academic "assistance" company that leads the educators to instantly fail the student who submits either the whole paper or parts of the paper with proper citations for a grade. I guess I should have clarified that the modified Terms of Service that I speak of applies mostly to the companies that I work for. Then again, that is why I specified that the student should look for companies that explicitly transfer the rights of the paper to them upon submission. This was done, I believe, so that the companies do not need to be cited in the paper and as such, the student will not risk getting an automatic failing score based solely on the way that the teacher or professor identifies the source as being a academic company / website. He can cite all the other sources in the paper accurately since he is given a bibliography list with which to submit his paper so that part of the research / essay will check out when run through a plagiarism software. The main problem, is that the reference to the company automatically launches a red flag on the paper. That is the only reason that the TOS is modified by other companies. It is to create a win-win situation for the student and the company.

Forum / General Talk / Students will submit the work as their own? TOS and restrictions of term paper providers.

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