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turnitin and plagiarism

mifffy 4 | 17  
May 05, 2009 | #1
if i email apart of my dissertation to my lecturer will copy and paste be detected or plagiarism?
humble 2 | 264  
May 05, 2009 | #2
If you are referring to "turnitin", YES! DO NOT COPY PASTE!
If you need more help please feel free to ask.
OxbridgeResearchers 6 | 740 ☆☆  
May 05, 2009 | #3
Under any and all circumstances, do not copy and paste. Your prof won't even need turnitin to detect similarities. All s/he need do is search for sections (couple of sentences here and there) of your paper through Google and any similarities with previously published texts will show up. Nothing is worth that kind of risk :(
OP mifffy 4 | 17  
May 05, 2009 | #4
no i have copied and pasted from an essay i have brought in to my own will this show?
OxbridgeResearchers 6 | 740 ☆☆  
May 05, 2009 | #5
then i advise that you pick out sentences here and there and search for them on Google. If any matches appear, pls paraphrase them. That way you will avoid possible problems.

Do that with the essay you bought (search for it on Google). After it comes up clean, make sure that your entire essay reads consistently and that it is not evident that two people, not one, wrote it :)
OP mifffy 4 | 17  
May 05, 2009 | #6
i have and nothing is showing so will it be ok then
humble 2 | 264  
May 05, 2009 | #7
Not necessarily. If that article has been previously turned in to Turnitin's database it will show up.
There are many databases which are not indexed in Google, but they get caught by turnitin.
OP mifffy 4 | 17  
May 05, 2009 | #8
it wont be tho if the writer has an ounce of sense i got him off here
humble 2 | 264  
May 05, 2009 | #9
Good luck!

Turning in bought essays for credit is academic dishonesty and fraud. ;)
OP mifffy 4 | 17  
May 05, 2009 | #10
i dont understand?!

why are you saying that?
humble 2 | 264  
May 05, 2009 | #11
I will explain it here as well for everyone. Buying an essay and turning it for credit, pretending that you have done the work whereas you have not, is academic dishonesty. I am not saying that you are doing it, but some people do. ;)

turning it in for credit*
OxbridgeResearchers 6 | 740 ☆☆  
May 05, 2009 | #12
Humble is right miffy. The writer could have provided you with a piece which was orginally written for another person - in that case, it could well be stored somewhere in the turnitin database. you really should use the purchased paper as a model and not turn it in
the_devill - | 10  
Sep 22, 2010 | #13
Its not a clever peice of software, but like most it can be beaten.
i_will_pass 4 | 17  
Nov 07, 2010 | #14
The writer could have provided you with a piece which was orginally written for another person

even if i bought a customed one ??
Smiley73 4 | 382 ☆☆  
Nov 20, 2017 | #15
If you bought a custom made essay then you should not have anything to worry about. The paper should be 100% original in content because it was commissioned specifically for your use. The instructions you provided to the writer for the development of the paper will ensure that the content will be in accordance with your specifications. The writer will also be using original sources and not sources that he previously used for other clients. If you want to be sure that the writer is not rehashing old information, all you have to do is set a year for the sources. For example, you can specify that he cannot use sources older than 2 years old. That way he cannot take information from old papers for use in your new paper. You will see the dates of the sources in the bibliography page. Paying for a custom essay was a good choice. Writers will always provide you with the newest available information in such a paper because of the high price that is paid for the completion of the work.

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