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I'm writing paper myself :)

LazyStudent 3 | 12  
Apr 10, 2008 | #1
I'm writing my paper myself now. Is there something wrong with me? :)
FrostatMidnight 1 | 136  
Apr 10, 2008 | #2
You are an unnatural student!!!
OP LazyStudent 3 | 12  
Apr 11, 2008 | #3
The paper is done and it's good (me thinks ;). I'll report grade.
FrostatMidnight 1 | 136  
Apr 12, 2008 | #4
How could you write your own paper being lazy? You are a disappointment!!!
fancyfree - | 12  
Apr 15, 2008 | #5
O-ho! If all start writing like you, I will never get orders.

Just kidding!
OP LazyStudent 3 | 12  
Apr 17, 2008 | #6
I got B- after two revisions. Not bad, and it was free + stress-free :-).
student2008 - | 3  
Jun 27, 2008 | #7
Well done on your grade. Good luck with the rest of your course.
lucytokugawa - | 5  
Aug 10, 2008 | #8
lucky me, i am an ESL , but my last paper got an A .Thx to my professor, by the way, everypaper has done by my self.
mahakhan - | 2  
Aug 11, 2008 | #9
Whats so bad about submitting papers written by someone else? Ehem ;P
AndyBusinessWriter 3 | 11  
Oct 03, 2008 | #10
So, Everybody need to write their essay by their own, can ask help to your tutors.They can definitely help you out to score better.

Guys, don't mis-understand me, I am a writer as well.

Smiley73 4 | 382 ☆☆  
Nov 15, 2017 | #11
Nope. Nothing wrong with that. I applaud it and I encourage other students to do the same. There is nothing wrong with you. Writing your own essay means that you are a serious college student who has the time to learn how to do things, such as research and essay development, in order to further polish your future professional skills. Don't let the trash talking here get you down. They are are just kidding you. I guess I will be different from the other people who responded to you because I actually wish there were more students like you who now the value of their education and the sense of accomplishment that comes with doing your own homework and getting a good grade on it. A grade that you know you truly deserve because every letter that hit your paper submission was placed there by your personal keystroke. I am sure that you came away from writing this paper by yourself a more learned student who now has an increased desire to learn more while a student in college.

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