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Essay Writing Website/Business is For Sale! A great opportunity for an instant startup!

middleman 1 | 1  
Jan 05, 2010 | #1
Essay Writing Website/Business is For Sale! A great opportunity for an instant startup!

If you are a freelancer looking for an opportunity to strike out on your own then this is an opportunity just for you! MillenniumEssays.com website is being sold at a very cheap price(the present owner is no longer actively involved in the business, and he does not care if he's selling for too little...).

You get a domain name, a website that has been active since 2003, with all its contents, and a fully functional back-end system for collecting payments from customers, all for justb$5,200. The price is negotiable!

Attention: The website has been active for more then 6 years, and it is still active today continuing to accept orders from customers. This means that after you buy it, you will be ready to make money from day one, without any delays.

[b]More details here: millenniumessays.com/sale.php

Any questions: e-mail us at [email protected] essays so that we could get back to you by phone, if needed.

Sorry for the misprint. The line #5 should read: "all for just $5,200".
Tonny 1 | 22  
Jan 17, 2010 | #2
And if i may ask, what is the reason behind its sale?
american_writer 10 | 92  
Jan 18, 2010 | #3
It is most likely being sold because it sucks and has no customers. Sounds to me like a A great opportunity for an instant way to loose $5,200!
WRT 16 | 1,714 ☆☆   Company Representative
Jan 18, 2010 | #4
Welcome back, american_writer. Your presence was missed. Here's to a very late Happy Holidays :)
LieBuster - | 100  
Jan 18, 2010 | #5
WRT AKA Melissa from Australia has a friend! Awww... Anyhoo, here's hoe NOT to speak the English language:

"It is most likely being sold because it sucks..."

It sucks does it? Does it have a mouth? Does it suck like WRT sucks WB's big stinking fanny?

"Here's to a very late Happy Holidays" YUK YUK YUK! What ABUSE of the English language and common sense is this Americanism! How very Oprah... Happy Christmas or nothing, PC MORON!

Use the English properly or not at all.

No wonder your hole of a slum of a Third World scummy country is falling apart and having its arse kicked all over the world!
OP middleman 1 | 1  
Jan 18, 2010 | #6
And if i may ask, what is the reason behind its sale?

The owner is no longer involved in managing and promoting the website. Besides, his current supervisors might frown at the fact of his being associated with this sort of "business of cheating" if such information ever becomes public. He just wants to get rid of it, the quicker - the better.

Of course, the website does not make that much money, it is not like bestessays or ********* websites, it has always been run on amateur level, more like a hobby.

Nevertheless, the website does make anywhere from 800 to 1500 dollars per month, on average. That's why it is been sold for 5,200 dollars, and not for 52,000 or 520,000 dollars. For the month of January to this date, the website has earned around 650 dollars in sales, all verifiable.
xax - | 6  
Jan 27, 2010 | #7
good luck
writer_glan - | 16   Freelance Writer
Jan 28, 2010 | #8
i think to build a new website is more feasible than to purchase this one
Smiley73 4 | 382 ☆☆  
Nov 26, 2017 | #9
I wonder if the OP actually managed to sell this website. The statistics provided for the income of this amateur website on a yearly basis does not make it worth the $5,200 investment any buyer will be making in it. The add-ons that were indicate as inclusive in the sale tells me that anybody interested in buying this website would have gotten a functioning site but nothing more. There is no client base included, which is what would have made the offer more enticing instead of just the virtual set-up being sold. Sure, the price is worth a song, but the inclusive attachments are not really going to make it enticing to the buyer if there is no built in market nor a pool of writers to work with. The name doesn't even have any recall that adds worth to the company sale considerations. I don't think that the money being asked for the sale is worth what is being offered. I don't think even a scam company would consider buying the company because it isn't offering anything of real value that could enhance an already existing business. An amateur would need a learning curve and money to advertise in order to get this running. It sounds more like a scam to me.

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