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EssayDirectory 7 | -  
Feb 04, 2013 | #1
zurnal24.info was formed because, after twenty years of freelancing with many different academic writing companies, a group of writers became dissatisfied with the way most of these places do business. For example, many clients are promised that "an English-speaking professor" will help them with their projects, only to find their paper has been outsourced to an average ESL writer. When they complain, clients are put off, shuffled back and forth to different "staff people," and eventually told there is nothing that can be done. We've also seen companies resell papers that have been used in the past, even as they tell their clients that everything they produce is original. The abuses are endless.

Eventually, we decided to strike out on our own so that we would be in charge of the ethics of the organization. We also decided to focus upon graduate clients, because we have found they are the ones in most need of qualified help, since it is so difficult to find high-level professional writers who are committed to producing excellent, original work. This is not to say that there aren't many amazing professional writers out there - we are some of them! However, given the challenging nature of academic writing work, as well as the demoralizing tone of so many academic writing companies, many high-quality writers eventually choose to leave the field and seek employment elsewhere.

Graduate clients also need a degree of conversation - a "back and forth" - with their writer about their projects that most undergraduate clients do not, and we are very happy to provide that service as well. It helps when clients have a reasonable idea of their projects before they seek our services, as well as (ideally) approval from an advisor or committee chair on their initial proposal, so that no time or money is wasted. However, if necessary we can help with that process as well, given our considerable experience in assisting clients winnow down their research ideas to workable research questions.

Our own educational and professional experiences lend themselves to working in collaboration with graduate students to assist them in getting their projects off the ground and through to approval. Collectively, we have advanced degrees in English literature, psychology, law, business, sociology, education, and history, disciplines that cover a wide range of areas including qualitative, quantitative, and mixed-methods research. Each of us has also written professionally at the graduate level for many years in multiple other topics, including the "business offshoots" (finance and marketing), political science, sociology, history, and the arts. To excel in writing at the advanced level in a particular topic does not always require the possession of a degree in that topic; it usually requires some general knowledge coupled with advanced research, reading, analysis, and synthesis skills. Each of us possessed all of these to a high degree.

When we encounter a topic that none of us can handle, we never hide that fact. Instead, we are honest with our clients and offer to assist them by securing the services of a colleague whose work (and work habits) we know and trust. Because of this, it is extremely rare that we need to turn down a project due to the nature of the work. It does happen, though, which is another thing that sets us apart from most of the other academic writing companies; whereas they will tend to take on any assignment, whether or not they can handle it, thus leading to eventual disappointment on the part of the client, we will be honest from the beginning if the project is beyond our scope.

The bottom line, when seeking assistance with a graduate-level project, is that you get the best quality work you can afford. Our services are not cheap; we've never heard of any quality writer and researcher who works for a low rate of pay. Quality professionals in all fields charge rates commensurate with the work they do, and that's no different for academic writers. With us, you will receive excellent customer service, the willingness to trade ideas until a project is ready to go, and - most important - a phenomenal final document that is yours, and yours alone. We will never sell it to anyone else, nor will we even show it to another individual. You will never have to worry about whether or not you are being scammed, because it's clear from the beginning that you're working with an experienced, seasoned, REAL, person - a real person who will stick with you through the inevitable bumps in the road (like committees approving things one minute and changing their minds the next) while you journey toward your educational and professional goals.

Isn't that what you need, and deserve, now that you've reached this point in your studies? Graduate school - especially if you're at the thesis or dissertation stage - is no place to mess around. You need quality, original work, completed on time and done to your specifications. Such work doesn't come cheap, but excellent help is available if you need it. That's why we're here.

Before you commit, though, we'd like to mention two things. First, please do check out our reputation online. Since we haven't been out on our own for many years, there isn't much out there on us, but you'll find comments here and there on forums that deal with academic writing companies and individual writers. Second, when you do check out what's been said about us, please remember a couple of things. This is an intensely competitive field. The bigger companies spend lots of money paying people to monitor the forums and write slanderous things about other companies and individual writers - whether or not those things are true. These companies are especially interested in wiping people like us off the academic writing map because we are far more motivated to please our clients than they are - after all, they have the volume of tens of thousands of clients, so they can afford to lose some when they provide lousy service or products.

And so, if you run across something particularly negative that's been written about us, please make sure you investigate the source of the comment. So far we've had 100% satisfied clients - clients who are willing to vouch for our skills, and in fact have done so on those same forums. Plus, you are always free to ask us about any comments and we'll tell you the truth about them. We are, above all else, honest. You can count on it.


BinaryMan 1 | 1   Student
Nov 10, 2016 | #2

My experience with zurnal24.info (they saved my butt)

I had previously ordered a paper from one of the sites I found in a simple Google search without researching quality of service. That review is here: zurnal24.info/forum/es/sample-order-customwritings-sustainability-smes-5811/. Custom Writings had a lot of bad reviews and I was not satisfied with it and worried it would fail a Turnitin check (and also it had poor writing style, likely ESL writer) so I did more research and ended up finding the essayscam forum and then essaydirectory from there.

I wanted to follow up on this now that I've received my paper from GraduateWriter (found in EssayDirectory which seems to be a "safe list" of higher quality writing services; it is one of two promoted/recommended services and they advertise handling more complex papers/projects). The paper was a highly detailed bibliography with some introductory/summary parts; it had no specific length requirement but it ended up being 8 pages single spaced (about 4200 words) and it was very research intensive - all content very little fluff. The cost was under $400. The additional research appears to have been factored into the cost which is to be expected so the writer can get paid for their time researching as well as writing. I gave them 4 days and they finished it in 3 days so it was not a rushed job. The writing style and level was a bit higher than my own (definitely master's level which is what was requested) and much better organized than I usually am (I am not good at research or finding sources tightly related to a topic or requirement; this assignment had additional requirements than just being on topic that I was having trouble with). It was properly APA formatted and as requested at least half the sources were academic/peer reviewed while a few were from the web but were still highly relevant to the topic. I had given extensive instructions and notes/recommendations on the instructions (over a page!) and they were all followed precisely. There were no spelling or grammar errors. All content was original, well-researched, and professional.

Madeline handled my order (as it appears she handles all orders and most external for her writers so they can focus on their work). I had a few questions and she answered them all promptly and completely and I felt very comfortable with using the service. She confirmed the writer selected topics to make sure they were appropriate for my needs. She followed up with regular on the status of the paper and any questions that needed to be clarified (on either side). The personalized service was completely different from my previous experience.

Based on how it went, I can thus confirm a high quality of service from zurnal24.info. Their writers aren't robots and actually use their brains - it looks like they are quite capable of doing the kinds of higher level projects they advertise (like a thesis, dissertation, long project etc) if given sufficient time. I would definitely use them again should I find myself overwhelmed by an assignment or running short on time.

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