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Mar 07, 2016 | #1

FreelanceWriter is one of the most experienced academic writers in this industry. Since 2003, he has written thousands of high-quality essays for the largest and most-respected essay companies in the United States and he was one of the most-requested essay-company writers before focusing on building a private clientele. He is a lifelong resident of New York City and a graduate of New York Law School.

As a former Senior Writer/Editor for the Manhattan headquarters of the Inspector General of a large federal agency, FreelanceWriter was the principal editor of all published reports and all agency communications issued by Federal Region II, as well as being responsible for providing writing evaluation and training to agency employees throughout New York, New Jersey, and Puerto Rico. Since 2007, FreelanceWriter has been a respected member of the zurnal24 Forum community. He maintains excellent relationships with other legitimate freelance writers (including those who speak English as a second language, provided only that they're honest about that publicly and with their clients) and with every reputable essay company for whom he has worked.

FreelanceWriter's subject-matter expertise is extremely broad and includes many academic areas beyond Law, including Business Administration, Marketing & Project Management, Computer Technology, Creative Writing, Criminal Justice, Economics, Education, Engineering, English Literature, Ethics, Globalization, Government, History, LGBT Topics, Medicine, Nursing, Philosophy, Popular Culture, Psychology, Religion, Rhetoric, Sociology and Sports. His website provides a more nearly-comprehensive list of his subject-matter areas and helpful FAQs. You can email FreelanceWriter directly at [email protected] .

The comments below are all excerpted from actual feedback on his work published by members of this forum. (The full unedited quotes can be found by using the search function to find posts by the individual forum user names of the authors.)

Hey everyone, I've gotten an essay written once before by Freelance Writer and had a great experience, excellent marks and prompt delivery (even before I asked for it due)...

When i couldn't do my assignment a day before I had to hand it in, Freelancewriter did it for me, and wrote with excellent vocabulary, grammar and knowledge of the subject being written...

...I have used Freelance several times for about 5 papers for school in several different subjects...I have never gotten less than a 95% on anything he has written, and I intend to use him for an upcoming class where the entire course is a single major paper. His papers are concise, gramattically correct, and several times he has included the background research for free. I would highly recommend anyone to him.

He is very prompt in replies, does not plagiarize, original ideas, and reasonably priced. I have received A's and B's on all written papers. I would definitely recommend FreelanceWriter ...

I have used freelancewriter once when I had some major issues and couldn't do my own work on time, the quality and reliability were really good...it helps to know there are some people out there who do show up with the goods...

Hi, I have used two people I would recommend. First is freelancewriter ... He is very good, although too busy for niceties, so expect pretty blunt responses to you messages BUT he did get me 90% for an assignment he rewrote, so gotta be happy with that...

Forum Posts from Some of FreelanceWriter's Legitimate Competitors

What I can tell you is this ... He is a legitimate writer - when I can't do a contract, or am overflowed, he is one of the 4 writers I can turn to (with confidence).

... FREELANCE is a professional writer of the highest caliber...sometimes we refer clients to each other when it is out of our area...he is 100% plagiarism free, he has expertise in numerous areas, and he is above all honest...I have NO problem whatsoever referring him to clients, or passing on work when I am overwhelmed or out of my depth in subject matter. Kelvin researchpro

...Freelance is a competitor of mine, but a professional and friendly one. We often recommend each other if we are overwhelmed or out of our depth...He has thousands of happy clients who would write recommendations based on their experiences of high-quality, professional and timely work... cogent, well thought-out, far less discursive than I am most times, and always to the point and well documented... if you want a true professional who will always be honest, then feel very free to Charles...I, for one, would trust him to write ANYTHING for me, and I have been professionally writing for 20+ years.Kelvin

If you are lucky enough to secure freelancewriter's services, I will personally guarantee your satisfaction.

A Client Whose Work FreelanceWriter Declined

Well I have to admit that i ed FreelanceWriter to help me with a computer science essay and he honestly answered me that it was above his level in the topic area and wished me a good luck...

A Personal Note from FreelanceWriter to Prospective Clients

Believe it or not, I completely understand what many of my clients are going through, because I felt exactly the same way as a college student, especially in my first two years. Back then, a 10 or 15-pg essay assignment in any course was something that hung over my head all semester. It involved much procrastination, and then hours looking for books and journals in the library, taking extensive notes, photo-copying entire book chapters, and then sitting at a desk or kitchen table covered with books and papers and still hardly knowing how to get started writing, let alone fill 15 pages with (mostly) my own thoughts.

In fact, I hated writing so much that I ended up going to law school instead of studying something in grad school that I had more of an interest in, like psychology. Psychology programs required at least as much writing as undergraduate studies. Law school, on the other hand, is certainly easier with good writing skills, but didn't actually require you to do very much writing beyond a single exam for each course, a few assignments for Legal Writing classes, and maybe one thesis in three years of school. The number of projects I've done for law-school students more recently suggests that may have changed, at least at some American law schools.

If someone had told me back then that someday I'd be earning my living writing hundreds of college and grad-school essays every year and routinely banging out (good) essays of 10 or 15 pages or more overnight during the busy season, I'd never have believed it. If I'd have had this kind of service available to me as a student, I'd have experienced a lot less stress in college. So I understand completely, and you certainly don't have to explain to me in your first email about how overwhelmed you are and why you need my services (because many new clients seem to think they have to do that).

Nothing is more important to me as a professional model-academic-paper writer than earning all of my clients' repeat business for as long as they will be needing writing assistance. By now, I can say that "most" of my clients don't just use me more than once; they actually use me regularly until they receive their degrees. In many cases, my clients have continued to use my services periodically as successful professionals for years beyond their academic studies. My regular clients have included teachers, principals and (many) other education administrators, government managers and executives, (many) nurses, armed services officers as high as Lieutenant Colonels, enlisted personnel on deployment overseas, both federal and local law enforcement agents, managers and administrators, practicing surgeons attending law school, practicing attorneys, and corporate Board members, Executive VPs, CIOs, and COOs.

Finally, if you me, please understand that I use email a little differently from most people; so please don't assume it's "coldness" or the "all-business" attitude that at least one client (who liked my work but referred to me as "gruff") incorrectly assumed. I don't text at all; instead, I've always used email the same way most people now text. That means I don't type out "Hi, how are you, Susan?" in my emails. I just respond directly to whatever you ask me, essentially, the way other people just ask an answer texts. It's not something that's unique to communicating with my clients, either. I use emails that way in the rest of my life. So, if someone I know but haven't communicated with in months emails me with "Hi, Charles. How was your summer? Hey, I have a question about using e-Bay and I was wondering if you could explain something since you said you use it a lot." My typical response would probably be along of the lines of "No prob...what's the question...paste me a link to the item..." So, don't think it's an indication of rudeness or of my being "impersonal," because it really isn't. That's just my email "style" in general.

If you're potentially interested in my services, kindly email me with the topic, assignment description, number of pages, and due date all in the body of the first email. The fewer files I have to open just to know what you need, the better. Ideally, just paste assignment-sheet specs right into the body of the first email and only attach longer files and/or files that cannot be pasted. I'm confident that after our first transaction, you'll understand why most of my clients continue using my services for years.

Thank you.


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