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The Importance of Properly Paraphrased Opening Statement in IELTS Task II and TOEFL Tests

JohnWriter 13 | -   Freelance Writer
Jul 20, 2017 | #1
For most IELTS and TOEFL test takers, the most daunting task that the examinee faces would be to find the proper way to write the discussion essay portion of the test. While those who attend format tutorial sessions in preparation for these tests tend to be set on the right track by the exam instructor, there are some test-takers who prefer to study alone. They take practice test questions from online sources and then write up an essay on their own. This is where the problem lies. Most of them have no idea regarding the required elements of the essay, as well as how to properly approach the discussion. While there is no right or wrong way of writing the essay, there is a proper format for the opening or paraphrased statement that could help to increase the final score of the test taker. Regardless of whether you are taking the IELTS Task II or TOEFL test, both tests follow rudimentary essay opening statement elements. If a test-taker can properly represent the discussion in every paragraph, then there is a possibility of a higher overall score for this section of the test. What elements would ensure a better score?

Opening Statement IELTS | TOEFLMake sure to not just read the prompt topic but also understand the discussion instruction. Break down the prompt statement into 2 parts: (1) the subject and (2) the discussion style. For example in the prompt:

Some people prefer to live in a house, while others feel that there are more advantages to living in an apartment. Are there more advantages than disadvantages of living in a house compared with living in an apartment?

The subject is "Some people live in a house, others in an apartment", the instruction is "Discuss the disadvantages of house living when compared to living in an apartment."

After taking the time to analyze the required elements of the essay, and really understanding what discussion and information must be presented, a typical opening statement for this prompt should be similar to the following:

These days, people often find themselves faced with a difficult decision when it comes to their housing requirements. While there some people who dream of living in a house, there are those who would rather live in an apartment, believing that living in an apartment has more advantages than living in a house. This essay will explore the existing reasons as to why living in a house has more disadvantages than living in an apartment.

Note the method of the suggested paraphrased prompt writing. It follows the required minimum 3 sentence presentation requirement (maximum of 5 per paragraph) that also utilizes the following keywords from the original prompt: house, apartment, live discuss, advantages, disadvantages. By using the keywords from the original prompt in the paraphrased prompt, the examinee proves a degree of English comprehension skills and also manages to outline the upcoming discussions for the rest of the essay. Create the perfect opening statement and you will be sure to score well in terms of English comprehension skills.

Not only will the perfectly paraphrased opening statement help you to increase your score, but it will also help you to present a more interesting essay to the examiner because you have outlined the topics for discussion in the upcoming paragraphs. The examiner knows what to expect from your essay and can also accurately gauge the level of your English writing and comprehension skills at this point. By developing the best opening statement possible, the exam-taker will have already secured half the marks required to pass the test, be it TOEFL or IELTS Task 2.

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