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The Importance of the Thesis Statement in a Research Essay

JohnWriter 13 | -   Freelance Writer
Jul 04, 2017 | #1
Thesis StatementAs a student looking to write an impressive essay, one of the most important considerations in choosing the topic to be written about is the thesis statement. A thesis statement is defined as the presentation of the central theme or idea behind the research paper which includes an explanation regarding the reasons why a topic is required for discussion. That said, a student must always be aware that without a properly developed thesis statement, not only will his research paper be difficult to complete, but it will also be hard for the reader to understand. Here are a few guidelines that can help a student develop a proper thesis statement for his research essay:

1. Narrow down the topic for discussion. If you find that your chosen topic has over 20 sub-topics, consider tying in the main discussion topic with one sub-topic to create a more interesting topic for discussion. A dual topic thesis statement helps to create a sense of importance regarding the research topic and tends to interest the reader in the research more than simply discussing one topic.

2. The student must focus on the reasons why this topic is important enough to be discussed as a research topic. Therefore, the topic chosen should be one that most readers may or should care about. It would help if the student can create a sense of personal importance or advocacy for the chosen topic.

3. Ensure that the student has more than enough resource material for the research. The amount of research material will help in the creation of the thesis statement as important discussion points can be noted beforehand for incorporation into the final thesis statement.

An effective thesis statement should inform the reader using an interesting introduction to the topic, create an interest for the reader by indicating the importance of the information to be presented, and finally, ensure that the thesis statement properly incorporates an outline of the upcoming discussion. By completing these elements in the thesis statement presentation, the researcher will find that not only will the topic be easier to research, but that the importance of the topic being discussed will be represented in the best manner possible, resulting in an increased interest of the reader in the research paper.

Forum / Research Tutorial / The Importance of the Thesis Statement in a Research Essay

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