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Academic Freelance Writing Pricing - Four Levels

Major 39 | 1,367 ☆☆☆☆  
Nov 02, 2017 | #1
In relation to pricing for example academic freelance research / custom writing, there are four levels:

I. $40+ - $30 per page* - those writers are certain to live in a 1st-world English-speaking country and have been educated in a quality, Western academic institution. I think all of the recommended freelance writers / writing services advertising here meet these criteria.

II. $29 - $20 per page - those are likely located in an English-speaking country (or in a lawful country at least) and have been educated in an adequate academic institution.

III. $19 - $10 per page - those are almost sure to be ESL writers from a non-English speaking country who may be qualified enough for a high-school-level writing order (anything at a college or university level, considering their non-Western style education and lack of everyday English language usage, is very risky).

IV. $9 - $0 per page ("FREE") - those are the bottom of the barrel quality and security-wise. Most orders (if ever delivered) are either plagiarized and ridden with errors or auto-paraphrased from pre-written papers. 100% of them are less than mediocre foreign writers from 3rd-world, non-English speaking countries (at the same time, 95% of them claim to live in one of the Western countries like the US, UK, Canada, or Australia).

Of course, there may be some exceptions to the above levels (depending on writing volume or other business deals), but they are not very common.

I've noticed more and more unqualified, ESL 'writers,' especially the ones from Kenya, Pakistan, India, and Ukraine, have been moving from the 2nd or 3rd level to the 4th level in the hopes of attracting (and scamming) new customers. To new customers, it may seem like a good deal to 'find' a 'writer' who can work at $5-$15 per page, but - as I mentioned above - they get what they pay for. Approximately half of the 4th-level 'writers' are believed to engage in suspicious, sometimes criminal activities, including banking information theft, personal identity theft, extortion, or blackmailing. To them, 'essay writing' is yet another niche to operate in.

Your thoughts? Have any of the freelance writers here who work for themselves considered decreasing / increasing their prices (if they did, was it worth it / if they did not, why not? :)


*Page = 300 words
*Prices in US dollars

Legitimate academic writing services: add 10-20% to the prices above (it buys additional protections and overall service reliability in comparison to individual freelance writers).
wordsies    5 | 250 ☆☆   Freelance Writer
Nov 02, 2017 | #2
That's about right
FreelanceWriter    5 | 1,297 ☆☆☆☆   Freelance Writer
Nov 04, 2017 | #3
I'd consider Level III to be just as risky for high school students, because high school teachers tend to be more familiar with their students' writing than most college professors. They're even more likely to notice awkward ESL phrasing and idiomatic mistakes in work submitted by NES students than most college professors.
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