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Advice for new and/or ESL writers looking for work

Apr 27, 2009 | #1
Avoid Errors

The more errors in your ad copy and initial communications with potential customers, the fewer jobs you will receive. The writing in your ad copy and emails should be flawless, but, at the same time, the level of writing in your ad/emails should be representative of the level of writing that the client will actually receive from you. (NOTE: If you're not sure if there are errors in your writing, that is a clear sign that you are not yet ready to accept money as a professional writer in the English language.)

Always be Honest and Maintain Integrity

Never lie about your experience, areas of expertise, native language, or writing fluency. Remember-customers aren't paying you to "learn on the job."

I am an exceptional writer in the English language, but I couldn't write in Polish or Chinese to save my life. I certainly wouldn't take people's money under false pretenses while "trying," either. The moral? Always be honest and up-front about your qualifications. If you're not getting hired, that's a sign that you are simply not yet ready to write, professionally, for American consumers.

Sites at Which to Apply

Sorry, but naming specific sites at which you may apply is against the rules of the forum. You'll have to find sites on your own. Don't worry-if you know how to use Google, you can find literally hundreds of sites that will accept your resume.

Not Qualified Yet?

Write for customers in your native language, while honing your English skills in your spare time.
tarajess - | 15  
Apr 28, 2009 | #2
THanks for your explanation, I was confused about this.
somewriter    11 | 116   Freelance Writer
Jun 05, 2010 | #3
Essay writers, I need advice

I'm trying to get started with one of these businesses as an essay writer, but I don't know which one to use. I don't want to get ripped off by someone who doesn't pay me for my work, I just want to make a little extra money to pay the bills. Since many of the people here seem to have done this type of work before, I'd love to hear what feedback you guys have on these places from the writer/employee point of view. Telling your own stories is allowed here, and giving positive feedback isn't the same as advertising. Let's avoid explicitly mentioning names that are on the "Do Not Discuss" list, but that doesn't mean we can't get our points across. Let's not argue about the rules either, the mods can take care of enforcing the rules. Let's just have a friendly, productive discussion on where to make a little money as essay writers without getting scammed.
give_me_a_break - | 23  
Jun 05, 2010 | #4
hard to say, as they all seem to have some controversy related to them. It's a gamble either way.
moremoney - | 1   Freelance Writer
May 16, 2014 | #5
Need Students' Work

It is true that there are writing sites which may not be honest, and that is sad because they give a bad name to writers. I am a writer and so far, no one has complained about the quality of my writing, even though I am not an English native speaker. I check for grammatical errors and plagiarism for all work assigned to me by a student before I send it back. I use APA, MLA, Harvard and any style a student wants done. I am able to write up to 22 pages in two days because I am dedicated and passionate about writing.I don't know if I should post my email here for students who want their work done, but I would be happy to help anyone with their work. My rates are a little high but that is because I produce quality work. So here is my email, in case it is ok for me to post it here: @gmail.com. Please do get in touch. A word of caution: do not send your work in late and expect a miracle. This is because there is work that can take less than an hour to complete while there is work that can take longer than 5 days. But you will be happy with the end results. Mode of payment is PayPal or i will send you an Account to deposit the money.
RandomRandom    4 | 40   Freelance Writer
Nov 05, 2017 | #6
This sounds like practical advice except for the bit about writing in your native language until you can perfect your English skills.
Unfortunately (or fortunately), due to globalization, most ESL countries (Kenya, India, Nigeria, Pakistan) actually have their curriculums in English throughout high school and college (sometimes right from the start of education in primary school). However, the standard of writing in these institutions is lower given the teachers are ESL themselves. This is what sets ESL writers back. They know their native languages well but have never written anything formal or substantial in these languages. On the other hand, no one told them that the standard of English in their countries was different (lower?) compared to that in countries that speak English natively.

Again, due to this fact, there are simply no customers for ESL writers in their native languages.
My advice here would be to work with ESL customers until your English language skills are perfect. I have found that working with ESL customers when ESL is great because it reduces chances of suspicion from the lecturers. In addition, it is not fraudulent when compared to lying to native English speakers about being native.

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