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Are there credible companies to write for ?

pro 2 | 15  
Apr 03, 2007 | #1
Hi ,

Good day , can some let me know a couple of good companies for which I can write - obviously prompt in correspondence,pay and good career growth .

many thanks.
sabakhalid - | 23  
Apr 03, 2007 | #2
That's what I was about to ask...

After scratching essaywriters and academia off my list...what's left?
Apr 03, 2007 | #3
You can check snrinfo.com and papermasters.com, but they do not hire ESL writers.
OP pro 2 | 15  
Apr 04, 2007 | #4
1:17am Apr 4, 07 - Attached on merging:
Are there credible companies to write for ?

Hi ,

Are there credible companies to write for ? which is prompt in corressponding,paying and providing professional growth . I'd just like to have their website, you can even email me personally .

many thanks .
Apr 04, 2007 | #5
Can you stop SPAMming everywhere, please?

By the way, your spelling, word use, and grammar are atrocious, so you won't be working for any legit company--anywhere.
OP pro 2 | 15  
Apr 04, 2007 | #6
I'm new to this site,it's always better to be polite than to be rude in the first instance.
There are so many ways to convey a message but not in this way.I have not come here to spam,just here to articulate and learn .You have made me regret .
Apr 04, 2007 | #7
Would you prefer that other writers lie to you, giving you false hope? You need to face reality. Do you think American employers are going to care about your "feelings"? This is the real world. You're spinning your wheels for nothing. No legitimate company will hire you because your command of the written word in the English language is terribly flawed. It's a fact, not an insult.

The only companies that will hire you are ESL companies in Ukraine and Pakistan, like EssayWriters.net and Academia-Research.com. If you work for them, good luck getting paid.
OP pro 2 | 15  
Apr 05, 2007 | #8
Amy, you just cannot keep bossing about ok , you are pessimistic and rude - may be you will have to keep a check on your attitude - believe me there is something seriously wrong with you to pass open comments on others to this extent . Do you know something ? there is no human being who is perfect in this world, may be you think you are !.

God help you , you are just creating a negative atmosphere here. I can mention a lot of unpleasant things about you but I'm not as indecent as you are.May be you are young but you need to learn a lot, pls keep check on your attitude, you will get into serious trouble if you throw such words at others in the first instance.On the other hand I pity you for your narrowmindedness .

kind regards.
Apr 05, 2007 | #9
Don't blame me because you can't accept the TRUTH. Your newest post proves my point.

I couldn't care any less what you think of me.
OP pro 2 | 15  
Apr 06, 2007 | #10
You need to keep a check on your ego too , you are pathetic , and moreover you regard everybody with a suspicious attitude .I feel sorry for you, you really need to evaluate yourself .
Apr 06, 2007 | #11
LOL. Have any more advice, Freud?
OP pro 2 | 15  
Apr 07, 2007 | #12
You can't hide from facing reality can you ?'cos you have a tendency to just give some smart replies and try to get away with it . I just happen to browse through some of the replies posted by you,you are prejudiced to people from the subcontinent,you also think you belong to a superior race but unfortunately you are not.Moreover you should take away all your racist attitude and be neutral to all who want to share their views in this forum . I can only pray for you,take care and know that - God created everybody in his image, we may be different in colour,height,weight,etc but we are all his children, he love us all the same way and he has gifted each and everyone in this world with unique gifts . Cheers.
Apr 07, 2007 | #13
Show me one of these so-called "racist" comments.

FYI, stating that ESL writers with terrible grammar should NOT write for English-speaking clients is in no way "racist." Wake up. Do you really think that a native-English-speaking student enrolled in an American university's ENGLISH course wants YOU to write his/her sample paper? Yeah, right! Look at your posts. You prove my point with each of your responses.
OP pro 2 | 15  
Apr 07, 2007 | #14
I want you to just go back to all your views posted and analyse all of them ,then ask your conscience - you will find the answer .Amy you are very much illinformed about the subcontinent, people have their own rich tradition,unique culture and values.

I'm not here prove who is best. I admire the Americans in so many ways - their compassionate attitude,education system,research and technology is beyond compare,the way they started from nothing and to be a super power now is something great.My point is - not all writers from the subcontinent are

bad/average , there are some great writers and neither all American writers are good,then why are American students searching for people who can write for them? why can't they prepare on their own ? then why students from Harvard and Wharton come to India to get trained by the management gurus ? I don't defend bad writers in any way,neither I defend employers who don't pay,but people from the subcontinent are in many ways better than the Americans,do you want to know more ? I sincerely extend my invitation to you to visit India and learn more, pls do come.
Apr 07, 2007 | #15
Clearly, you do not grasp the concept. At NO TIME have I ever stated that ESL writers are not perfectly qualified to write in their OWN LANGUAGE! What I have clearly stated is that ESL writers with poor grammar, word use, sentence structure, and/or spelling in the ENGLISH LANGUAGE have no business writing for native-English-speaking clitents in the United States who are led to believe that a qualified AMERICAN is completing the project!

Do you understand yet?
Cha 1 | 3  
Apr 07, 2007 | #16
sorry to be random:

I found those sites are the same...
but the websites are very professional...got video help for every sessions..
seems we can trust, can't we ??/


these are what I search based on views from this website, so are they trusty??

pls comment

Thx a lot
Apr 07, 2007 | #17
Quoting: Cha


OK, here's the deal:

If the site is old, and it's NOT listed at Essay Fraud, you're in good hands. Each of the sites listed above is OLD, and NOT listed at EssayFraud. OK?

I hope this will lead to less people asking a million times for suggestions on which site to use. This forum is NOT for recommendations.
ssmm 1 | 8  
Apr 08, 2007 | #18

This is only my experience,

I have tried to send email and stated the requirement established by school (because they are very critical and rigid) to ********* ,paper masters and CustomPapers.com.

But only CustomPapers.com has respond me. I think they are really reliable, at least up to now.
OP pro 2 | 15  
Apr 08, 2007 | #19
Clearly, you do not grasp my point ,I 'm referring to the writers in ENGLISH and not in any other language. Did you know? that one in three Americans can't read or write ENGLISH properly, the point is - Americans are the ones who are looking out for these writeups/essays and they are no better. Just go back to your post and read through the mistake(s) you have made,remember you proud AMERICAN we all make mistakes, the point is that we should make sure we learn from our experiences and that makes a better INDIVIDUAL and not where we come from - it may be Uganda,Argentine,Somalia,Bangladesh or Greenland,the bottomline is that - we all belong to one fraternity.Hope you understand .
Apr 08, 2007 | #20
I'm tired of dealing with people who don't understand the matter at hand. This is not a WORLD issue about which I type, you SIMPLETON! This is a matter concerning the AMERICAN RESEARCH INDUSTRY and ESL writers with POOR ENGLISH SKILLS who have no business being employed therein!

If you can't understand my very FOCUSED point, then you're a perfect example of exactly why ESL writers should not write material for American clients.
OP pro 2 | 15  
Apr 08, 2007 | #21
Amy,you are in a world of your own.I'm not defending any ESL writer or American student,you really need to come out of your shell,the point that I'm trying to make is about your generalisation of all writers from the subcontinent which is unfair,moreover your stereotypical attitude is pathetic.

When American students are so good why are so many opting for subcontinent writers to get their degrees?.
I suggest you start a company in the US and start writing for all American students,hope they get good grades .
Apr 09, 2007 | #22
You are mentally deficient. Everyone else understands what I am communicating. If you don't, ask someone for help.
OP pro 2 | 15  
Apr 09, 2007 | #23
Well, the whole forum knows who you are and your biased views,you go through my posts once again 'cos you haven't really understood what I'm trying to convey - still in the IMPERIALISTIC frame of mind,I pity you.

I'm so sorry,I also personlly feel you are mentally retarded, I don't know how well educated are you ? 'cos you need to learn alot and come out of your AMERICAN SHELL which is cracking,so wake up get educated and be prepared to face reality.

Kindly stop violating the rules on the forum and treat every human being with dignity,
hope to see another sensible post from you. Moreover, I don't want to waste my time on people like you.
Apr 09, 2007 | #24
I'm more educated that you could ever DREAM of becoming. How many doctoral degrees have YOU earned?

You have the gall to question MY intelligence? Your grammar, word choice, and punctuation are a joke! In short, your writing skills rival those of a CHIMP.

You're not in my league, Sally.

By the way, stop being so jealous of America, the greatest country in the history of this planet. It's quite pathetic.

I may be blunt, but I'm correct. If you can't handle the TRUTH, get lost!
OP pro 2 | 15  
Apr 09, 2007 | #25
America is great but you are a lunatic.
fraudfighter - | 10  
Apr 09, 2007 | #26
America is not that great.
OP pro 2 | 15  
Apr 09, 2007 | #27
Amy, you are not in my league either because you don't have as many degrees as I have,secondly I don't have a reputation like yours .

Just browse through the spelling mistakes that you have made,I accept my mistakes but you push it under your carpet and sit over it,remember you not good either - probably average.

I don't know why are you coming at me ? 'cos none of my questions were addressed to you - this proves you are jobless,just mind your own business , who do you think you are ? stop being a racist and start living a decent life - everyone deserves to live in this world, we are entitled to post our views, stop branding people here since most of them are better educated and cultured than you .
Apr 09, 2007 | #28
Show me ONE "racist" comment that I have made--JUST ONE!

I'd also love for you to direct me to the "spelling mistakes" that I have made.

I'm an "average" writer? That's hilarious.

You're a complete buffoon.

"America is not that great."

Please tell me which country you think is better, Mr. UK, and I'll provide the facts to prove you wrong.

You America-haters put down America every chance you get, but to whom do you go running when you need help or protection? That's right: "terrible America."
Major 39 | 1,379 ☆☆☆☆  
Apr 09, 2007 | #29
America is not great, but money from American students is always great :).
Apr 09, 2007 | #30
Whatever, Major. What, exactly, is NOT great about America? Be specific.
Major 39 | 1,379 ☆☆☆☆  
Apr 09, 2007 | #31
I was trying to make a point that those who put down America (I am not one of them Btw) at the same time don't have anything against their American clients.
Apr 09, 2007 | #32
My apologies, Major.
Dylan - | 130  
Apr 09, 2007 | #33
"America is not that great."

Please tell me which country you think is better, Mr. UK, and I'll provide the facts to prove you wrong.

As someone who holds both US and UK passports, and has lived and attended schools in both the US and UK, I can see the upsides and downsides of both countries.

My personal opinion is that education and healthcare are better in the UK, in terms of quality and affordability, and that the tax and business climate are more favourable towards entrepreneurship in the US. I am sure lots of people would disagree with me on those points but that's my opinion based on personal experience.

The comment that "America is not that great" was stupid - if the writer wanted to make a valid point he should have included some detail to support his opinion. From his other posts, I think he is a ukessays representative who posts on this forum to support the interests of this company... in which case, it is easy to see why he wants to disparage America and, by association, American essay companies.
OP pro 2 | 15  
Apr 09, 2007 | #34
Well , people who hate America always have something negative to point out - for me America is great,remember they started from nothing basically on CHRISTIAN values and that is where it's strength comes from.

American's have made their mistakes like any other,there are certain areas they need to tackle to make it even better. It's the greatest democracy on earth .
fraudfighter - | 10  
Apr 10, 2007 | #35
Just to make a point, I don't work for any essay company though I do design websites, so I always like to see which sites recieve a lot of traffic. I am pretty new to the essay game and became even more interested when I realised the money that was made from it. I stumbled across this site, and essay fraud, and felt quite sorry for the students who were scammed.

Now, for the 'America is not that great' comment. That was merely my point of view as I'm pretty fed up of self-righteous Americans who assume that their country is far better than everyone elses. I think voting in an inbred hick, who doesn't know his arse from his elbow, as President (twice!!) was a highlight to be honest. Oh, Amy, as I'm not an ESL writer, an essay company writer or an essay company owner I think you should stop making massive assumptions about people who write on here. Freedom of Speech, does that ring a bell? I do think you should really open your mind and be a little more understanding of other peoples cultures, be a little less American and a little more.....British perhaps. Oh, and before you accuse me of being some ill informed, ill educated 'Limey,' I have attained a HND, BSc(hons) and various other certificates from one of the top ranking British Universities, or 'Colleges' as you may call them.

Good luck everyone with your fight against the crooks, I hope it all works out.
Apr 10, 2007 | #36
Fraudfighter, I will now dedicate my time to uncovering your connection to UKessays.com (which is already quite obvious from your posting history). I will also research and report to the public all of the facts abnout how the UKessays company does NOT hire only "Oxbridge" students. In fact, I already know of at least one CURRENT UKessays employee who has access to the UKessays system, and can provide detailed proof of your deception.

Have a nice day.
Dylan - | 130  
Apr 10, 2007 | #37
I have attained a HND, BSc(hons) and various other certificates from one of the top ranking British Universities, or 'Colleges' as you may call them.

Hrm ... well, top ranking British universities don't offer HNDs and have never done so; that is the domain of the former polytechnics (the US equivalent of which are Associates degrees from community colleges).

Amy: I look forward to reading your research.
Apr 10, 2007 | #38
So am I.

Apr 11, 2007 | #39
I went to the University of Lincoln when it was listed in the top 20 Universities in the country and did a HND before moving onto a degree. But, that is beside the point. Does anyone know anything about essayagency?
Dylan - | 130  
Apr 11, 2007 | #40
I went to the University of Lincoln when it was listed in the top 20 Universities

So, fraudfighter /s_smith, ranked by who, when exactly, and on what basis?

The Russell group of universities are generally accepted as the top ranking in the UK for most subjects, being the UK equivalent of the US Ivy League.

The University of Lincoln has only been classed as a university since 1992, having been created from the former Humberside Polytechnic. The University of Lincoln's own website does not even make the claim that they are in the top 20 universities for academic standards or research (they do claim to be ranked number 2 in the country for affordability).

In the Times newspaper's 2007 'Good University' ranking, Lincoln came 104th out of 109 universities and colleges.

If you'd made the claim that you graduated from a well-respected university you might have got away with your comment. But top ranking? Na, not for its academic standards anyway.

I don't know anything at all about essayagency. Is this another one of your Academic Answers / TheFuturefor.com chums' ventures??

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