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ESL writer's chances of making good money as a freelance writer?

Zahar 1 | -  
Apr 13, 2007 | #1
Is it possible to make $1000 or more a month as an ESL writer? I've been learning English for 10+ years and I think I'm not worse than most American "native" writers. But I live in Philippines - does it automatically disqualify me from getting an academic freelance writing position in a good American company? Thanks,

Major 39 | 1,393 ☆☆☆  
Apr 13, 2007 | #2
I think this is possible (especially if you work for an American company that pays much more than foreign companies). However, you'd have to be very familiar with the American schooling system, citation styles, etc. Also, you'd probably have to take assignments on high-school/college level (mostly). Don't think you'd be able to write graduate level papers.
Apr 13, 2007 | #3
My advice is to never work for a company that tells potential customers that your skill level in English language writing is higher than what is really is. In doing so, they are paying you FAR LESS than what a person with those true skills should earn, and they are deceiving customers at the same time.
rat289 1 | 142  
Apr 14, 2007 | #4
Having been a writer for some time now... If I were you I'd find a different field of writing to get into. Not because you're an "ESL writer" but because the wages in this field aren't impressive enough to be worth the time and energy.

That said, if you must write in this field I would advise you to keep plugging away. In the end, the only people who care about where you're from are people like Amy, what really matters is the quality of your final product. Good luck.
Apr 14, 2007 | #5
what really matters is the quality of your final product.

EXACTLY! The ONLY thing that matters is the quality of the final product! The final product must not include poor grammar, syntax, word use, spelling, or punctuation. (I am not referring specifically to Zahar, as his/her writing is much more solid than most ESL writers who work for EssayWriters.)

Thank you for admitting my point, rat! I've been harping on that very point over and over. Suddenly, when it suits YOUR biased, Amy-hating needs, you unconsciously admit it and support my main point!

I'm sure this was a slip on your part, but hey, even the best spinners screw up once in a while.
rat289 1 | 142  
Apr 14, 2007 | #6
Suddenly, when it suits YOUR biased, Amy-hating needs, you unconsciously admit it and support my main point!

Remember that post wherein you blasted a members writing then I picked on yours? You told me something to the effect "this is just a posting place...". In other words you were saying that since this is just a forum it shouldn't be used to guage your skills.

I then pointed out you were guaging the ESL's skill by his post... we shouldn't hold you to the same standard?

Fact of the matter Amy my post is not me proving your point. Have you read any of the final product of the ESL's you've slammed on this forum? Then how can you say they shouldn't be writing for Americans? To make sure you understand clearly... I... the author of the post bearing my user name... was saying to the original poster of this thread to not take any of your advice because it is biased and prejudiced... that he should continue tying to obtain work for American companies if he so desired because in the end the quality of his final draft will determine if he cuts it or not... that was of course after I advised him to seek a different area of writing... nice try sugar-cakes but you need to twist a little harder... STOP saying writers aren't quilfied for jobs unless you've seen their finished product... oh wait... you can't do that... it would mean RESEARCH.... and we both know you don't do a good job at that.
Apr 14, 2007 | #7
Nice spin. You lost. Deal with it.
rat289 1 | 142  
Apr 14, 2007 | #8
more words without substance Amy, it wasn't a contest. I told you when we started you weren't on my level... but you wanted to play. Now be a good loser and admit you haven't a clue what your talking about... ;)
Apr 14, 2007 | #9
You're a joke. Stop being a COWARD and answer my specific questions:


By the way, nice job in hijacking Zahar's thread just so you can attack me further.
rat289 1 | 142  
Apr 14, 2007 | #10
I've answered all your questions; sorry you're too ignorant to see that. I didn't hijack his thread, I offered up advice which happened to include a warning about your motives.
Apr 15, 2007 | #11
Calling me "ignorant" only proves how much of a pompous jackass lurks beneath your skin.

You just like to attack me because I'm a better writer, and you're insecure.
rat289 1 | 142  
Apr 15, 2007 | #12
Yep, that's it... you found me out... I secretly want to prove to you that I'm worthy so I can get you to fall in love with me so we can have sex... damn, and I thought my secret plan was... well... a secret.
pious - | 70  
Apr 15, 2007 | #13
That is so sexist....
rat289 1 | 142  
Apr 15, 2007 | #14
LOL. Ya think?
Apr 15, 2007 | #15
Yes, pious, now we must refer to RAT as a "sexist woman-hater" from this point forward. After all, he just LOVES bogus labels. I'll be the "racist, prejudice, ESL-hater," and he'll be "sexist woman-hater." I can't wait to see what bogus label he places on you.
rat289 1 | 142  
Apr 15, 2007 | #16
Pious is cool. He/she doesn't have their head as far up his/her ass as you do. I left you an invitation to check me out... do so... why don't you come clean? What are you hiding? Do you work for an American Essay company? For this site? What is your motive for defending a case for which there is no proof?

I think you hate me cause secretly you're in love with me and you want me but you know you can't have me so you have to push me away with your hate and anger... that's gotta be it... funny huh? How I don't take anything out of your mouth seriously? That happens when you get caught in too many lies. ;)
Apr 15, 2007 | #17
Hahahahaha, I don't think this world has previously experienced your level of loserdom.

What makes you think I give a "rat's" ass who you are or what you do? You are utterly insignificant. How empty and unfulfilled is your life? You're a grown man who spends his days making MySpace pages. LOL. Dude, can I donate to your charity so that you can buy a girlfriend?
rat289 1 | 142  
Apr 15, 2007 | #18
As I stated in the other thread, what I do for a living is located in an older blog and I assure you I don't make myspace pages... I don't have the first clue about writing html... but in true Amy fassion you're passing off false information as fact because you're too lazy to do research.

Also I know what city and state you live in. I'll find the truth out about you soon.

oh and I almost forgot... did you notice kissncook on there? yeah, she's a real live person, not me under another user name.... so sad, too bad... another amy lie exposed!
Apr 15, 2007 | #19
You are a TITANIC loser. At best, you have admitted that it is your little buddy.

RAT, you're going to find "the truth" behind why I don't like EssayWriters.net's DECEPTIVE and FRAUDULENT business practices? It is what it is. Good luck with your little game, jackass. Hahahahah. By the way, it's too bad that I use anonymous proxies and cable lines for all of my surfing. I do so to avoid psychos like you.
workfromhomemom - | 22  
Apr 15, 2007 | #20
Checked my essaywriters' account and noticed many changes made there. They now have a page made for writers to post complaints and other issues on a message board for support reps to address. I suppose they would not have done this had they not monitored the issues posted on essayscam. However, these changes are not enough and those who have worked or are still working at essaywriters want to see more changes.

Writers who have been with them longer and have observed their numerous errors and treatment of writers are the ones who can tell whether they are being cheated or not. I for instance, have noticed that a writer's work goes straight to the client without first being scanned for quality and plagiarism. Feeding the paper into a plagiarism software is not enough for there are ways on how to mislead the software. A proofreader must read the work and ensure that it is of standard quality.

I don't understand essaywriters' procedure when it comes to scanning customers' works for quality and plagiarism. When I trace from which site an order is placed - superior papers, bestessays.com, and dissertationsexperts.com - customers are assured that before getting their copy, the paper is scanned for quality first. Had this been actually practiced then more customers would be satisfied with the work.

There are instances also when the paper is scanned only after a customer has received the work with no complaints and has therefore, already paid the company. The bad thing here is that the paper is allegedly plagiarized without giving the writer proof of the allegation and the chance to shed light on results of the scan. Payment for the said paper is then withdrawn from the writer, robbing him or her then of his or her dues.

Essaywriters shouldn't have to wait until a writer demands for the scanned results of his or her work. Why not give it to the writer as soon as possible to confirm the charge?

People behind essaywriters should also be able to strike a balance on what's fair for both the customers and writers. True, there are writers who deliver second-rate work and these works need to be checked and rewritten to satisfy customers. However, there are also customers who are abusive and demand revisions and refunds be made without sufficient reason. What others don't understand is that writers write only based on a customer's initial instructions. Essaywriters therefore should clarify customer instructions so writers wouldn't have to suffer complaint consequences later.

On the issue of payouts, writers often wonder about delays. These delays and the excuses posted by essaywriters have been analyzed and a trend was seen. They make excuses about not paying writers when pay day is only a day away and it is disheartening.

About ESL writers, I don't see anything wrong with them writing academic papers just as long as they deliver the paper in acceptable quality.

And then about essaywriters' support reps? Some of them are nice, some of them are rude. They expect writers to be professional. Writers expect them to do the same.
RandomRandom    5 | 54   Freelance Writer
Nov 11, 2017 | #21
Making $1000 a month as an ESL writer? Umm, yes it's possible and not hard in my opinion.
And if you're in a third world country like me, then $1000 a month places you somewhere in the middle class, possibly upper middle class.
Smiley73 4 | 432 ☆☆☆  
Nov 16, 2017 | #22
@RandomRandom It isn't difficult for most writers who are either working on their own or with a legitimate company. For those who work with Ukrainian, Indian, and other companies, that is a totally different story. These companies put an undeclared cap on the earnings of their writers. Once a writer comes either close to or past that ceiling, the fines and penalties come into play. Then it becomes difficult to earn the said amount. No matter how hard a writer works, if he is subject to unfair penalties and irrational fines, then it becomes question of whether or not the company will want to honor the said agreement regarding salary payments. There are even instances when the company could withhold part of the salary and say "we can't afford to pay the full amount at the moment", which is something that happened to me a few times in the past. It doesn't matter if you are ESL writer or not, if you accidentally signed up with the wrong company, then you will be in salary hell each time you break the income ceiling. So, while you can earn more than $1000.00, collecting on it becomes a different story. This is what makes it difficult for me to say that you can earn that amount easily. Collecting it becomes a bigger pain than it was to earn the amount.

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