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Don't join essay writing companies - Confessions

essaynews 1 | 2  
Dec 12, 2008 | #1
Hi - I've been working as self-employee for essay writing companies for quite sometime. The main reason is that I've never felt comfortable with a regular office job and felt that this sort of job would have greater flexibility. I've been earning good money but my advice to people who want to join essay writing companies - don't join, really don't. The work culture is very very poor and essay writing companies are not bothered about writers and more bothered about their own profits. A proper company would be concerned both about writers and about their profits but all these essay writing companies are very poor in terms of ethics and understanding of human resource management. Some companies cheat writers and will pay half or quarter of the fee they promised to pay, some companies delay payments, some other companies will suddenly stop working after you have worked on several orders and will threaten not to pay you, some other companies will suddenly start giving penalties if you are slightly late. It's a very poor work culture out there and although I've been assured that students don't always pass off work as their own and use the essays as their own notes,and I've also done work for teachers and businesses, I'm not sure you'll get any job satisfaction in this kind of job. It's okay if you want to join and earn some really really bad experience, but I've been there, done that and decided to go back to a respectable 9-5. Never contract writing jobs again.
Dec 12, 2008 | #2
I guarantee that you have not written for ANY of the legitimate companies in America, so please don't state your skewed opinions as fact.
alice 2 | 62  
Dec 12, 2008 | #3
Which companies have you set up accounts with?
OP essaynews 1 | 2  
Dec 12, 2008 | #4
I have worked for major UK and US writing companies. the work culture is poor compared with other jobs and writers are not treated as well as they should be. that's what I meant
Dec 12, 2008 | #5
I have worked for major UK and US writing companies.

Please name them. I'll then confirm if they are actually located in the "US" or "UK."
OP essaynews 1 | 2  
Dec 12, 2008 | #6
that's another problem. I have some reputation as well and if I name these companies, they will try to understand who I am. But these are legitimate companies in the US and the UK and I've been a top research writer for all these companies and earned a lot of money really.

Now I'm done. What I'm trying to say is that they don't consider the writer as a team member. The attitude is that the writers are low grade workers and they are the bosses whereas writers actually have independent contracts. In terms of job satisfaction, this is the worst kind of job.
Dec 12, 2008 | #7
they will try to understand who I am

Unless "essaynews" is your username with the companies, they have absolutely no way of identifying you. Regardless, you don't work for them any more, right? So, you have no legit reason to not name the companies.
MAK 3 | 121  
Dec 14, 2008 | #8
Hey essaynews,
It is quite surprising to see that you have encountered bad HRM at your contracting companies.The only bad HRM I have seen is at academic knowledge where they never reply to their emails on time.This is obvious from the fact that not a single AK writer has come forward to defend them as everyone is sick and tired of their treatment.Academia Research is equally bad and to make things worse they pay peanuts.

But I have seem examples of good HRM at many US companies like CustomPapers and UK companies like Coursework4you. ManuscriptServices have also got an understanding admin who will correspond with you directly and help you out whenever you call or email them.

Yes we have all been around in this industry for a long time and have come across good and bad people in our quest for bread and butter.But to be honest

we have all at one time or another encountered a company or a boss that cares for us and appreciates our freelance writing work.I think that is what really counts.Don't you think we are better off working independently online on our own schedule and will taking care of our families and old parents at home than traveling to large concrete buildings everyday where our creative talents are more or less ignored in the monotonous work routine?

Think about it.
Smiley73 3 | 353 ☆☆  
Nov 11, 2017 | #9
Having worked for a number of non-US based writing companies during my time as an academic writer, I can attest to the statements made by @essaynews, but only for the non-US based writing companies. I would not want to lump all the bad eggs in a basket because, as far as I can tell, there are some UK and US based writing companies that know how to treat the writers fairly. I will admit that the main reason I finally decided to quit writing academic papers for a living was that it was become more of a bother to write the papers regardless of the amount of money I was paid. Between the treatment I was getting from QAD and HR, the abuse from the clients, the money eventually earned just wasn't worth the daily stress and aggravation anymore. On a positive note though, I still manage to work for myself, I still haven't been forced to go back to the 9-5 job that I had previously, and I continue to make good money as a self-employed person. As for academic writing though, I have to agree with the OP. I don't see myself ever going back to that sort of work now or in the distant future.

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