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Where to publish work that wasn't paid for?

The Stig 3 | 3  
Jan 16, 2009 | #1

I wrote an essay on behalf of an essay company and they did not pay me for it. I now want to publish the work so that, in the event it is used, plagiarism will be detected. Does anyone know where I can do this? I have tried scribd but a search on key words doesn't find the paper.

Thanks in advance for your help.
Jan 18, 2009 | #2
Apparently there is a forum here for that. I'm curious to hear if it works?
Jan 18, 2009 | #3
Well, apparently, it at least "works" in satisfying writers' desire for retaliation/justice.
Jan 18, 2009 | #4
So you are saying that it doesn't work?
My question was a fair one. If I post a stolen paper on here - will the school plagiarism system pick it up?
eastside 1 | 22  
Jan 18, 2009 | #5
Probably. It's a risky chance if you try it though.
Jan 18, 2009 | #6
If I post a stolen paper on here - will the school plagiarism system pick it up?

Smiley73 3 | 353 ☆☆  
Nov 11, 2017 | #7
If you want to do some serious damage to this person, you should submit the paper to as many plagiarism checkers online that you can. Turnitin is a definite must. Then there is grammarly, that checks fro both grammar and plagiarism possibilities, and some other new sites that store a copy of the original submission in their server for the purposes of future essay and research paper checking. Most professors and teachers use Turnitin so you will be more than assured that the essay will show up in any instance. You can also just publish the paper openly on blogs or forums and the plagiarism checkers will normally send the results back in with the paper. There are so many creative ways to do damage that I pity the fool who did not pay you for the paper. It is just right that you render the paper useless after you put in all that work for nothing. Do Turnitin first. That is where you can do the most damage as that is the most popular online plagiarism checking tool to date.

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