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Qualitywriters.net-the worst company

Felixjohn 1 | -   Freelance Writer
Jan 31, 2017 | #1
This company is becoming intolerable with incompetent and unprofessional support team. Writers are not motivated and are poorly paid. Work with this company at your own peril. Be warned.
Major 39 | 1,367 ☆☆☆☆  
Jan 31, 2017 | #2
It's not the company's job to motivate a contractor; how would you expect them to motivate you (other than by maybe a higher per-page rate)?
MalcolmX    - | 24   Freelance Writer
Feb 19, 2017 | #3
You are just learning this now?
Sergey - | 2   Freelance Writer
Jun 12, 2017 | #4

is this the company that pays 2$ per page?
Smiley73 3 | 353 ☆☆  
Aug 11, 2017 | #5
They aren't the worst. There is an academic writing company based in the Ukraine, whose name I will not mention in order to keep from promoting their site, that pays their writers less than $2 per page. Sometimes $1.39 for a 3 page order! Can you imagine that? Of course nobody wants to take that kind of rate per page. In order to entice the writers to take low orders, they even try to entice the writers by saying that the page per order seems too low for the task required so they ask you to place a bid for the price per page.

At first I thought that meant a pay improvement since I could state a higher price. Turns out, they meant that they wanted an even lower bid! So that brought the price to mere cents per page in the end. I stopped taking active orders when they began implementing that policy. I placed a stop on my activity on the site when they started assigning me the severely low price of $1 per page for 10 pages of SEO writing. I had no choice because when I asked for a pay increase per page, they said the costing for the order had been maxed out per page. So no, there is a company out there far worse than the one mentioned in this discussion thread.
Major 39 | 1,367 ☆☆☆☆  
Aug 11, 2017 | #6
will not mention in order to keep from promoting their site

that pays their writers less than $2 per page

It would be anti-promoting actually (if you're a freelance writer at least ").
ProfessorVerb    35 | 837 ☆☆☆   Freelance Writer
Aug 12, 2017 | #7
You should listen to Major...
Smiley73 3 | 353 ☆☆  
Aug 12, 2017 | #8
@ProfessorVerb I actually did listen to major and have considered mentioning the company by name in my succeeding posts. I truly believe that the company I was attached to is one of the worst that there is out there in terms of the way that they treat their writers and bully them into delivering revisions that should be considered additional services. I just want to make sure that I present their name at the most applicable times when I post in the forum. I think it is too late to mention it now in relation to our current discussion. However, I will be making mention of the company, as well as the experience of my friends, who are still attached to them, because they are afraid to venture out on their own. Anti-promoting just might be the best way to get them to wake up and start thinking about the welfare of the writers and not just the bottom line of their company.

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