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The other side (are model essays misused?)

Profwriter 1 | -  
Aug 20, 2009 | #1
I'm a professional published writer, and have been for 35 years. I have written 14 books, and over 5,000 nationally-published articles/short stories.

Very late in my life, I decided to do a self-funded PhD, as I have 2 first First Class degrees.

I am now very short of money to finish my thesis, so I thought I'd sign up to a well-advertised and apparently well-respected academic website, to write model papers for them.

I have changed my mind, not only because of their ineptitude (they couldn't deal with the complexity of my CV and are still struggling with it), but because of what I've not only seen here, but in the MA students I teach in my very special field.

Some of them are using bought essays and dissertations to get their MA. It's clear. These students, often from overseas, don't have the conceptual or linguistic ability to cope with the course. They are lovely people, very ambitious, but just can't hack it.

Today was the last straw, and what finally decided me that writing for others is unethical was that a really insecure but well-intentioned student whose MA I am supervising has submitted a dissertation draft which is actually copied and pasted from 3 sources. She has written none of it. I spotted that immediately, Googled phrases from it, and found the three papers in a heartbeat. She is now in the difficult position of having to rewrite her entire dissertation in 3 weeks, and I'm in the difficult position of having to report her for plagiarism. I believe she 'bought' this rubbish.

I can't understand how any academic tutor can fail to recognise that the students you know are who they are. We know these students. They can't suddenly write something amazing when they're just average or below in class. For those with language problems, they can't suddenly acquire skills they've never shown.

When they buy essays and dissertations, and use them, with all the plagiarism and faults of the quick cash essay writers (yes, these are supposed to be Turnedin but they rarely are), don't they think we notice?

Or am I unusual, in academia, in spotting the 'bought in' pieces?

In 18 MA students, it's happened, on my course, for two of them in the last two years. Both were failed.

Please, students, don't do this. By all means, if you have some money, buy guidance and proofreading and editing. But don't think you can get away with submitting someone else's work as your own. It doesn't work like that.

I will not write 'model essays'. They are being misused.
EW_writer 23 | 2,055 ☆☆☆  
Aug 20, 2009 | #2
I will not write 'model essays'. They are being misused.

You may want to read this evidence to the contrary.

I clearly explained the undeniable FACT that 6 out of 7 BU students (86%) who bought papers referenced/cited them properly, as stated in the article and court documents.

rustyironchains 12 | 729 ☆☆  
Aug 20, 2009 | #3
go for it! I'm a teacher too. it's OK to be a bad cop. give in to the dark side!
Smiley73 3 | 353 ☆☆  
Nov 08, 2017 | #4
Before you start giving us a "holier than thou" sermon here, you should first consider why you decided to write model papers in the first place. You needed money and writing academic essays was the quickest way for you, using whatever limited expertise you do have, as I do not believe that a self-respecting PhD certified professor will every give in to the temptations of model writing papers, to earn the money that you needed. So don't come here and say you will "never" do whatever. The students know very well that they are not supposed to turn in any model papers for a grade in their classes. If they do that, they do so at their own risk. As their professor, you should do what you have to do in order to fulfill the academic integrity requirements of your university. You know the inadequacies of your foreign students, you know that they are struggling in the class. They will get help in any way that they can. A professor who has more of a heart for the student's plight rather a wish to look good before university management would have given the student the chance to submit a new paper, without reporting the problem to management yet. Everyone deserves a second chance. Most specially the students who are trying their best to pass a class. You know the student can't hack it, so why don't you help the student instead of telling them to not seek help with their writing problems or failing them, or reporting them immediately while pretending to give the student a chance to pass the class?
ProfessorVerb    35 | 834 ☆☆☆   Freelance Writer
Nov 10, 2017 | #5
Before you start giving us a "holier than thou" sermon here

Too late, grasshopper. I AM holier than thou ...

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