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Academic Eve Personifies Quality, Timeliness, and Dedication

Academic Eve has been a freelance writer and editor for over 25 years. For more than a decade, Eve preferred to work only with personal clients but has spent the bulk of the last few years working predominantly with CustomPapers.com.

The academic writing industry keeps Eve on her toes and presents challenges that other writing industries often lack. She loves the diversity of her client and their respective projects. She gives her full attention to each client's needs and works hard to ensure their project needs are met with both high quality and timely results.

Eve is new to this forum but no stranger to discussions she's read on this site. So many students (as well as individuals seeking writing help) have experienced the negative side of the academic writing industry. Eve has worked hard in her career to show her clients that there truly are freelancers who care about their clients' success.

With so many negatives of students getting bad writing and even worse service from academic writing companies, Eve was positive she would NEVER be associated with one. However, at the recommendation of a friend, she did give Custom Papers a try and can honestly say she has been more satisfied working with them than she ever was working on her own. While Eve still works with some individual clients, a recent experience led her to devote 90% of her time solely to Custom Papers projects.

Eve was asked about taking on a project that required specialized attention. While Eve's schedule was full, she did agree to consult and what she witnessed amazed her and further cemented her dedication to the company with which was proud to be associated. What was so amazing about this project or customer? The customer is blind. He uses CustomPapers.com services because when he tries to do his work using his voice software, there are too many errors. He generally sends as much as possible and we put it together for him. It does take specialized one-on-one attention because he has to listen to the completed projects using the same software and it doesn't always recognize some words. It's cool that we can help him. There are other companies that would take his money and give him "something" but it is doubtful many (if any) would go the extra mile we do to ensure his program can understand what we write and to clarify many times after the initial project is complete. To me, that says a lot about the writers and the company as a whole.

While Eve is interested in building her clientele, she also wants other freelancers to know there are legitimate academic writing companies that care about their freelancers and their customers. If you are a student needing help with your projects, Eve. If you are a freelancer looking for a new, impressive writing home, you may Custom Papers. They always seek native English writers so there is a good chance to get on board.


Country: The United States of America 
In Business Since: 1990
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Username: AcademicEve92 (Topics: 1 / Posts: 0). Registered: May 17, 2016 / Last Post: Jun 28, 2016
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