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I've been a freelancer for more than 30 years working in the entertainment industry, aerospace, education, environment, medicine, politics, as well as focusing on academia. I write because I love it and because I'm very good at it. I've run businesses, assisted brilliant and artistic people, but I always come back to writing, because that's what I do best and love most. It's my passion and my calling. I've been successful writing independently, but it's a great deal of work doing all the admin, marketing, everything it takes to make a really good company run properly and still leave time for the actual research and writing.

I've tried working for other essay companies. The truth is none compare to Graduate Writer and working with Madeline. I can always count on her. Always. If I have a question for a client, she handles it immediately and follows through until everyone's on the same page. She creates win-win-wins with patience and finesse. And I'm free to take other writing jobs if I choose. But I haven't had the need since joining Madeline. She's stuck with me for as long as she'll have me on staff.

If you've gotten this far, whatever the assignment you're supposed to write, it matters. You have to do that last project, the one you'll never need to do again but must hand in to complete a class or to get your degree so you can get on with your life. You have other studies, work, maybe kids and family. You admit it - maybe writing just isn't your forte. Maybe English isn't your first language. Maybe you're really great at it, but you just don't have the time. You have more important things to do. Still, it has to be dealt with. You need experienced experts who can do the job right the first time. Right now. You don't have time or energy for do-overs.

zurnal24.info's staff consists of professional writers, researchers, and editors with advanced degrees and real-world experience - people who have written more one-of-a-kind academic papers than you will ever have to do. They know what professors are seeking at every level - bachelor, masters, and doctorate. They read the assignment and respond to it as if they are the students. This is not a paper mill. Graduate Writer writers give you all original work, no plagiarism, straight up great papers. It's also not a single freelancer - it's an entire crew of specialists.

You deal with Madeline, the best, most ethical professional administrator I've ever encountered, and I've been around awhile. She knows her writers, which one is best for each job. She makes sure your job is done on time and done right. She will respond to all your questions and pass any on to the writer as needed. She is your go-between, and she is worth her weight in gold. Pricing is reasonable - in fact, it's a screaming bargain for the final product that's delivered.

Madeline will work with you to find the best writer for your specific essay requirements. Sorry, no. You don't communicate directly with your writers. Their job is to write uninterrupted. Whether you think you do or not, you don't need to speak to them, and you don't want to interrupt a writer at work. Trust me. We're a, well, creative, unique, fairly eccentric bunch. Madeline provides exceptional customer service, handles all the business details, and takes care of her writers. Along with the outstanding writer who is given your assignment, Madeline will see to it that Graduate Writer will exceed your expectations. Because that's what she does best. And believe me, all her writers love her. She makes our job easier and keeps your job on track.

I'm also far from Graduatewriter.com's only writer. I'm happy to be one of an incomparable team. Madeline vets all her writers, taking only the best in their fields, because we specialize in doing high-end graduate-level papers, and she is determined to keep all her customers (and yes, her writers) happy. By having a strong cross-section of subject expertise, we can give each client what they require in a timely manner in the appropriate language of the field. When we make you happy, you come back and bring your friends.

That's not all Graduate Writer can do. We can also write your resumes and cover letters, marketing and business docs of every description, entrance essays, newsletters - whatever your writing needs, you'll find Graduate Writer is nothing short of remarkable.

Not that I need the competition for the fun jobs that come across Madeline's desk and end up on mine, but if you're a gifted and experienced academic writer who is willing to do the work like it's going to have your name on it, drop Madeline a line. You'll have to provide a resume and sample of your writing skills, of course - she'll give you the details. I've worked with top professionals across several fields - I'll take Madeline every day of the week. You have a question, she gets your answer promptly. You finish a project, invoice for it, and she pays promptly.

Look at it this way. Secretaries do the bulk of management's or a corporate head's work. Come on, you know it's true. Who gets the credit? That's how we are here at zurnal24.info. We write excellent sample essays, research papers, theses, dissertations, corporate documents - you name it. It's what we do, and frankly, we are an exceptional team.

Drop Madeline an e-mail or give her a call. You really will be glad you did.

I almost forgot - don't forget to request me as your writer ;).


Country: The United States of America 
In Business Since: 1990
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Username: Helen Writer (Topics: 1 / Posts: 0). Registered: May 21, 2016 / Last Post: Sep 21, 2016
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